Avoidable self publishing mistakes


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Avoidable self publishing mistakes

  1. 1. AvoidableSelf-PublishingMistakesby imjetred | on March 4, 2013http://www.empowernetwork.com/imjetred/
  2. 2. Committing mistakes with yourself-published book can projectthat it is made in anunprofessional way and can behindrance to your successSelf Publishing,part 1Yes, it would be your first time to do self-publishing butthat is not an excuse for you to commitmistakes. Committing mistakes with your self-published book can project that it is made in anunprofessional way and can be hindrance to yoursuccess.
  3. 3. Here are some mistakeswhich you can easily avoid:Poor writingWhenever we write, it is natural for us to miss a punctuation, spelling andmake other typographical mistakes. But to allow these mistakes to appearon our book, will make us appear very unprofessional.Just imagine readers reading the blurb page and finding mistakes from itwhich can be avoided if you only have gotten somebody review it for youbefore printing and distribution.Another thing that you would have to consider is the flow of organizationand thought. If your book is disorganized then it can be difficult from someto read and understand. You would have to make sure that you have agood and detailed outline to help you with the writing.If you are having difficulties writing and think that you need somebody tohelp you out, then you can get a co-writer or an editor to check your work.
  4. 4. Continue…If you are writing a story or novel, remember thatcontinuity is important.There are some writers that would miss that out, forexample if they have hazel eyes, then make sure thattheir eyes stay the same color throughout the storyunless it is significant for the story to change it.Avoid giving incorrect information and details. Alsoavoid putting wrong captions in pictures and graphs, ifever you will use some.
  5. 5. Inadequate book editing, formatting, and layoutContinue…You would have to invest on the formatting of the book. Book sales can beaffected by a bad cover or bad title. You may need to get a book designer todo your book layout and your cover.Booksellers recognize that jackets and covers are very important in clinchingsales. So do not sacrifice in getting a professional to do the cover design.Aside from the cover, another thing that could affect book sales would be theformat of its contents. There are different formats, you can check books fromyour shelf or you can go to the library to look at some.Things that you need to take note of would be the page distribution amongthe title pages, copyright pages, dedication pages and the start of the firstchapter.
  6. 6. Continue…Lack of promotion, marketing and distribution planOkay, you have already produced a good book. It is already clean frommistakes, wrong spelling and typographical errors. You would have to comeup with a good marketing plan. It is important not to miss this out.Some self-published authors have overlooked this thinking that having agood book on their hands would be good enough. But how will a book sell ifreaders do not even know it even exist?You would have to make sure that you have a well-planned advertising, marketing and launching plan. If you think youcannot pull it off, then do not hesitate to get an experienced person to helpyou out.
  7. 7. Continue…Aside from marketing, some self-published authors also tend tomake mistakes in distribution. Make sure that your target audienceget to have a chance to buy your book. Some authors would alsooverlook online distribution.There are cost-efficient online distribution channels where you canhave your book available. Internet is becoming a convenient placefor people to buy stuff that they want and need.Another thing that self-publishing authors should not forget is getting ISBNnumbers. Actually, this is an easy thing to do.There are websites that could give you instructions on how to buy ISBNs from RRBowker, this is the U.S. ISBN agency.Click here toread more ofself-publishingarticles.
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