Article marketing tips and secrets that work


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Article marketing tips and secrets that work

  1. 1. Article MarketingTips And SecretsThat Workby imjetred | on February 17, 2013
  2. 2. Who is there to blame if you’renot able to successfully create asolid article marketing campaignArticle Marketing, part 2Who is there to blame if you’re notable to successfully create asolid article marketing campaign?It is our hopes that you will beprepared for such an event, andmore importantly, know how toavoid it. If not, this article shouldprovide you with assistance.
  3. 3. Automation softwareprogramIf you wish to live your life while doing article marketing,automation can be useful. There are many softwareprograms which can assist you, but it’s up to you to do yourresearch before selecting one.Make comparisons of each application, and decide if they willtruly save you time. Then compare their costs to find the onethat works for your needs.
  4. 4. Proper spelling andgrammarOnce your article is done,be certain it is error-free,as mistakes damage yourreputation for credibility.Check over all of your textto ensure that it makessense and has properspelling.Maintaining a pristine writing style is paramountif you want to maximize your earning potential.
  5. 5. The power of socialmedia networksPut the power of social media networks to workfor you in article marketing. Articles will get a lotout of being “liked”, reposted, blogged aboutand linked to on a social networking site.There are several available services that willhelp website owners garner social mediaattention.
  6. 6. Marketing techniquesYou have to use SEO andother marketingtechniques to moveforward successfully.Make sure to get a graspon SEO if you want toincrease your rankings.It’s not enough to putarticles out onto theInternet. You need adirect approach with agoal in mind.
  7. 7. A logoTry forming a logo that isgeared towards the productthat you offer. A great logo isn’tjust reserved for a bigcorporation or ultra-richcompany.The logo will show people whoyou are when they read, andthis builds trust in yourcontent. Your articles will getmore attention if they areassociated with a logo yourreaders recognize.
  8. 8. Natural backlinksTo collect backlinks naturally, create content that othersite owners want to share. While using spun article to padyour website may seem smart, it really isn’t.Inevitably, without valuable content, webmasters will notwant to link to these articles and you will have to find otheroptions for link building.
  9. 9. Article directoriesUse article directories when possible. Pick the best directoryfirst, and submit your article there. Then, alter your content alittle, and sent this new article to another directory.The process of submitting multiple unique articles to thedirectories improves your site ranking from the primary searchengines.Always read through the rules of article directories beforesubmitting your content. Reviewing the guidelines beforesubmitting content will save you a lot of time, and keep youfrom marring your reputation.
  10. 10. Good headlinesDraw readers inwith good headlines.Remember that manyreaders will only readheadlines in searchengine results. Whenthey find somethinginteresting, they clickto read the wholearticle.
  11. 11. Unique informationArticle marketing centersaround uniqueinformation. Google isknown to choose articlesthat are new instead ofarticles that are reprints.You can easily find writerswho work cheaply toprovide you the contentyou require.
  12. 12. Quality contentOne article marketing tip that can really help youout is to work on making quality instead of a lot ofcontent that isn’t that good. People want contentrich articles with interesting and accurateinformation.People will not read through an article that doesnot contain any valuable information.Creatingquality content is the key to successfularticle marketing.
  13. 13. KeywordsUse keywords within the titles ofyour articles. Keywords areimportant because readers whoreach your article via a keywordsearch are highly focused andready to be impressed.Never use too many keywords inyour article. In an article, if akeyword is repeated five times ormore, both search engines andreaders will not like your site.Keep your readers happy by notoverdoing your keyword usage.
  14. 14. Summary &questionUtilize a summary to entice people to read the entire piece. Offer aguarantee or a promise that the information you can provide willbe of great use to the reader.Another option is to engage readers with an open-ended question.You will notice results when people select your articles.Consider posing your titles as questions so as to garner curiosityfrom your readers. It is important to appeal to your readers’emotions as much as you can.Your article marketingcampaign will be successful if youare ready to commit to writingquality articles. It’s you who mustbe prepared to have things gosmoothly and fix them wheneversomething is going wrong. By takingthe tips provided here, you will bein good shape to begin.Click here to readmore of articlemarketing articles.
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