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Advice for home business owner


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Advice for home business owner

  1. 1. Advice For Home BusinessOwnerby imjetred | on December 11, 2012
  2. 2. Advice For Running ASuccessful Home BusinessLife can hit you by surprise sometimes. After being a loyal employee for many years,suddenly, through no fault of your own, you could be kicked out and hurled into icyuncertainty. Starting ahome based business may be the answer. The following articlewill give you helpful advice on becoming your own boss.• Ask other home business owners to advertise your business on their websites, and return the favor. Sharing advertising space can increase traffic toall of the participating sites and increase their search engine rankings. Giveyour business proper advertising and clearly identify your site’s links toyour viewers.•Having a different email account for personal correspondences and also forbusiness will make it easy to differentiate between the two. Have yourpersonal e-mail and your business e-mail go to two different providers, too.You could use a webmail account for your personal email, while usingPegasus Mail for your work email.
  3. 3. Continue…•It is important that your business have an objective or mission statement. Itneeds to be short and concise but should thoroughly describe what yourbusiness is going to do. You should tell your objective to anyone who asksabout your company. Not only will it reinforce your own convictions, it willbuild confidence in others regarding your business.•Design the layout of your office with ergonomics in mind. For example,choose a strategic spot on your desktop to place your laptop or your monitor.For instance, make sure you place your monitor or laptop in the correct placeon your desk to assist in ease of use. You do not want to have to strain to seeyour screen because it could cause you injury. When you are spending longperiods of time in front of a desk, you need to invest in a good desk chair. Youshould also have good lighting, a good keyboard and mouse. A few hundreddollars in your budget could suffice.•When you are looking at starting up your home business, don’t overlook theimportance of financial business planning. A statement of projected incomefor a new home business can be very helpful. Projected income statementsinclude forecasts of expenses and revenues for the next year. You shouldestimate each aspect of your future financial profile, projecting your salesincome, your overhead and expenses, and your profits. You should alwayshave a game plan when it comes to your business, you will be ready for anychanges you may have to make in the future.
  4. 4. Continue…•You can earn a tax break after wining and dining your clients. When you treatyour clients to a meal and discuss business, you are entitled to deduct the mealcosts from your taxes. Save your receipts from these activities, as you’ll needto prove thees were really prospective or actual clients.•When marketing your business on social networks, be sure to avoid gettingdrawn into the social aspect of the site. Social media outlets such as Facebookare distracting and can entice you to waste a large amount of your time thatyou could be using to market your products. You can socialize on Facebooklater.•Opening a business checking account makes keeping records of what yourbusiness is doing much easier. Make sure all business transactions use thisaccount. By doing this, you will keep track of your company’s finances easier.Also get a business credit card for all transactions like ordering supplies.
  5. 5. Continue…•As soon as you receive payments, deposit them. You should make your depositsdaily, instead of weekly or monthly. Deposit checks right away, so you do notlose them. Make sure that you deposit via a bank teller instead of using theATM. This way, you know that your money has been deposited without aproblem.•You should use a different address outside of a PO box if you have oneavailable to you. Having a physical address gives your company morecredibility. They will trust you to do right by them, and communicate with themwhen need be – and you must!While reading this article, hopefully youwere inspired to take your life into yourown hands. You were given a lot of tipsabout starting a home business, and nowis the time to grab the bull by the hornsand go for it! You can keep this article forreference to read anytime you are notsure what the next step you should betaking is.Click here to readmore of homebusiness articles.
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