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SLAN THERMAL SOLUTION: Best Heatsink Supplier


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SLAN Thermal Solution
Well-experienced in die-casting manufacturing
Well-experienced in CNC machinery and extrusion manufacturing
Professional in thermal design support for LED lighting, PC,Severs,Telecom product

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SLAN THERMAL SOLUTION: Best Heatsink Supplier

  1. 1. SLAN THERMAL SOLUTION Oct 23, 2014
  2. 2. COMPANY BACKGROUND 2000, Suzhou, started Die-casting manufacturing. Developed own tool design capability 2001, Suzhou, started CNC machining, and setup extrusion product line 2012, Shanghai, start thermal design support for customers. Integrating thermal design, tooling design and manufacturing to provide one stop service
  3. 3. COMPANY ORGANIZATION SLAN Thermal Solution Design Center, Shanghai Die-casting Manufacturing BU, Suzhou Extrusion/Machining Manufacturing BU, Suzhou Oversea BU, Shanghai
  4. 4. SITES INTRODUCTION  Design Center:  Location: Shanghai  Capability: LED Thermal Design, High Density Power Supply Thermal Design, IGBT Model Thermal Design, PC/Server System Thermal Design  Employees: 5  Die-casting manufacturing  Location: Suzhou  Area: 5400m2  Employees: 100  CNC machining and Extrusion manufacturing  Location: Suzhou  Area:12000m2  Employees: 200
  5. 5. DESIGN CAPABILITY  CFD Tool:  Mentor FloEFD  Mentor Flotherm  3D modelling  Solidworks  Design  LED Heatsink design/fixture thermal simulation  Heatsink optimization for tooling and mass production  High Density Power Supply Thermal Design  IGBT Model Thermal Design  PC/server system level simulation and optimization
  6. 6. OUR SERVICES  Heatsink Manufacturing: based on customer’s drawing to evaluate from tooling point view and give our professional advice for easy manufacture and better quality control.  Heatsink optimization: optimizing heatsink thermal performance for lower temperature rise  Turnkey Design: based on customer’s concept design, to design right heatsinks to meet both thermal target and ID concept. Will provide simulation report to cover heatsink optimization, tooling evaluation.  System level analysis: to address potential thermal issues with whole system before production. And propose good solutions based on simulation.
  7. 7. DESIGN/CUSTOMIZATION PROCESS RFQ Preliminary Analysis Technical Discussion Simulation /Optimization Finalize Design Concept Design Accept NG Review Meeting Mockup Not Needed Mockup Testing PASS Finalize Design
  8. 8. DIE-CASTING MANUFACTURING 420T: 2x 250T: 1x 180T: 1x 150T:1x
  9. 9. CNC MACHINING AND EXTRUSION MANUFACTURING CNC: 10x Auto Cross Cutting: 3x Auto Punching : 2x Auto Saw-cutting: 3x
  10. 10. QUALITY SYSTEM Quality Control Quality Analysis and Correct Modify Incoming IQC IPQC OQC QA OOBA Reject NG Reject Output Reject Statistics & Analysis Quality Meeting Correct and Prevent Daily & weekly & monthly report IQC Record IPQC Record OQC Record Reliability Record Complaint Record NG
  11. 11. QUALITY EQUIPMENT RoHS Tester Pull Strength Tester Three-D Tester Film thickness Gauge Gauss Meter Salt Spray Test
  12. 12. PRODUCTS  SL-0001/0002: ADC12 Al Casting  SL-0001:clear,shot-blasting  SL-0002: Black E-coating  Size: ɸ140x42mm  Weight: 460g  Cooling capability, free air  @40C temperature rise, 31W thermal power  @30C temperature rise, 22.5W thermal power
  13. 13. PRODUCTS  SL-0003: ADC12 Al Casting  Size: 215.9x171.4x76.2mm  Weight:  Cooling capability, free air  @40C temperature rise, 62W thermal power  @30C temperature rise, 45W thermal power
  14. 14. PRODUCTS  SL-0004: ADC12 Al Casting  Size: ɸ186x70mm  Weight:1600g  Cooling capability, free air  @40C temperature rise, 44W thermal power  @30C temperature rise, 33W thermal power
  15. 15. PRODUCTS  AN-0009: 6063-T5 Al extruded  Size: ɸ134x42mm  Weight: 700g  Cooling capability, free air  @40C temperature rise, 35W thermal power  @30C temperature rise, 25W thermal power
  16. 16. PRODUCTS  SL-0004: 6063-T5 Al extruded  Size: ɸ174x65mm  Weight:940g  Cooling capability, free air  @40C temperature rise, 52W thermal power  @30C temperature rise, 39W thermal power By increasing height to 200mm,may support to higher thermal power (free air) @40C temperature rise, 100W thermal power @30C temperature rise, 80W thermal power
  17. 17. CONTACT Sam Kim, +86 18923790725 Mail: