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Mise en-scene

  1. 1. The wires used represent the technology used to create and listen to the music of the scene, as listenersalways want the best quality listening. I spelt out RVM as it is the name of the artist. I used the red cable forthe V so it separated the black wires and stood out clearer than if the colour scheme had gone black-black-red for example.
  2. 2. MIDI Controller (Keyboard): I have used this in several shots throughout my photoshoot as this is typically used in the creation of the electronic music. I also brought the cable and extension USB cables, therefore I thought I would be able to display the blue lights of the controller, although the strong lighting prevented this being clear. The cables also showed that wires are a big part of the live performances, with performances ranging from two wires to thousands of wires. I chose to bring in my own from home as it has plenty of knobs, wheels, sliders, buttons and pads to display the range of techniques and actions used during live performances and Shoes: The in studios. shoes are brightly coloured which is typical of the scene, they are also white which is highly visible and again bright. TheyHeadphones: I used the ‘Beats by Dr. Dre’ studio headphones as they display in the are big, comfy andname they are used in studios, therefore must have professional, high quality warm, allowing them to besound, also emphasised by the price tag on them. As they are used by professionals for worn through any situationperformance and in studios I thought I would use them to give my magazine the feel inside clubs, going to andthat I am interviewing professionals rather than using unbranded, school from a destination andheadphones, making it feel unprofessional and no effort used to make it look better staying inside at studios. Onthan it would. the back displays the name of the artist, as well as his year of birth.
  3. 3. Desk Chair: The desk chair represents the office conditions of the home studio and this is also a job as well asa lifestyle. As well as showing that they are relaxed with their jobs as they are doing what they love to livetheir lives fully.Amplifier: This is shown to display the loudness of the music, as it is always amplified through speakers ofsome sort. In the photoshoot I used it as a footrest to again display the relaxed and comfortable conditions oftheir studios and lifestyle.
  4. 4. Headphones: Wires:In addition with the The wires used represent the technology used to create andkeyboard, the headphones listen to the music of the scene, as listeners always want thealso adhere to the musical best quality listening. I spelt out RVM as it is the name of thetheme of the magazine artist. I used the red cable for the V so it separated the blackbecause this is the wires and stood out clearer than if the colour scheme hadcommon ideology of gone black-black-red for example.headphones. Plus, theexpensive headphoneshighlight the wealth of theartist which is common inmagazines as readers wantsomething to aspire to.Keyboard:The keyboard is present in theover-the-shoulder shot tocontinue the musicaltheme, because if it wasn’tpresent the theme of themagazine would beambiguous. Moreover, it alsohighlights the talent that theartist has and what he isfamous for.
  5. 5. T-Shirt: The t-shirt used is not a complex, dark t-shirt, but a light-hearted, easily visible design of acartoon character everyone of the generation canassociate with as they have grown up with the Toy Storyfilms.Jeans: They’re comfortable, loose, boot cut jeanstherefore allow you freedom to move as well as notgetting too hot inside them as well as lookingpresentable as well as fashionable at the same time.They are a darker colour, contrasting with the shoes andt-shirt worn, emphasising them more as they are mostprobably more interesting.Shoes: The shoes that have earlier been used in theshoot represents the continuity of the shoot.Moreover, the shoes are stylish with neutral colours onthem to represent the simplistic look of the model.Finally, the shoes are personalised under closerinspection, and this yet again implies the wealth of theartist as it is expensive to do this. However, it alsoimplies that he is so renown that he can people canindentify him just by his shoes.
  6. 6. Shopping Bag: Originally I used this to carry my MIDIcontroller to school in, although I decided that it wouldbe a good prop to display that the artist is still a normalperson, and despite releasing albums and havingworldwide recognition, he can still shop at Tesco and isstill an ordinary person no different to you, just with adifferent job.
  7. 7. Watch:The watch is a ‘must-have’ accessory for any large artistas it symbolizes wealth, status but also the individualstaste. In this case, the watch is simple and authenticlooking, which suggests that the artist is not a show offand instead prefers to lead a simple life.Wristband:The cancer research wristband for a charity reflects howthe artist has a caring personality, and cares aboutothers. This is unusual in a lot of magazines were artistsare money hungry and selfish. This wristband alsocontains the slogan “Live strong” which also highlightsthe characteristics and personality of the artist.
  8. 8. Headphones: I used the ‘Beats by Dr. Dre’ studioheadphones as they display in the name they are used instudios, therefore must have professional, high qualitysound, also emphasised by the price tag on them. As theyare used by professionals for performance and in studios Ithought I would use them to give my magazine the feel thatI am interviewing professionals rather than usingunbranded, school headphones, making it feelunprofessional and no effort used to make it look betterthan it would.Clothing: I decided to use a chequered shirt with elbow andshoulder pads as these are both styles that are in fashion atthe moment in the indie genre. The shirt is also unusual andtherefore goes hand in hand with the indie genre whereartists try to stand out from the crowd and be their ownperson. This formal dress of the chino’s adds not only stylebut simplicity from the plain colour of them. Finally, the boatshoes are also stereotypical of the genre and keepsaddressing the style that is commonly seen in indiemagazines. This dress code was essential so that theaudience could instantly recognize what genre of magazinethis model is from without seeing the masthead.
  9. 9. Jumper:The printed jumper reinforces the individualstyle of the artist because yet again, thesetypes of jumpers are currently in fashion inthe indie genre. The Harlem Globetrottersalso reflects that the model is slightly ‘flash’and shows-off because these are the commonthoughts that we have when we think of theHarlem Globetrotters. Finally, the pose of theman on the jumper is recreating the shape ofthe statue of liberty. This symbolizes that theartist is iconic and known world-wide becausethis is the common ideology with the statueof liberty.