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Ugc net ppt


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UGC wrong eveluation in paper of education

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Ugc net ppt

  1. 1. 24 JUNE 2012
  2. 2.  I am not telling to UGC to Reduce Qualifying Criteria of UGC NET . I am giving only solid proofs regarding wrong evaluation in UGC NET in Subject Education. Which can be consider for revision of Result. This PPT is not to criticize authorities. It is just a feedback to get justice for deserving candidates.
  3. 3. According to whom “Educational Psychology is the Science of Education” ? (A) Skinner (B) Crow and Crow (C) Peel (D) PillsburgUGC Answer: BRight Answer : C Source: Sk Mangal; Advanced Educational Psychology: Prentice Hall of India Private Limited
  4. 4. Q8. Which philosophy developed the monitorial system in classrooms?(A) Vedic (B) Vedant(C) Islam (D) Buddhism UGC Answer: A Right Answer Answer: C (Proof underlined)Sources: Notes of Mumbai University
  5. 5. Q35 of paper II In the conditioning approach to learning: (A) The subject should be in readiness to receive the unnatural stimulus. (B) The unnatural stimulus follows the natural stimulus. (C) Response to natural stimulus required to be reinforced. (D) The natural stimulus follows the unnatural stimulus.  UGC Answer : B  My Answer: D (Proof) CS: Bell/ Unnatural Stimulus UCS: Food/ Natural StimulusJustification: You can seen in the picture food(Natural Stimulus (UCS) followed byUnnatural(Bell). So D is the right answer.Sources: AB Bhatnagar et. Al.; AdvancedEducational Psychology International PublicationHouse Meerut.
  6. 6. Q28. Delinquency is committed by the children in age group of(A) 7 – 15 years(B) 8 – 18 years(C) 6 – 14 years(D) 9 – 19 yearsThere is many view pointsregarding age delinquency evenby one author .There is also differencebetween the age of boys andgirls(to consider themdelinquent).There is nothing mentionedabout the country also.So the question should berejectedUGC Answer : B Sources: Educating Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education By S.K .MANGAL from PHI Learning Pvt. Lmt.
  7. 7. Which of the following is similar to case study? (A) Longitudinal studies (B) Social surveys (C) Follow up studies (D) Horizontal Studies UGC answer: C Right Answer: A I have 2 other sources for thisquestionReference:1. Research in Education By John W. Best 9th Ed. From Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Lmt, Page 249.2. Tests, Measurement and Research Methods in Behavioral Science by A.K Singh from Bharti Bhawan Publisher And Distributors Page: 387
  8. 8. The main centre of informal Not evaluated because of difference in the question ineducation is Hindi and English language.(A) Home (B) Society (C) Now score for the student ofRadio & TV (D) Newspaper Education Become 348/100* 65= 226.2. How one can get .2 score, He / She have to score 2UGC Answer : Not evaluated marks. That is 228 350/100*65= 228. what is the benefit to student on that not evaluated question. While the error is committed byRight answer : A examiner side. So give due advantage to students because it is very essay question.
  9. 9. A distribution of scoreswas Negatively skewed. Itcan be stated that(A) Mean and Mediancoincide(B) Mean is more than themedian(C)Mean is less than themedian(D) No such relationshipexistsUGC Answer : BRight Answer: D Fundamentals of Educational Research and Statistics by Gourang Charan Nanda by Kalyani Publishers
  10. 10. List A List B List A List B (a) Conservative (4) A society in (a) (4) A society in Society which change Conservative which change is slow and Society is slow and time taking time taking (b) Closed 1) An exogenous (b) Closed (3) Caste group source of group of society change of society (c) Cultural (2) Traits that are socio- (c) Cultural (1) An exogenous diffusion economic diffusion source of in nature Change (d) Social (3) Caste (d) Social (2) Traits that are socio- stratification stratification economic (5) Culture in nature (5) CultureSo 4,3,1,2 (C) is the right Answer ofthat question and (B) 4, 1, 2,3 iswrong.
  11. 11. Which of the following is  Empathy: Understandingnot a Characteristic of what someone else is feelingmodernization? because you have experienced (A) Religious faith it yourself or can put yourself (B) Participation in their shoes. (C) Empathy Modernization is Positive (D) Mobility concept (We can include Positive things from Eastern Answer of UGC : C and Western world also) . Right Answer : A So religious faith (A)is right answer
  12. 12. The curriculum construction in In the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ofIndian education is mostly National Curriculum Framework 2005influenced by this is mentioned(A) Child‟s Psychology(B) Teacher‟s Personality “The revised National Curriculum(C) Family structure Framework (NCF) opens with a(D)Constitutional provisions quotation from Rabindranath Tagore‟s essay, Civilisation andUGC Answer: D Progress, in which the poet reminds usRight Answer : A that a „creative spirit‟ and „generous joy‟ are key in childhood, both ofBy this we can say we can say that which can be distorted by an(A) is the right Answer unthinking adult world ”
  13. 13. In a survey for finding opinions of students oninfluence of teachers‟ behaviour towards them, onestudent said, “A teacher who cannot follow rules andregulations is of no use to anyone.” The commentpoints towards which behaviour of a teacher?(A) A teacher needs to be efficient in content delivery.(B) A teacher needs to be a model to students in allaspects.(C) A teacher first needs to be obedient before askingstudents to be so.(D) From teacher, students learn al misbehavior Cont……on Next Slide
  14. 14.  UGC Answer: B in previous Key But C in Updated key Right Answer: B “A teacher who cannot follow rules and regulations is of no use to anyone.” Student did not tell any thing about obedience there he is just taking about Rule and regulation. So (C) is the not right Answer (B) A teacher needs to be a model to students in all aspects. It is broad and best possible answer.