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To pacificpdfen

  1. 1. The Next Biggest Thing Confidential: Not for Public Dissemination
  2. 2. ToPacific Inc. Overview  ToPacific Inc. is the second generation Internet transaction software company, and its main business is  By establishing, we provide a online and off line low-transaction-cost trading community (O2O Model).  ToPacific Inc. aims to be customers’ sales promotion specialist  ToPacific Inc. plans to be publicly listed in 2014
  3. 3. Reciprocal Relationship between ToPacific Inc. & Kingdom Card  Kingdom Card is the only acceptable payment method for www.1and  Kingdom Card holders help increase the market share of www.1and  ToPacific Inc. (www.1and creates a platform for Kingdom Card holders to purchase goods and services, thus saving money.  By investing in ToPacific Inc., Kingdom Card holders can not only accumulate wealth but also promote the development of ToPacific Inc., and thus provide better services.
  4. 4. Market Potentials  Hybrid business model: Combine advantages of Wal-Mart, eBay, Groupon, Social Networks, Customer Loyalty Program , and Franchise System.  Wal-Mart’s role: M2C direct sales model - Manufacturers sell their products directly to final consumers. We provide e-commerce transactions and offline mart system to develop a global alliance.  2nd generation Internet DNA: Embedding a social networks gene, we promote manufacturers' products efficiently and reduce transaction costs significantly.  More credible than BBB: Create a secure and trustable international trade & commerce community with our guidance and escrow account service.  Add more value than Groupon: Build our global virtual point money system to lower transaction costs and build loyalty among buyers and sellers. Advance local business by selling their coupons and vouchers.
  5. 5. Our Product  — 2nd Generation E-Commerce Platform with eBay and Facebook plugged in  300 Marketplace — an Organic & distributed market model  — Global Loyalty Points Platform, our Kingdom Card system  — GBS (Gideon Business Society): comes from Bible and the story of Gideon. As the story goes, Gideon used 300 warriors, defeating a million. We advocate faith, integrity and diligence as our culture. Gideon Business Society (GBS) Accreditation is an honor – and not every company is eligible. Businesses that meet our high standards are invited to join GBS. Confidential: Not for Public Dissemination
  6. 6. Our Product: Confidential: Not for Public Dissemination
  7. 7. Our Product: 300 Marketplace Confidential: Not for Public Dissemination
  8. 8. Our Product: GBS, Faith-orientated group GIDEON BUSINESS SOCIETY Confidential: Not for Public Dissemination
  9. 9. Profit Sources  Service Fees o VIP membership fees; o Advertising revenues o Transaction fees like eBay; o Revenue sharing fees on coupons and vouchers of sellers; We charge 1030% of revenue fees o Revenues from the issuance of Kingdom Card  Advertising Fees o There will be extra fees for feature advertising and extra options including bold and border display. Confidential: Not for Public Dissemination
  10. 10. Investment Highlights  In order to implement Phase 1 marketing campaign and launch strategy, we are seeking an initial investment of $2 million.  An additional investment of $5 million will be required for M&A, operational expenses, continuing marketing campaigns, additional website enhancements, maintenance and support as necessary to establish and maintain  Proceeds will be used for: o Working capital o Marketing spending o New talent hiring o M&A Confidential: Not for Public Dissemination
  11. 11. Share Exchange Plan Only to Members with Kingdom Points:  1Point=1 Share;  Minimum 1000 Shares with 1000 points Exit Strategy:  IPO in 2014  Opening price expecting $10 a share. Confidential: Not for Public Dissemination
  12. 12. Profit Expectation (In Millions) Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Sales $10 $40 $80 EBITDA $2 $8 $16 Net Income $1.4 $5.6 $11 EPS $0.063 $0.26 $0.50 Shares 22 22 22 Valuation Multiple 2x Year 1 Revenue 2.5x Year 2 EBITDA 2.00x Year 3 Earnings The financial projections indicate that will have generated enough cash in the next three-five years to permit the exit of the outside investors if so desired. It is the founders' choice to continue with the company's profitable operations until is presented with a viable offer for acquisition or the opportunity of an IPO is contemplated. Confidential: Not for Public Dissemination
  13. 13. Management Team Ming (Phil) Xu – CEO Chairman Mr. Xu is a successful serial entrepreneur and merchant banker. As an entrepreneur, he sold one of his portfolios to SOE for around $50M. As a merchant banker, he successfully took several companies public in the USA. Prior to his involvement in finance space, Mr. Xu created an e-telecom company and became an E-commerce expert. He consulted with Millennium Hanson Capital that advised IPO. In 2003, he founded World Capital Market, Inc. Mr. Xu also founded China Private Equity Group. Mr. Xu received a Master degree in Communication Management from University of Southern California and studied in Harvard Business School on PEVC. President of FGBMFI chapters. Andy Wang–VP of Operation and Product Manager Graduated from Hunan University Industrial Design Major in 1995, Began his career in Social Media Industry, employed with CCTV Economic Channel in 1997, changed his career into Social Network in 1998, over 15 years experience in Social Network. Employed as Branch Manager in Daheng Electronic Press, Multi-Media R&D Department Manager in Tide Group, and also employed in Sina Tech. In 2005, Mr. Wang created photographic community web, over 200,000 registered users under data from 2006. He has a great reputation among Chinese photographers, even Canon, Nikon, Sony, Sigma launched in Mr. Wang's webpage in order to advertise their brands. In 2008, Kids Graphics brand "TONG YAN WU JI" was added in, it soon opens several branch stores in Beijing. Confidential: Not for Public Dissemination
  14. 14. Contact Information In the U.S. Ming Xu: Tel: 626.395.9000 Email: Andy Wang: Tel: 213.215.3529 Email: Confidential: Not for Public Dissemination