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Daily activities


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to introduce writing to beginners,first they learn the verbs,they practice using "he or she", then write a paragraph about their daily routine.

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Daily activities

  1. 1. Get up
  2. 2. Take a shower
  3. 3. Brush teeth
  4. 4. Shave
  5. 5. Get dressed
  6. 6. Go to work on foot
  7. 7. • By bus By taxi
  8. 8. The week-end • Go to the theatre
  9. 9. Go shopping
  10. 10. Sport Jogging Gym club
  11. 11. Go to the park
  12. 12. Go to the restaurant
  13. 13. Watch TV
  14. 14. Sleep Go to bed
  15. 15. Make lunch Make dinner Make breakfast
  16. 16. Have dinner Have lunch Have breakfast
  17. 17. • My name is John Adams and I’m forty. I usually ________ ___at half past seven and then I go to the bathroom. I _____ a shower and shave. I ___ breakfast at a quarter to eight and at twenty past eight I ____ ___ work by bus. I start work at nine o’clock. At half past one I have _____ in the office canteen. I go home at ten past five by ___. I have _______ at twenty past eight with my wife and my children. After dinner, I _______ my teeth and I _______ TV . At about ten o’clock, I __ _ ___. get up take have bus dinner lunch go to watch brush Go to bed