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The White Little Rabbitcompr

  1. 1. The white little rabbit
  2. 2. Once upon a time there was a little white rabbit that was tired of being white. One day he started to make experiments white some paint.
  3. 3. First of all he put two bowls, a yellow one and a blue one and filled them with yellow paint and blue paint.
  4. 4. Then he put a red bowl with red paint.
  5. 5. The rabbit liked the yellow paint and decided to paint himself yellow. Maybe he will look nice!
  6. 6. He splashed into the yellow bowl.
  7. 7. And the little white rabbit now was a little yellow rabbit.
  8. 8. The rabbit had a great time playing games with the paint so he decided to jump into the red paint bowl. What would it happen?
  9. 9. Now the rabbit was orange because yellow and red make orange. But the rabbit did not like the colour very much. He decided to start again.
  10. 10. Now the rabbit had a shower to be white again.
  11. 11. What would it happen if he jumped into the red paint bowl now that he was white again?
  12. 12. Uups, now it was red.
  13. 13. But he wanted to play more, so he jumped into the blue bowl.
  14. 14. It was so funny!
  15. 15. And if I try the red bown? Thought the little white rabbit.
  16. 16. Great! Now e was purple. How funny!
  17. 17. This was a very funny colour for a rabbit so the rabbit had another shower. What would mum say if she saw him purple?
  18. 18. When he was clean and white again he tried the blue. What will happen?
  19. 19. And now the yellow again, what colour will I be now?
  20. 20. Now the rabbit is green because blue and yellow make green. It is not a good colour for a bunny. He looks grass.
  21. 21. He is going to have a shower again. But, what happens? Oh dear! There is not water. Now, what am I going to do. He does not want to be a green bunny. There are not green rabbits.
  22. 22. There is not water but there is red paint. I will try
  23. 23. What will happen now?
  24. 24. Well, now he is not white, he is brown. It is such a beautiful colour!