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Linda (Linked Data Analytics) project general presentation


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he LinDA project addresses one of the most significant challenges of the usage and publication of Linked Data, the renovation and conversion of existing data formats into structures that support the semantic enrichment and interlinking of data. The set of tools provided by LinDA will assist enterprises, especially SMEs which often cannot afford the development and maintenance of dedicated information analysis and management departments, in efficiently developing novel data analytical services that are linked to the available public data therefore contributing to improve their competitiveness and stimulating the emergence of innovative business models.

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Linda (Linked Data Analytics) project general presentation

  1. 1. Enabling Linked Data and Analytics for SMEs by renovating public sector information Salvatore Virtuoso - PIKSEL
  2. 2. + 2 LinDA Vision The LinDA Consortium aims at contributing to realize the potential of linked data becoming a leading provider of solutions that Facilitate the publication of public sector data and their conversion into linked data Enable SMEs to affordably access and exploit the available PSI through easy transformation and renovation tools Facilitate integration of SMEs own data with PSI and their delivery through novel visualization perspectives Creating new value with innovative applications and business models Slideshare 2/10/2014
  3. 3. + 3 LinDA rationale Public organizations are making available more and more valuable data Existing public data, however, is in most cases published in an unstructured format not suitable for direct machine processing In addition, the use of standards such as RDF allowing true semantic enrichment of dataset is not widespread Therefore, effort and costs for accessing, linking and exploiting these data is unaffordable for SMEs LinDA aims to fill this gap by providing an unifying set of tools to seamlessly renovating PSI and linking to SMEs own data SlideShare 2/10/2014
  4. 4. + 4 LinDA Objectives 1 • Enhance the ability of data providers to provide re-usable, machineprocessable linked data. 2 • Provide out-of-the-box software components and analytic tools for SMEs for combining and linking public sector information with privately-owned data 3 • Create an ecosystem of Linked Data Publication and Consumption Apps 4 • Demonstrate the feasibility and impact of the LinDA approach in the EU SMEs Sector through the LinDA pilots 5 • Achieve international recognition and spread excellence, diffuse and communicate results and contribute to standardisation and education. SlideShare 17/12/2013
  5. 5. LinDA Outcomes Open Data Renovation + 5 Transformation Engine for renovating and converting a wide range of supported data into arbitrary RDF graphs A Repository for accessing and sharing Linked-Data vocabularies and metadata A library of Visualization Tools for different data modalities consuming output from the Linked Data API and generic web APIs A library of End-user Analytics and Data Mining Apps extended to use RDF as source format An ecosystem of Linked Data Publication and Consumption Apps Open Data Consumption A Linked Data API deployed as a proxy to provide access in other widely established formats, based on the internal RDF data 2/10/2014
  6. 6. + 6 High Level Architecture Transformation Visual Tool Public Sector Open Data Various File Formats Private Groups LinDA Transformation Mapping Engine Rules Private Data Sources Relational Databases LINDA Linked Data Vocabularies and Metadata RDF Linked Data Open Data Renovation SMEs LINDA Publication and Consumption Apps Ecosystem LINDA Analytics / Data Analytics Mining Apps Library LINDA visualization Visualizati and exploration on Apps Library Open Data Consumption LOD cloud
  7. 7. + 7 LinDA Impact Create new opportunities for SMEs to exploit PSI Motivate SMEs Public Data providers to follow the Linked Data paradigm for the publication of open data therefore realizing the full potential of linking, analyzing and mashing-up data Stimulating new, innovative business models Event - Place Wider creation of valuable applications by integrating available public data with the users' own data, including contextual information available from mobile devices Dozens of data application software components, used by hundreds of developers Hundreds of applications, reusing billions of open data records, used by millions of end users around the EU 2/10/2014
  8. 8. + 8 LinDA Scenarios Business Intelligence Create Customised Reports Environmental Sector: Analysis of environmental data Event - Place Media Industry Data driven journalism 2/10/2014
  9. 9. + 9 LinDA at a glance Grant Agreeement 610565 Start 1/12/2013 Duration 24 months Objective ICT-2013.4.3 - SME Initiative on Analytics Cost 1,931,624.00€ Coordinator National Technical University of Athens More info: SlideShare 2/10/2014
  10. 10. + 10 Partners SlideShare 2/10/2014
  11. 11. + info @ @LinDA_FP7 LinDAFP7 Thank you! Questions? 2/10/2014 Event - Place