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How to install windows 7


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instalacion de win 7

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How to install windows 7

  1. 1. Instituto Tecnológico Superior de JerezIngeniería en Sistemas Computacionales 6º Mr. Brown English IV Installation manual Salvador Acevedo Caldera 10070028 February 27, 2013
  2. 2. How To Install Windows 7 1. Requirements: Greater than 1 GHz Processor 32 or 64 Bits 1 GB of RAM minimum, 2 GB for 64-bit 16 GB of free space on hard drive, 20 to 64 Bits Graphics card with DirectX 9 support 2. The data backup.Before installing Windows 7, I recommend you make a back-up, and that deleting the harddrive information, you can not ever recover these files. 3. Elements required.You need to have the following items to install the new operating system from Microsoft: • The installation DVD Windows 7 • License Original Windows 7Install The Operating System 1. Insert the Windows 7 DVD 2. We will see a text like this "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD", we press any key.
  3. 3. 3. Finally we see the splash screen of Windows 7, where we ask the language and other options. Select the Spanish and then ended up setting the time and keyboard.4. We click on the "Install Now".5. Then you must read the Microsoft license agreement and then accept the license terms. Finally you must click next.
  4. 4. 6. On the next screen you will have two options, upgrade the (Upgrade) and custom installation (custom). We click Custom.7. Select any partition that we have available and click Install. If we have formatted the hard drive, we need to click on "Format" to leave without files to that partition.8. When you formatted the partition you want to install ubicaras where Windows 7 and give click next.9. Once finished copying files, write a user name and computer name if you want. Click Next.10. In the next screen will ask for a password, which will be optional and obviously personal. You can leave these fields blank if you want it. Click Next.
  5. 5. 11. In this window you will enter the serial number of Windows 7, you will finally click Next.12. In the next screen select "Use recommended settings".13. You set your time zone depending where you are.14. In this step homework to choose the location of the equipment; House (home network), Labour (network), cyber or other (public network).
  6. 6. 15. Finally you are done with the installation of Windows.Help ??????