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Playa del Carmen

  1. 1. La Escondida Your Hideaway – Playa del Carmen
  2. 2. Highlights Boutique resort - 6 Villas, 8 Casas, 6 Duplexes, 10 Penthouses, 10 Apartments, and 10 Garden Apartments for Phase 1. 13,000M2 gated, secure eco-community with only 28% of the land used for construction 72% common areas that features over 750M2 of water canals and pools, natural vegetation, fitness center, clubhouse, children's playground, putting greens, swim up bar and more Occupancy levels in Playacar at 90.5% and Playa del Carmen at 82.5% as of February 28, 2010. (Ministry of Tourism Mexico) Land Market Value in this area of Playa del Carmen has increased up to 44% in the last two years. As of April 6, 2010 rental pricing averages between US$78 per room Holiday Inn Express to $601 per night for a suite in the Tides. Low maintenance cost, simple administration and desired location for renters Premium location at one of today’s most visited destinations worldwide Guaranteed quality construction provided by one of the most prominent construction companies in Mexico Priced below today’s market value Up to 25% annual return from rent after expenses and before income tax
  3. 3. Main Pool and Clubhouse
  4. 4. Table of Contents LA ESCONDIDA GENERAL INFORMATION Highlights Highlights for Families Main Pool and Clubhouse Highlights for Couples Notes and Clarifications Highlights for Retirees Preface Prices Safety and Security Income From Rent Value Added Products La Escondida at Night Ecology & Technology Maintenance Entertainment Near La Escondida Administration Purchase Process and Finance South Pool Social Responsibility La Escondida - Overview La Escondida - Plot Plan Playa Del Carmen La Escondida - Amenities Riviera Maya Clubhouse Main Floor International Flight Times to Cancun La Escondida – Amenities 2 Mexico La Escondida - Bylaws Working With The Best The Villa Contact Us The Casa The Duplex The Penthouse The Apartment The Garden Apartment
  5. 5. Notes and Clarifications ABOUT FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTS Statements in this document may contain forward-looking information. Estimates provided for 2010 and beyond are based on assumptions of future events and actual results could vary from these estimates. The reader is cautioned that assumptions used in the preparation of such information may prove to be incorrect. Events or circumstances may cause actual results to differ materially from those predicted as a result of numerous known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors, many of which are beyond the control of Marquee Developments Ltd. (“Marquee”) and its advisors. The reader is cautioned not to place undue reliance on this forward-looking information. CLARIFICATIONS AND ASSUMPTIONS This document reviews the main points of the business plan to purchase a property as a reoccurring income driven investment and/or a vacation or primary residence in Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. The information contained herein was collected through recently performed due-diligence. We compared our due-diligence findings to industry standards and confirmed with the Mexican Secretary of Tourism in the region, realtors and brokers which are at arm’s length, that the figures in this document are conservative. We use the metric system to indicate measurements (1 M2 = 10.764 ft2). While the Mexican Peso will be used as a base for all calculations, US Dollars shown in this document is for convenience only and utilizes an exchange rate of 13 Pesos for 1 US Dollar. With respect to macro factors we have assumed that the U.S., and other nations with relevance to the Riviera Maya, will start to recover in 2010. The U.S. unemployment rate may increase to 11% and we assume that oil prices will remain moderate; therefore we have factored in a significant discount from today’s comparable prices and rates when pricing the properties as well as when calculating the projected income from rent. La Escondida is scheduled to be built and delivered in late 2010 and early 2011. We assume, and all current indications reflect , that the Riviera Maya and particularly Playa Del Carmen will continue to emerge. PROVISO By reading this document you agree that this document forms part of the negotiation and is not to be construed as a formal agreement or as an offer. Prices, designs and any information herein is subsequent to change without prior notice. Moreover you hereby undertake to perform independent due diligence prior to any decision relating to the subject matter of this document.
  6. 6. Preface We are pleased to present you with what we believe may be your best alternative to invest in a tangible property that you can buy below market value and can potentially yield, in rent, up to 25% annually. The property is located in a unique gated community, “La Escondida”, in the heart of the Riviera Maya in what continues to be a rapidly emerging city, Playa del Carmen, where occupancy rates throughout the year vary from 60% to 90%. In a worst case scenario of 37% occupancy you can see an average return of over 11% and an operating break even point at approximately 55 days of rental. (Based on 70% finance at 6% APR) Due to the recent recession and the H1N1 Pandemic, today more than ever people realize that tangibility, diversification, and reoccurring income are key factors in achieving economic stability which is so important for you and your family especially in turbulent times where banks, insurance companies, and public corporations have proven to be vulnerable. La Escondida was developed based on principles that involve ecological technologies that significantly decrease maintenance costs and environmental impact and gives you a “natural” living experience. A premium property in the perfect location in the right resort will not be enough to provide you with a complete after purchase experience without proper administration tools. For your convenience, we are currently developing a secured online access to administer your property in La Escondida, which augments our comprehensive maintenance and rental service packages. You buy below market value, with outstanding return potential and at the same time you and your family enjoy a premium destination where activities, amenities, climate, and relaxation are all built in. In our opinion, it is the most attractive investment vacation property in the Riviera Maya if not worldwide.
  7. 7. The Prices La Escondida proudly delivers 7 exciting floor plans providing an option for all tastes PRICE COMPARISON and needs. We believe you will not find another development in the region offering in US Dollars per M2 the same value for your dollar considering price, location, unit size, design, terraces $3,000 per unit, green areas, amenities, pools and water features, and guest services. $2,500 $2,500 We anticipate that the advantage in price together with La Escondida’s location and enhanced amenities will place La Escondida as the most desired property in the $2,000 region for buyers and renters, i.e. first to sell and first to rent. $1,800 $1,480 $1,500 The Graph “Price Comparison” illustrates the advantage in price per M2 between La Escondida and comparable properties not on the ocean which offer much less in $1,000 terms of amenities and security. The Table below illustrates the number of units per prototype in La Escondida, the size of each unit including living areas and balconies and the pre-construction price in US Dollars before tax and other expenses normally $500 paid by the buyer. $- Market Value 1 Market Value 2 La Escondida QTY Unit Type Total M2 Interior M2 Balcony M2 Bedrooms Bath Starting ‘From 6 Villa 240 186 54 3+Den 3.5 387,999 8 Casa 199 166 33 2+Den 2.5 336,999 6 Duplex 205 154 51 2+Den 2.5 329,999 5 Luxury Pent 189 121 68 2 2 330,999 5 Executive Pent 184 116 68 2 2 313,999 10 Apartment 103 85 18 2 2 199,999 10 Garden 115 103 12 2 2 212,999 Apartment
  8. 8. Income From Rent Each property in La Escondida can potentially yield from rent up to $150 US per bedroom per night. Occupancy rates in Playa del Carmen in the last RENTED DAYS REQUIRED TO REACH CASH week of February 2010 were 82.5% and 90.5 in Playacar. We update our FLOW POSITIVE by scenario market research with statistics from The secretary of Tourism for the Riviera Maya and indications are the economy has started to recover in this region. 70 60 We believe your property will be rented for more days at a higher price 50 because of location, security level, amenities, and exposure to potential 40 global clients through travel agents, brokers and online search engines which 30 we plan to offer through our optional rental services program. 20 10 Currently in the area one bedroom at a 4 (out of 5) star accommodation 0 costs a minimum of approximately $110 U.S. and is not comparable to La Villa House Semi Pent Garden Studio Escondida in terms of amenities and security. While you can find a lower A -74.2% 20.3 27.6 29.5 23.2 28.7 31.4 quality room for less, many people may not be comfortable staying in these B-55.6% 27.1 36.8 39.3 31.0 38.2 41.9 locations and environments. C-37.1% 40.7 55.1 59.0 46.5 57.3 62.9 When can you reach cash flow neutral (break even) with respect to operating expenses? The top graph illustrates how many days each unit will require to POTENTIAL N.O.I. BY UNIT TYPE rent annually at three different levels of occupancy and rental pricing . in U.S. Dollars by scenario 70000 Scenario A (74.2% occupancy) is based on the latest rental average provided by the “Fideicomiso for the Promotion of Tourism”. 60000 Scenario B (55.6% occupancy) represents a reduction of 25% in revenue . 50000 Scenario C (37.1% occupancy) represents a 50% reduction in revenue. (B 40000 and C are included to demonstrate “just in case“ scenarios.) 30000 20000 The bottom graph shows the potential Net Operating Income in U.S. Dollars that can be achieved at the three scenarios of occupancy in one year by unit 10000 type based on rental price averages. 0 Villa House Semi Pent Garden Studio A-74.2% 60358 48291 42339 61008 48353 43581 The graphs include rental management fees based on 20% of rental income, B-55.6% 43784 34734 30269 44325 34834 31255 maintenance fees of $300 USD per month, utilities, property tax and C-37.1% 27209 21176 18199 27642 21315 18928 insurance. They do not consider finance charges or other applicable closing costs and taxes.
  9. 9. La Escondida at Night
  10. 10. Maintenance Typical monthly maintenance fees per unit in La Escondida will be approximately equivalent to one or two days of rent. We estimate Maintenance and security expenses in La Escondida will be up to 25% less in comparison to most other developments in the area. There is a direct link between the quality of the maintenance and security of your unit and your ability to maximize its value. A well maintained asset appreciates faster, is rented more frequently, and costs less to maintain over time. We assume our potential customers will not consider purchasing or renting a property that is located in an insecure environment. Administering maintenance and security of your property remotely can be inefficient and may fall short of acceptable standards so we plan to assemble an onsite property management team who will maintain your unit, take inventory and inspect it before guests arrive and after they leave, prepare your property for any severe weather, and maintain all public areas including pools and green spaces. These services will be paid for on a monthly basis. La Escondida provides maximum security at less expense to our clients and their properties by hiring professional security staff and implementing the latest security technologies. We use enhanced technologies and pre-construction planning to minimize maintenance cost and water waste, and maximize durability, water conservation, privacy and security. Another unique approach distinguishing La Escondida from other communities where maintenance companies charge a fixed rate at a higher price is that we do not profit from utilities. Each unit has its own meter eliminating the need to pay for services that were never consumed if your units are not rented. The figures that we have used to calculate the maintenance expenses in our view are high and will be adjusted and communicated accordingly before we deliver the properties.
  11. 11. Administration Convenience is everything when owning a property in another jurisdiction. As experienced international investors we understand the value of having thorough, user friendly administration and monitoring tools. Therefore we are establishing a system for you to control and monitor aspects of the administration of your property from anywhere through a secure online site. With just a click you can be informed of: Rental Revenues Electricity Consumption Water Usage Bank Deposits Vacancies and Bookings Property Tax Charges Also, making payments and transfers can be possible through a link to a bank account that you can open with our local associates at Scotiabank. Through this arrangement you can be kept fully up to date on the status of your property. Scotiabank can also issue a local Visa credit card to qualified customers, if desired, to aid in purchases and spending while in Mexico without the need to exchange money . You can always be aware of the status of your property and also make your own rental bookings while you are not in Mexico. Home Back Next
  12. 12. South Pool
  13. 13. La Escondida - Overview We are presenting a 130,000 ft2 secured and gated community located in one of the most affluent and emerging areas of Playa del Carmen. La Escondida is designed to accommodate families, successful individuals, young couples, and retirees who wish to own vacation or primary properties that are also value driven in operating income, rent potential, convenience, and safety, representing the best value for your money in the region. Unlike many other developments that have maximized density and don’t pay enough attention to privacy and leisure facilities, we have planned an oasis of gardens and pools with particular attention to leisure facilities which makes it possible for you to have a safe and enjoyable experience within the resort. The security professionals, assisted by the most up to date technologies available, who greet you at the front gate of the resort will ensure that only you and your authorized guests are allowed to enter. Guest services will transport you to your unit as there is no car traffic outside of the parking area in La Escondida. To personalize your home there are various furniture, appliance, art, and media packages available, creating a turnkey option. You can benefit from substantial savings by choosing our packages without sacrificing quality and have local representation for the delivery and warranty of the products. The project is located far enough away from the hustle and bustle to provide a safe haven for your family and friends so you can spend quality peaceful time together, but still within minutes from all amenities and entertainment in Playa del Carmen. Our eco-friendly shuttle service will transport you to and from the world famous 5th Avenue in the heart of the retail district in Playa del Carmen only steps from the white sand beaches of the Caribbean Sea . You will have easier travel to and from the hot spots in Playa del Carmen without the hassles of parking, rental cars, and carrying your belongings to and from the beach for a long distance. We have long believed in the importance of minimizing our impact on the environment. Some of the concepts being discussed include rain water capture, use of solar lighting, recycling, and “green” transportation services. The community by-laws are intended to ensure cleanliness, safety, enjoyable atmosphere, and basic common courtesy between owners and visitors to the resort so you will enjoy the value of your property for years to come. Your property is located a safe distance from the water to significantly minimize the risk of any damage to your property as the result of severe weather. Access is easy as you travel on divided, clean, well lit roads, without the need to pass through any other neighborhoods on your way to and from La Escondida.
  14. 14. River Canal Sun Deck Main Pool Pool Bar Walking Path Natural Vegetation Golf Cart Path E S N W Solar Energy Play Ground Reception Palapa Putting Greens Administration Secured Entrance
  15. 15. La Escondida – Amenities The resort of La Escondida is designed with your convenience in mind. From the second you enter the controlled secure front gates you will notice the difference in comparison to other developments. Our goal, in terms of entertainment and activity, is to provide you with as many options as possible so you do not have to seek other expensive alternatives. As you approach the “Reception Palapa” you may notice people taking a leisurely stroll along our 460m of walking paths. You will be greeted by our friendly bilingual reception staff as you enter the palapa and you will notice the breathtaking architecture and artwork provided by local professionals. Our accommodating reception area will be your main information center and check in site. The concierge will also be available here; should you want to book one of the many exciting or adventurous tours or excursions at a reduced rate. The concierge also provides information for you about the local area and will book your reservations for dining, nightlife, and golf. Information on other guest services offered at La Escondida such as a private chef service, picking up groceries, and transportation around Playa del Carmen is available here. If you do choose to rent a car we have a shaded parking space available for you. From the reception area you can see the exclusive fitness club providing modern training equipment. The modern fitness systems will provide you with a refreshing workout while you gaze through the floor to ceiling glass wall overlooking our main pool . You will find more entertainment options such as the planned internet cafe where you can sip on a drink and surf the net or communicate with your friends and family back home. You will also have access to a digital library providing the most books on line that are offered by providers. The games room will offer billiards, card tables, and other fun activities for you to enjoy.
  16. 16. Reception Palapa
  17. 17. La Escondida – Amenities 2 For added convenience and safety there is no vehicle traffic within La Escondida. Our guest service staff will transport you and your bags directly to your front door. You will notice our efforts to provide you with a “Natural” living experience by leaving an abundance of natural vegetation providing increased privacy and ambience. You will also see the abundance of pools and connected canals allowing you to swim or water walk from one end of the resort to the other. The water features are a main focal point of La Escondida and will give you ample opportunity for water activities. There will be pool toys provided by guest services as well as many built in features such as a children's slide, varying depths of water so it is safe for adults and children, a swim up palapa bar for refreshment, and many lounging chairs for sunning. Public bathroom facilities are located in the Bienvenida Palapa and at the main pool Palapa for your convenience. Our many public areas offer more activity for our guests where you can practice your putting on one of our professional putting greens, have a friendly game of Bocce or ping pong, take the children to the playground, or simply enjoy the beautiful Riviera sunshine and/or relax in one of our many shaded sitting areas. Our professional maintenance staff will keep the grounds very well maintained to ensure a timeless environment for everyone to enjoy. Most of all we encourage you to benefit from your property in La Escondida and take advantage of the fun, safety, and convenience included by design.
  18. 18. La Escondida – Bylaws To ensure La Escondida is a friendly and safe environment for everyone, enforceable by-laws (Regimen de Condominio) will be written and must be followed by all homeowners and renters within La Escondida. By-laws will be written to protect private property, public, and common areas with the goal of maintaining a timeless resort and enhance the value of all property within La Escondida. The bylaws will cover such topics as: Property appearance General upkeep Painting your property Personal conduct Occupancy levels Car traffic Intoxication Profanity Decoration Use of common areas Invited guests Pets Payment of bills, etc. New by-laws will be added as required and information on these by-laws will be provided prior to the purchase of your unit. A copy of the by-laws will also be available at guest services in the Reception Palapa.
  19. 19. The Villa The premium property in La Escondida is the 240M2 Villa consisting of 186M2 of indoor living space and an astonishing 54M2 of private terraces on three floors. Quantities are limited with only 6 Villas in the entire Resort. The Villas are a work of art in themselves blending modern design and traditional Mexican architecture and are positioned in the middle of La Escondida providing close proximity to all amenities La Escondida has to offer. As you enter on the main floor you will notice the open concept design with unobstructed sightlines to the pools. The grand spiral staircase is nearby with inset glass blocks in the walls allowing natural light to show you the way. Sitting in the spacious dining room you can view the landscaped green areas and extraordinary water features. Relax or enjoy a movie in your living room or prepare a meal in the huge kitchen complete with chef’s table for 4. The abundance of natural light will enter via ceiling to floor glass features which also allows secured access to one of your 3 private terraces so you can lounge by the water just steps from your door. Full laundry hook-ups , large pantry, and storage areas are included on the main floor. The slowly ascending spiral stairs lead you to the second floor which opens into an 11M2 room which can be used as a TV room, home office or spare bedroom. From here you look out onto the 2nd floor private shaded terrace overlooking the pools and palms. The hallway leads to a 14M2 bedroom and a shared common 3 piece bathroom with a shower tub combo for bathing. Further down the hall is a 16.9M2 bedroom with 3 piece private ensuite. Both rooms have ample closet space. The third floor is entirely dedicated to the master bedroom. As you enter the top floor in a spacious hallway that can be locked for privacy, on the right is a carefully designed 3 piece bathroom with shower, tub, and toilet. Continuing through the well lit hallway leads you to the sink and makeup area, just prior to the 17M2 master bedroom with walk in closet and adjoining private 21M2 terrace with shading features, seating areas, hammock, and optional Jacuzzi. Full Size Image Packages View From Villa
  20. 20. The Casa The 199M2 Casa consists of 166M2 of indoor living space and 33M2 of private terraces on three floors. 8 luxurious Casas are interspersed throughout La Escondida; all backing on to professionally landscaped green areas and just steps from a picturesque pool or canal. As you enter the front door you will immediately notice the open concept design with unobstructed sightlines to the pools and spacious green areas surrounded by the original vegetation. On your left is a convenient sitting area with storage space, on your right is the 2 piece common bathroom situated to provide maximum privacy. Continuing through the hall takes you to the spacious user friendly kitchen with raised chef’s table for 3 making entertaining fun and easy. From the dining room you can sneak a glimpse of professionally manicured lush green areas and extraordinary water features that are second to none. Relax or enjoy a movie in your cozy living room or just a few steps away is the secured access to your main floor 11.25M2 private terrace allowing for quality relaxation as you soak up the sun, read a book, or entertain. Full laundry hook-ups, large pantry, and storage areas are included on the main floor tucked away nicely giving added convenience without having them on display. The second floor consists of a 15M2 second bedroom with ample closet space, a 3 piece bathroom, and a generous 14M2 room which can be used as a TV room, or converted to a home office or spare bedroom complete with breathtaking views of La Escondida. Access the 2nd floor private shaded 14.35M2 terrace overlooking the pools and palms, ideal for small gatherings or as a guest balcony. The second floor provides optimum privacy for guests or children and you will not feel cramped or overcrowded. The third floor is entirely dedicated to the oversized 19.6M2 master bedroom. As you enter the master floor you will notice the enormous windows providing magnificent views and allowing as much natural light as you wish, adjacent to the bedroom is a spacious walk in closet and 3 piece ensuite. Just a few steps away is your exclusive 8.4M2 private terrace ready for sipping coffee and watching the sunrise. Full Size Image Packages Interior
  21. 21. The Duplex This sun lovers duplex is 205M2 consisting of 154M2 of indoor living area, and a stunning 51M2 of terraces. Only 6 of these beautifully designed units are in La Escondida. As you enter on the main floor you will notice the open concept design. Lounging in the comfortable dining room you can see the landscaped green areas and extraordinary water features. Relax or enjoy a movie in your spacious living room or prepare a meal in the user friendly kitchen complete with chef’s table for entertaining. The abundance of natural light will enter via ceiling to floor glass features which also allows secured access to one of your 3 private terraces so you can lounge by the water just steps from your door. Full laundry hook-ups and storage areas are included on the main floor. The second floor consists of a 16.9M2 master bedroom which has a private terrace overlooking the pools and palms, and a 3 piece ensuite, an 11M2 guest bedroom, and a 15M2 room which can be used as a family room, a home office or third bedroom and shares a second bathroom complete with a tub shower combo for bathing. Both bedrooms have ample closet space. Access the third level sun terrace via an architecturally designed “flying” staircase. The third level sun terrace is ideal for lounging and entertaining providing 18M2 of lounging and sun space and 16M2 of shaded area. Have a barbeque, take sun, or siesta as this is designed for privacy, entertaining, and comfort. Packages Full Size Image Interior
  22. 22. The Penthouse With 5 Luxury Penthouses in La Escondida these 189M2 units deliver 122M2 of indoor living space and 67M2 of private terrace space, the most terrace area per unit in the entire resort. The penthouse has two floors , the first floor provides the safe and secure living area and private access to your roof top sun terrace, all designed with privacy, comfort, and entertaining in mind. The Executive Penthouse provides all of the same features over 184M2. As you enter your penthouse you will notice the open design with clear sightlines to the pools and lush green areas giving you a vantage point overlooking La Escondida. Your eye will be drawn to the spacious dining room and living room area with adjacent 8.5M2 private terrace perfect for a small gathering, dining, or enjoying some sun. The ceiling to floor glass features will allow plenty of natural light throughout the day if you desire. As you move through this first class unit you will pass the kitchen with added seating for 3 at the nook giving lots of space for guests to relax and relish in the beauty of your home. Tucked away out of sight are the laundry area and pantry. Entertaining or meetings are easy as the design allows for comfort and convenience. Just a few steps from the kitchen lies the shared 3 piece bathroom and the 11.7M2 guest room which can be used as a home office or guest bedroom. Across the hall awaits the prestigious 18.2M2 master bedroom with stunning views of the pools and palms via the oversized panoramic window. The master is also equipped with plenty of storage, and a convenient 3 piece ensuite. Designed for larger functions, relaxing in the sun, or enjoying peaceful time, the top floor 49.5M2 exclusive sun terrace is a short distance up the private access. There is an amazing 37.7M2 of sunning areas and a comfortable 11.8M2 of shaded areas with a privacy wall separating the top penthouse units. From here you will enjoy breathtaking views of the pools, public areas, and all La Escondida has to offer. Enjoy a soak in the Jacuzzi after a long day, sip a glass of wine with your partner, or simply listen to the gentle Caribbean breeze rustle the leaves on the picturesque palms. The penthouse will leave you feeling on top of the world. Roof Top Terrace Interior First Floor Full Size Image
  23. 23. The Apartment With only 10 apartment units in the resort, these 102M2 units deliver a comfortable 84M2 of indoor living space and 18M2 of private terrace space. The second level apartment provides convenient secured access. It keeps you as close or as far away from the excitement in La Escondida as you like. Much more exclusive than your average all inclusive room makes the apartment a great choice for individuals or couples looking for a better alternative without sacrificing convenience or enjoyment . As you enter your apartment you will notice the open concept design with unobstructed views of the pools and tropical green areas through large well placed windows. Your eye will be drawn to the cozy dining room and living room area with adjacent 18M2 private terrace perfect for a small gathering, dining or catching some sun. The abundance of windows provides plenty of natural light throughout the day if you desire. As you continue through this spacious unit you will pass the kitchen with added seating for 3 at the breakfast nook providing a comfortable alternative for your guest seating while entertaining. The apartment’s design considers comfort and privacy without sacrificing elegance and beauty. A few short steps past the kitchen lies the main 3 piece bathroom and the roomy 10.2M2 guest room which can be used as a home office or extra bedroom. The large 12M2 master bedroom and convenient 3 piece exclusive ensuite has an adjoining 18M2 private terrace where you can plan your day and enjoy your morning in the warm Caribbean sun. Full Size Image Packages Main Pool
  24. 24. The Garden Apartment This gorgeous ground level 115M2 unit provides convenient walkout access to water features and an exclusive 12M2 terrace. Privacy is assured using tall lush natural vegetation barriers and your exclusive green space is just steps from your door. The absence of stairs allows for easy secured access and is ideal for those who like to walk out from their unit and lounge by the pool. With only 10 Garden apartments being built they are quickly becoming one of the most desired units in La Escondida. The garden apartment provides 103M2 of interior living space. Upon entering you will notice the open concept and the views of the pools and palms through the oversized windows. Your eye will be drawn to the spacious dining room and living room area with adjacent private terrace perfect for a small gathering, dining or catching some sun. The ceiling to floor glass features will allow plenty of natural light throughout the day if you desire. As you continue through this elegant unit you will pass the kitchen with added seating for 3 at the breakfast nook. Nicely tucked away out of sight is the laundry area and food pantry. Accommodating guests is easy as the design allows for comfortable social events. Just past the kitchen lies the common 3 piece bathroom and the 11.7M2 guest room which can be used as a home office or guest bedroom. Across the hall awaits the massive 18.2M2 master bedroom with views of lush green areas and water features via your huge panoramic window. The master is also equipped with plenty of storage space and a convenient 3 piece ensuite. The design of the garden apartment will give you as much privacy as you require and let you spend time relaxing, reading, or enjoying your time with friends and family without sacrificing convenience and accessibility. Full Size Image Packages Interior
  25. 25. La Escondida is the best choice for families because: It is an exclusive boutique resort limited to 50 units in a 24 hour secured community in a vehicle free space. Putting greens, play grounds, billiards, ping pong and of course, canal-connected pools with swim up beverages; all facilities are designed with safety and security in mind. Our goal is to create a worry free environment where you and your family can experience quality time. Every dollar counts. La Escondida plans unlimited activities in and outside the resort resulting in huge savings on transportation, meals, and excursions without compromising on the variety of attractions or the quality of your vacation. This property can work for you! La Escondida’s design features focus on relaxation, enjoyment and convenience making it a highly sought after resort for vacation rentals. Your property can yield up to 25% annually from rent, which can apply against your mortgage, or any other purpose you see fit. It is generally unnecessary for you to rent a car. You can walk to the mall, golf course, or even the Caribbean Sea. The easy walk to “Centro Maya”, the modern indoor mall, features everything from jewellery to furniture and hosts tenants familiar to most North Americans, including a full service supermarket/grocery store, bowling, English movie theatres, Italian coffee , and children’s arcade. Our planned “green” transportation service will take you to most destinations within Playa del Carmen. No parking hassles!! The Villa, Casa, and Duplex properties were designed to accommodate the special needs of families considering privacy and convenience. We have learned from our domestic clients that these properties can be used not only for vacation, but also for primary luxury residences.
  26. 26. La Escondida is the best choice for couples because: You can potentially rent your property up to $175 US per room per night and when you stay you will enjoy huge savings with no need to compromise on the quality of your vacation or your everyday life. Moreover, because La Escondida offers more than other properties in Playa, we believe your property will be rented for significantly more days and at a higher price in comparison to other properties to a degree that your property may end up paying for itself in a very short period of time. Ecology and technology used for La Escondida bring your maintenance cost near the lowest in the region. This along with our planned rental service makes it very easy for you to monitor your investment from anywhere and with reasonable leverage you can enjoy from a positive cash flow. The close proximity to world class attractions, activities, dining and entertainment; possibly providing more options for entertainment and activities than almost anywhere. Scuba, snorkelling, deep sea fishing, waterskiing, swimming in cenotes, zip lines, jungle RVing, horseback riding, parasailing, golf; the local activities are all close by. Our green friendly transport service can transport you safely within Playa so you can enjoy some of the best beaches and calm waters in the world while avoiding parking issues and the need for a rental car. Cancun, known for its endless energy, or Tulum with a calm and laidback attitude are just short drives from your door. Guest services can arrange reservations, bookings, and transportation for you at reduced rates so you can spend your time doing the “fun” things. At La Escondida, the abundance of water features, green areas, and palms, private fitness area, putting greens, swim up bar, internet lounge, and Palapas are included so you do not have to leave the resort giving you extra time for relaxation or romance.
  27. 27. La Escondida is the best choice for Retirees because: The price of the garden apartment which is the most desired property among retirees is currently lower than comparable properties and offers you amenities and lifestyle that is currently unavailable in the Riviera unless you are willing to pay much higher prices for property and maintenance. If you choose, this property can work for you simply by renting it directly or through our rental services and enjoy an incremental income of up to 25% annually. For a fraction of the cost of what retirees pay today for living and entertainment expenses in North America and Western Europe, at La Escondida you can greatly increase your quality of life, or simply reduce your everyday costs. In Mexico and particularly in La Escondida your money can take you much further. With pools, putting greens, card tables, online library, and many more resort activities you may never want to leave. La Escondida provides you with a premium safe and secure environment that is closed to the public and provides you with maximum privacy, safe walking paths, and a vehicle free environment. An ATM is planned for the clubhouse and trained personnel are a moment away to assist you should an emergency occur. The proximity to a major mall, golf courses, theatre, private hospital and other attractions and necessities makes it unnecessary for you to own a car particularly when considering La Escondida’s “green” transportation service, avoiding parking and driving hassles. You can enjoy breakfast on your private sun-drenched terrace, and then walk or swim a 300m lap in the water. Indulge in playing cards in the clubhouse, enjoy the pools, practice putting on the greens, or play a round of golf at the Robert Van Hagge designed course just minutes away. For inquiries beyond the resort we will have a bilingual professional on site that will be happy to assist you with arranging your tour itineraries.
  28. 28. Safety and Security We have designed a peaceful and relaxing 24 hour gated and secured community incorporating the latest technology in resort safety while minimizing costs and maintaining the most secure environment in the area. La Escondida is situated in the most up and coming area of Playa del Carmen. Mexico has a total crime rate of 1.28% per capita which is a fraction of that of the United States which is 8.1% per capita ( on April 16 2010), and Playa del Carmen boasts one of the lowest crime rates in all of Mexico. You will see many people young and old walking carefree through the streets at all times of the day. Playa is a very safe environment for you and your family but we have added extra security features for your peace of mind. Your home will have a direct line to our security center in case of emergency, making response times immediate. If the need arises, the private hospital (Hospiten), is located within walking distance and is accessible to you. They will accept your personal records so they have your history on file in advance of any need. North American safety codes have been planned for all levels of design including flooring (non-slip), concrete construction, safe drinking water, smooth well lit walking paths, on site children’s playground areas and pool toys, and maximum protection from severe weather. We are updated frequently by the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida of any pending severe weather. Within the resort we have water capture technology to reduce our exposure to floods. Our emergency response team will prepare your unit for you in the event of severe weather. You will notice the absence of car traffic within the resort, increasing the safety of all guests. Currency exchange can be difficult in a foreign country so available on site we provide an ATM so you can conduct your money exchange within the safety of the resort. All vendors in Playa accept the Mexican Peso and most accept the American Dollar.
  29. 29. Value Added Products Our joint venture with one of the largest construction companies in Mexico has given us unequalled buying power which allows us to pass our volume discount savings on to you through a variety of value added packages. With your purchase of any unit in La Escondida you will have the option to purchase any or all of the following: Furniture- We have sourced out and created three different furniture package options for you to choose from to personalize your home. Furniture packages may include items such as tables, chairs, beds, linens, pillows, night stands, couches, pull out sofas, cutlery, glassware, cooking utensils, pots and pans, and dinnerware. The three options for furniture package themes are: 1. Traditional Mexican- classic rustic Mexican style in a variety of stain colors. 2. Contemporary- a mix of traditional Mexican and modern design. 3. Modern- designed with more trendy features including fabric and colors. Appliances - from major brand name providers ensuring quality and performance. This package will include fridge/freezer, stove, hood fan, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer, microwave, toaster, and coffee maker. Art - To personalize your home you may purchase the art package showcasing the work of many local artisans and providing that elegant charm within your unit. Entertainment - flat screen TVs, Stereo/ CD player, DVD, telephones, optional computer, media satellite package, and Jacuzzi. Luxury - Our luxury package gives you a one on one consultation with extremely talented licensed interior designers to assist you in the selection of products and packages to give your home that professionally designed look and feel.
  30. 30. Ecology and Technology We are constantly striving to discover, research, and implement the newest and most efficient Green technologies found both locally and from around the world. With our desire to include environmentally friendly options in the resort, the goal is to minimize our environmental impact on the land and provide a beautiful destination for you to enjoy for many years to come. Our vision is to implement as many of these technologies as reasonably possible considering, benefits to the environment, efficiency, cost, and time: Rain water and Grey water capture for irrigation of vegetation limiting our draw on the local fresh water supply and sewer resources. Dehumidification water capture to use for drinking water decreasing our impact on the local water supply and offering a supply of drinking water during emergencies. Use of LED solar lighting in the common/public areas. Use of electric cars for transportation within the resort and to destinations within Playa del Carmen to reduce emissions. Install solar panels over our parking facility to decrease your cost and the consumption of electricity from the grid. Initiate a recycling program for “La Escondida” and work closely with local government and businesses to implement these ideas Eliminate as much tree transplanting as possible by careful design and landscaping leaving the natural vegetation to flourish. By purchasing in an ecologically friendly development such as “La Escondida” you join a growing group of people who are contributing to the preservation of the environment in this part of the world.
  31. 31. Entertainment Near La Escondida Residents and guests of La Escondida are truly blessed to be in an area of the world with so many activities to choose from. The tranquility of uncrowded beaches, caressed by calm, turquoise waters, the action of eco-adventure sports including Scuba, snorkelling, deep sea fishing, water skiing, swimming in over 100 cenotes, jungle zip lines, jungle quading, horseback riding, parasailing, 8 world class golf courses, ocean adventure swimming, dolphin swims, and more. The Riviera Maya also offers many of Mexico's most significant Mayan archaeological sites including Tulum, Coba and Chichenitza, recently named one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, all considered prime attractions in the region. Kids of all ages will enjoy visits to nature theme parks such as Xcaret and Xel Ha which feature river floats and cultural shows. Playa del Carmen has two main public beaches (Coco and Mamitas) but you are free to stroll along the entire beach till your heart’s content. Playa’s 5th Avenue is a pedestrian retail district just metres from the Caribbean Sea where you can engulf yourself in the scenery, sip coffee, read a book, and enjoy the sunrise on the sea. You will find an extravaganza of restaurants that will tantalize even the most discerning of travellers. Sprinkled intermittently between the restaurants you will find shops that offer all of the necessities plus an abundance of crafts from local artisans, offering paintings, clothing, and jewellery of exquisite quality and craftsmanship. Playa boasts a vibrant nightlife full of music, beauty, culture, and friendly people who will lift your spirit and stir your soul. Playa also has a public golf course designed by the world renowned Robert Von Hagge within a tee shot or two from La Escondida. Closer to home, bowling, shopping, English movie theatres, Italian coffee shop, children’s arcade are all within walking distance hosted by “Centro Maya” a large modern indoor mall which features everything from jewellery to furniture. The mall includes Soriano's, a large chain store which has, groceries, prepared foods, a deli, liquor, toys, clothes etc. Attached to the mall is a “City Club” – similar to Costco. “Sam’s Club” and Wal-Mart are a very short ride away. Everything the area surrounding La Escondida has to offer can be arranged, with transportation and discounted entrance passes, through our Guest Services and on site tour operators.
  32. 32. Purchase Process and Finance PURCHASE PROCESS The professional attorneys specializing in real estate law at Notaria 39, recently rated top two law firm in Cancun will be happy to convey the purchase of your unit in La Escondida and will provide honest, reliable, and detailed service so you will have peace of mind knowing your best interests are looked after. They are very experienced with arranging the Fideicomiso; a legal structure that allows you to securely and legally own land close to the ocean in Mexico. Ownership of property in Mexico is easy and the professionals at Notaria 39 will ensure you understand every facet of the purchase process. You may choose to use another Notaria, but our due diligence has proven that this is our best option in Quintana Roo. FINANCE There are many providers offering finance to our clients in order to assist them with their purchase in La Escondida. We recommend Scotiabank and have achieved some great results with them. Scotiabank not only has a program for financing in Canada and the United States but also has a Mexican program that allows foreigners to obtain financing through Scotiabank Inverlat, while conducting the application process from your home in Canada. The purchase will ultimately take place in Mexico under Mexican law but the convenience of completing some of the approval process without having to fly to Mexico has been beneficial. Lenders are competitive and you may choose your finance options from whomever you choose. We are able to recommend the professionals from Scotiabank to our clients and be confident they will provide all of the best options for our clients considering approvals, cost, and convenience.
  33. 33. Social Responsibility Giving back to the local community we consider to be vital. The community surrounding this beautiful development is located in a part of the world where the local population is hardworking, caring, and family oriented. Clean drinking water, quality education, infrastructure, roofs over our heads, readily available food to feed our families, and books to read, we take for granted. Our vision at La Escondida is to empower individuals and residents to be active in the community and to give back to the local population of Playa del Carmen and its surrounding area. We support a perspective that education is a key to long term improvement. Some of the philanthropic concepts we are currently exploring include: Building a local school in Playa and adding to current curriculum to help deliver high quality education and teaching. Providing an emergency drinking water supply to the community in times of need through a new dehumidification process. Providing swimming lessons for younger children where families cannot afford the time and expense. Initiating a recycling program we are calling “Mundo Limpio” (Clean World Program) within La Escondida, and work with local governments and businesses to do the same. Employing and training local workers to help maintain the low unemployment rate and help provide for needy families. Creating a local food bank in conjunction with our plan for agricultural development in the area. Providing needed infrastructure for locals to access and enjoy (pedestrian bridge over the Carretera). Aiding in providing an education focused museum for Quintana Roo to showcase the history, art, and people of this dynamic region. We at La Escondida are determined to aid in the sustainable growth and wellbeing of Playa del Carmen and its surrounding community. Home Back Next
  34. 34. Playa Del Carmen Located in the center of the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen is not only the fastest growing city, but also a city that has succeeded to preserve its peaceful Mexican feel. Offering white sand Caribbean beaches lined with palm trees and bordered by the sapphire blue waters of the sea, Playa del Carmen is simply beautiful. It has outstanding weather with average temperatures ranging from 25 - 35 C throughout the year. In Playa del Carmen you can find all of the modern amenities you can imagine, in a safe environment where you can meet people from all over the world. Scuba, snorkelling, deep sea fishing, water skiing, swimming in cenotes, zip lines, jungle RVing, horseback riding, parasailing, golf; are some of the activities available in or very near Playa. At the heart of Playa is 5th Avenue, a pedestrian retail district just meters from the Caribbean Sea where you can engulf yourself in the scenery, sip coffee, read a book, and enjoy the sunrise on the sea. You will find an wide range of restaurants that will tantalize even the most discerning of travelers. Sprinkled intermittently between the restaurants you will find shops that offer all of the necessities plus an abundance of crafts from local artisans, offering paintings, clothing, and jewelry of exquisite quality and craftsmanship. Playa boasts a vibrant nightlife full of music, beauty, culture, and friendly people who will lift your spirit and stir your soul. Thousands of foreigners have bought and continue to buy investment, vacation, and retirement properties in the area. Pricing, design, quality and minimal vacancy rates are definite indicators you should consider when purchasing your next property. Due to its early stage of development, you can still enjoy a great return on your investment while experiencing the area with your family and friends. We are pleased to invite you to make your next investment in Mexico with us in the development that we believe, will be the project of choice in Playa del Carmen. Home Back Next
  35. 35. Playa Del Carmen Home Back Next
  36. 36. Riviera Maya La Escondida and Play del Carmen are located in the Mayan Riviera. This unique destination appealing to all ages and tastes. In the South you will find the sun soaked beaches of Punta Allen, a quiet fishing village, and the protected Sian Kaan Reserve. Travelling north you will find Tulum, the once major trade center for the Mayan culture, where many historical landmarks still remain interspersed among peaceful, tropical beaches and cozy boutique hotels. Without affecting the Mexican feel and with the utmost respect to nature you will find between Tulum and Cancun several resorts and townships that today constitute the hottest region in Mexico led by Playa del Carmen. Further North, Cancun is known as the modern city in the region having many common characteristics with Las Vegas and Miami in terms of architecture and lifestyle. And if this is not enough, the tropical islands of Cozumel and Isla Mujeres are waiting for you to discover. With the beautiful ocean waters being approximately 8 C warmer and more turquoise than the Mexican Pacific coasts as well as the pristine beaches being protected by one of the most spectacular reefs in the world, the Riviera Maya offers a diverse combination of amenities to suit all ages. Whether you choose to shop, dine, visit the famous Mayan Ruins, go on a verdant jungle tour, dive on the Grand Mayan Reef, snorkel in the Cenotes (pronounced: se-notay), or just relax while enjoying the unsurpassed natural splendor of the Riviera Maya - everything is within a short driving distance. The Riviera Maya has truly become the destination of choice not only for foreigners as a premium vacation and retirement destination, but also for Mexicans because of its safe environment, low unemployment levels and its strong economic growth. In comparison to other success stories in Mexico such as Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, the Riviera Maya is emerging as the place to be. Almost half of the visitors to Mexico arrive at Cancun International Airport, and while in previous years most people would stay in Cancun, today more and more visitors prefer to stay in Playa del Carmen and its more peaceful surroundings. Home Back Next
  37. 37. Riviera Maya Home Back Next
  38. 38. Riviera Maya Travel to the Riviera Maya can be quite simple; direct flights exist from many departure points. Cancun International Airport (CUN) is a travel friendly airport with most employees speaking Spanish and English. There are many food outlets and stores to pick up something on your way in or on your way out. Some of the most common airlines to fly to Cancun are: West Jet, Continental Airlines, Delta, United, American Airlines, Mexicana, Aeromexico, Air Canada, British Airways, Lufthansa, Iberia, Lan Airlines, Qantas, JAL, KLM, Alitalia, and Air Europa Lineas, and many other carriers. Please check with your local airline providers to determine flight times and destinations. Car rentals are provided by the typical rental agencies Avis, Hertz, National, Dollar, Enterprise and can be rented in advance or provided for you right after customs (Aduana) in the airport. Employees are bilingual. Private airport shuttles can be booked ahead of time. Public transportation, although quite safe and economical, may not be your method of choice while carrying luggage or if accompanied by children. A four to six hour flight from the most common departure points in North America will place you at Cancun International Airport, located 60 km north of Playa del Carmen (locally known as Playa). A four lane divided highway offers easy access to Playa via rental cars and various other transportation alternatives. Home Back Next
  39. 39. Direct Flight Times to Cancun Playa del Carmen
  40. 40. Mexico Mexico has long been a favourite travel destination for millions of people from around the world. The rich history is blended with great culture, outstanding weather, beautiful oceans, and many unique sights, tastes, and sounds to stimulate your senses. In Mexico communication is easy, as English is the second most spoken language. The President, Felipe Calderon, and his government place high priority on facilitating foreign investments and have created a mechanism so foreigners can purchase property safely. Thousands of foreigners have purchased and continue to purchase properties throughout Mexico while allowing them to benefit from this beautiful area of the world. Although there has been some concern over the media reports that Mexico is unsafe, the Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen are quite a distance away from the drug cartel and gang associated violence. Ultimately, crimes occur everywhere from the smallest towns in the USA to major cities all around the world, Mexico is no different but the media embellishes on the facts. Border cities such as Juarez and Tijuana are high crime areas due to the desire of the drug lords to distribute their narcotics directly to the United States. The Mexican Government has made a significant impact on the numbers and types of crimes related to the drug trade and have incarcerated a good portion of the cartel members and have vowed to “clean up” the problem no matter what it takes. In fact if you listen closely to the government agencies that issue travel warnings to Mexico you will learn that 99% of Mexico is peaceful, safe, and an enjoyable place to be . Mexico is full of culture and happy hard working people, who live in one of the most beautiful tropical destinations in the world. The history, architecture, cultural arts, smells, tastes, and sounds of Mexico are something everyone should experience in their lifetime. Home Back Next
  41. 41. Working With The Best We evaluated and chose our affiliates with great care and attention concentrating on characteristics that we felt would complement our uniqueness and maximize our potential through challenging economic times. Financial strength, extensive experience, market leadership, market leading suppliers, flexibility and creativity were necessary for us to establish this development at these prices. As mentioned, our construction providers have built more than 275,000 homes in Mexico and are backed by unquestionable financial strength. Our legal professionals were recently rated in the top two in the region. The architects, engineers, landscape team, world class banking associates and international consultants are of impeccable reputation and have vast experience in the region. The affiliates who will be working in La Escondida have demonstrated they will provide the best quality and highest level of service to our clients with the objective or creating happy customers who will continue to invest in our future projects planned for the region . Home Back Next
  42. 42. Contact Us Thank you for your time and interest in what we believe is your best alternative for an investment, vacation, resort property in the Riviera Maya. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our professionals will assist you. Communication Details: Phone: (403) 313-8980 E-mail: Mailing Address: One Executive Place #700, 1816 Crowchild Trail N.W. Calgary AB, Canada, T2M 3Y7