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2015 Legislative Scorecard


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The Salt Lake Chamber is a capital city chamber with a statewide mission and reach. The Chamber works as Utah’s business leader to stand as the voice of business, support our members’ success and champion community prosperity on hundreds of bills every session.

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2015 Legislative Scorecard

  1. 1. Legislative Scorecard 2015As Utah’s business leader, we stand as the voice of business, we support our members’ success and we champion community prosperity.
  2. 2. Dear Fellow Utahns, During the 2015 session, the Voice of Business was heard loudly on Utah’s Capitol Hill. In all respects, 2015 was a banner year for Utah’s future and our long-term economic prosperity. This year’s decisions have ensured that Utah will remain competitive in a global economy by strategically investing in our future workforce and transportation infrastructure. This was largely possible because of our active and engaged business community. The Salt Lake Chamber, as a statewide chamber of commerce representing more than 8,000 businesses, played a critical role in these decisions and many others. We encourage you to explore the other key votes, top issues and legislative“Business Champions” documented in this scorecard. As we look to 2016 and the years beyond, we are committed to being part of the solution, building consensus and finding common ground. Sincerely, Lane Beattie Terry Buckner President and CEO Chair Strategically invested $510 million in new funding for Utah’s future workforce. Enacted key initiatives to improve reading achievement. Enacted key initiatives to improve Utah students’math and analytical skills. Enacted key initiatives to improve high school and postsecondary certificates and degrees. $ + – x = Advancing the business community’s five-year plan to make Utah a top-10 state in education and ensure the greatest workforce in state history. Investing in Utah’s future transportation infrastructure with a comprehensive solution that will keep Utah’s economy moving. Increased motor-fuel tax 5-cents per-gallon to meet critical maintenance & preservation needs. Reformed the motor-fuel tax to a percentage- based tax that will grow with the economy and not lose purchasing power. Voter approved local-option funding to give Utahns’more transportation choices. Matched funding with planning to support Utah’s comprehensive transportation needs. UNIFIED 2040 T A K I N G T H E 2 0 1 5 O P P O R T U N I T Y F O R E C O N O M I C L E A D E R S H I P
  3. 3. “The advocacy, influence and impact of the Chamber benefits every business’bottom line.” Richard Walje, President and CEO of Gateway Projects, PacifiCorp 2014-15 Public Policy Chair, Salt Lake Chamber
  4. 4. The Salt Lake Chamber is a capital city chamber with a statewide mission and reach. The Chamber works as Utah’s business leader to stand as the voice of business, support our members’success and champion community prosperity on hundreds of bills every session. Business Climate, Taxes and Regulation We want to acknowledge all of the community and civic partners involved in the passage of SB 296. Champions: Representatives Dee, Dunnigan and Senators J. S. Adams, Urquhart and Dabakis SB 63 - Workers' Compensation Fund Amendments Strengthens Utah's business climate by ensuring Utah companies retain low-cost workers compensation insurance. SB 296 - Antidiscrimination and Religious Freedom Amendments Demonstrates what is best about Utah and allows the state to remain a welcoming places for all employees. SJR 8 - Joint Resolution Urging Adoption of the Regulation Freedom Amendment Regulation reform should be a priority at all levels of government to reduce the burden on business and improve economic performance. Economic Development, Jobs and Growth Champions: Representative Handy and Senator Okerlund HB 129 - Economic Development Incentive Amendments Allows rural communities access to more incentive programs, including resources to expand recreation infrastructure. HB 414 - Utah Broadband Outreach Center Utah businesses will have enhanced access to high-speed broadband through a public-private partnership that will coordinate stakeholders to focus on economic development. SB 216 - High Cost Infrastructure Tax Credits Provides critical resources to driving economic development in rural Utah through enhanced infrastructure investments. Infrastructure and Transportation Champions: Speaker Greg Hughes and Representatives Anderson and Perry and Senators Jackson, Van Tassell, Mayne and Bramble HB 79 - Safety Belt Law Amendments Employers understand that failing to buckle up harms others on Utah's roads and increases the cost of doing business. HB 80 - Transportation Project Amendments Reduces long-term costs and accelerates projects by allowing the Utah Department of Transportation to streamline the environment review of some projects. HB 362 - Transportation Infrastructure Funding Provides necessary investments for a safe and efficient transportation system that will support economic growth for decades to come. Natural Resources and Environment Champions: Representative Arent and Senators Wieler and Hinkens HB 406 - Natural Gas Vehicle Amendments Establishes incentives for heavy-duty fleet vehicles to convert to cleaner fuels as a key strategy to improve air quality. SCR 10 - Public Lands Initiative Expresses strong support for the Public Lands Initiative as an inclusive local approach to responsibly manage Utah's vast public lands. SB 218 - Water Infrastructure Funding Establishes a fund to address critical needs of aging infrastructure and new water supply projects as part of a larger effort to develop a comprehensive statewide water strategy. Education, Workforce and Health Care Champions: Representatives Last, Gibson, President Niederhauser and Senators Millner, Osmond and Shiozawa HB 30 - Math Teacher Training Program Amendments Superior math instruction is critical to increasing students ability to learn and eventually compete in a global economy. HB 203 - Teacher Salary Supplement Program Amendments Straightens Utah's technology pipeline by offering incentives to qualified instructors to teach computer science. SB 75 - Elementary Arts Learning Program Amendments Improves the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Elementary Arts program to better integrate arts teaching to core subjects and improve education outcomes. *The Salt Lake Chamber through Prosperity 2020 championed a number of education bills advancing the business community’s five-year plan to make Utah a top-10 state in education. For a full list visit
  5. 5. List of Priority Votes 342Total Bills Monitored Emails From Passage of Priority Bills Bills Opposed Defeated Passage of Supported Bills 86%100%93% SIXTEEN-THOUSAND TWO-HUNDREDTWENTY THREE-HUNDRED F O R T Y-T W O X !! SB 296 Antidiscrimination and Religious Freedom Amendments Policy Guide Accomplishment: Statewide non-discrimination ordinance and protect first-amendment rights. HB 362 Transportation Infrastructure Funding Policy Guide Accomplishment: Achieve comprehensive transportation funding action. HB 414 Broadband Outreach Center Policy Guide Accomplishment: Support public-private partnership to expand broadband access and infrastructure. SB 117 Interventions for Reading Difficulties Pilot Program Policy Guide Accomplishment: K–3 targeted reading curricula and support. We support results-based funding for expanded early intervention reading programs. SB 97 Property Tax Equalization Amendments Policy Guide Accomplishment: We must make a landmark ongoing investment in Utah’s future workforce. HB 198 Strengthening College and Career Readiness Policy Guide Accomplishment: Initiatives to improve Utah students’college readiness. Policy Guide Accomplishment: Expand access to critical guidance counselors. SB 116 Public School Dropout Recovery Policy Guide Accomplishment: Initiatives to improve Utah students’college readiness. SB 196 Math Competency Initiative Policy Guide Accomplishment: Initiatives to improve Utah students’math and analytical skills. SB 232 Higher Education Performance Funding Policy Guide Accomplishment: Initiatives to increase completion of postsecondary certificates and degrees. Policy Guide Accomplishment: Incentivizing success in education. Policy Guide Accomplishment: Supporting access and outreach initiatives for students. SB 235 School Turnaround and Leadership Development Act Policy Guide Accomplishment: Initiatives to improve instruction in Utah’s schools. HB 79 Safety Belt Law Amendments Policy Guide Accomplishment: A primary seat belt law that will protect operators and passengers in vehicles. SB 43 Changes to Elections Laws Protect the 2014 Voter Participation Compromise as business leaders are concerned about declining civic engagement and the future impacts on our economy and quality of life. Failed Priority Votes: HB 331 - Professional Learning Grant Program SB 164 - Access to Health Care Amendments (Healthy Utah) SJR 5 - State Board of Education Changes S u c c e s s f u l P r i o r i t y B i l l s S u cce s s f u l l y D e f e a t e d P r i o r i t y B i l l s Noteworthy Defeated Bills: HB 236 - Tipped Employee Wage Amendments HB 309 - Living Wage During the legislative session, the Salt Lake Chamber Executive Board designates top priorities of the business community within the Public Policy Guide as well as other critical issues that arise to be considered as“priority votes.”
  6. 6. Business Champions Senate 24/29 (83%) House 59/75 (79%) our Legislature in making Utah the best state for business. We want to recognize the 2015 Business Champions that represented more than 80 percent of the Legislature. Rep. Jacob L. Anderegg Rep. Johnny Anderson Rep. Patrice M. Arent Rep. Stewart Barlow Rep. Joel K. Briscoe Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck Rep. LaVar Christensen Rep. Kay J. Christofferson Rep. Fred C. Cox Rep. Jon Cox Rep. Rich Cunningham Rep. Bruce R. Cutler Rep. Brad M. Daw Rep. Brad L. Dee Rep. Sophia M. DiCaro Rep. Jack R. Draxler Rep. Susan Duckworth Rep. James A. Dunnigan Rep. Rebecca P. Edwards Rep. Steve Eliason Rep. Gage Froerer Rep. Francis D. Gibson Rep. Craig Hall Rep. Stephen G. Handy Rep. Timothy D. Hawkes Rep. Sandra Hollins Rep. Gregory H. Hughes Rep. Don L. Ipson Rep. Ken Ivory Rep. Brad King Rep. Brian S. King Rep. Bradley G. Last Rep. Kay L. McIff Rep. Mike K. McKell Rep. Justin J. Miller Rep. Carol Spackman Moss Rep. Merrill F. Nelson Rep. Michael E. Noel Rep. Lee B. Perry Rep. Val L. Peterson Rep. Dixon M. Pitcher Rep. Marie H. Poulson Rep. Kraig Powell Rep. Paul Ray Rep. Edward H. Redd Rep. Angela Romero Rep. Douglas V. Sagers Rep. Scott D. Sandall Rep. Dean Sanpei Rep. Mike Schultz Rep. V. Lowry Snow Rep. Robert M. Spendlove Rep. Jon E. Stanard Rep. Earl D. Tanner Rep. Raymond P. Ward Rep. R. Curt Webb Rep. John R. Westwood Rep. Mark A. Wheatley Rep. Brad R. Wilson Sen. Aaron Osmond Sen. J. Stuart Adams Sen. Curtis Bramble Sen. Allen M. Christensen Sen. Jim Dabakis Sen. Gene Davis Sen. Luz Escamilla Sen. Wayne A. Harper Sen. Lyle W. Hillyard Sen. David P. Hinkins Sen. Jani Iwamoto Sen. Peter C. Knudson Sen. Karen Mayne Sen. Ann Milner Sen. Wayne L. Niederhauser Sen. Ralph Okerlund Sen. Brian E. Shiozawa Sen. Howard A. Stephenson Sen. Jerry W. Stevenson Sen. Daniel W. Thatcher Sen. Stephen H. Urquhart Sen. Kevin T. Van Tassell Sen. Evan J. Vickers Sen. Todd Weiler
  7. 7. As the voice of business, the Salt Lake Chamber develops policies and positions, and champions and advocates on major issues affecting Utah businesses. Key to this effort is the work of policy-related committees, subcommittees, task forces and councils involving more than 850 representatives of member corporations, organizations and the academic community who serve voluntarily. In almost every instance, significant policy and public issue positions originate with one of these Chamber components. We invite you to join us in making Utah a better place to do business: GOTO ACTION.SLCHAMBER.COM SUPPORT AN ISSUE FILL OUTTHE FORM HIT SEND ANDYOU’RE DONE Get Involved
  8. 8. Thank You! Utah’s business community commends Utah's Legislature for their economic leadership. The 2015 session will be remembered for landmark investments in education and transportation, as well as for creating employment opportunities by balancing religious liberties and non-discrimination. Utah will remain economically strong because of the prudent decision to invest. 175 E. University Blvd. (400 S) #600 | Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 | 801.364.3611