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Downtown Rising 4pgr 5 29


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Downtown Rising 4pgr 5 29

  1. 1. A NEW VISION for SALT LAKE CITYSignature ProjectsDowntown Rising recommends eight signature projects. Each of these will add immensely to the life and purpose of downtownon their own, and together they will make Salt Lake City one of the most livable and prosperous cities in the nation.Business and community leaders are proud toendorse Downtown Rising: A new vision for SaltLake City. With extraordinary investment andspirited commitment, this is our vision:❖ Lively and welcoming – We celebratedowntown as a lively, welcoming, fun andenergetic place that includes downtowncharacter districts.❖ Necklace of green – We take advantage ofSalt Lake’s stunning natural setting bydeveloping a network of parkways and trails.❖ Dynamic urban living – We establishdowntown as the region’s premier urbanneighborhood.❖ Great urban design – We create a distinct sense of place that includespreservation of historic buildings and bold and contemporary architecture.❖ World City – We progress as a World City by building upon ourinternational relevance and strengths.❖ City of Learning – We enthusiastically embrace lifelong learning with outstanding schools,top notch research and streets enlivened with college students.❖ Center for arts and entertainment – We capitalize on and grow downtown’s position asthe foremost center for art, entertainment and culture in the state.❖ Green – We think, look and act green and develop in ways that are healthy, sensitiveand sustainable.❖ Heart of commerce – We solidify and enhance downtown’s role as the heart ofcommerce, transportation hub, and seat of government.Salt Lake City is acapital city andbelongs to all ofUtah. Located ina high desert valley and atthe base of 11,000-footmountain peaks, it servesas the crossroads forbusiness, government,culture, education andtransportation in theintermountain West.Over the next five years,more than $2 billion willbe invested in a ten-blockarea downtown – anunprecedented investmentfor such a short amountof time. Utah’s capitalcity is without questionON THE RISE.Community leaders in the 1960s outlined a vision fordowntown Salt Lake City called the Second CenturyPlan. Downtown Rising was inspired by this successsfuleffort. The plan had several proposals that are now areality, including the Salt Palace Convention Center,Abravenal Hall, and TRAX light rail.M A R C H 2 0 0 7downtownrising.comG L O BA L E XC H A N G E P L AC EA central location to showcase Utah’sinternational abilities and strengths. The centerwill include World Trade Center Utah, a ConflictResolution and Peace Studies Center, and anInternational Institute.S P O R T S A N D F I T N E S S C E N T E RA flagship facility that includes a publicgymnasium complete with swimming pools,tennis courts, basketball courts, runningtrack and weight room.R A N G E TO R I V E RAn array of tree-lined streets, paths, trailsand bikeways that connect the WasatchMountains to the Jordan River.PA R K AV E N U E / 2 0 0 E A S TA core urban neighborhood featuring ParkAvenue-like flats and mid-rise residentialbuildings in a highly landscaped andpedestrian-oriented environment.P E R F O R M I N G A R T S C E N T E RA grand center that will accommodate largescale professional touring shows.R E G I O N A L R A I LA regional rail system that links downtown withsurrounding areas including the Salt LakeInternational Airport and commuter rail toOgden and Provo.U N I V E R S I T Y B O U L E VA R DA corridor of learning between downtown andthe University of Utah, Research Park and theFoothill Cultural District.P U B L I C M A R K E TA year-round community gathering placefeaturing local goods and specialty items fromaround the world.ACHIEVING THE VISION“It can be done... by manycombinations of easy steps.”The authors of the Second CenturyPlan issued these instructions asthey set out to achieve their vision.We desire to build upon their legacyby leaving behind a superb andsignificantly improved downtown.We invite you to join us. DTR2.xp 5/29/07 11:20 AM Page 1
  2. 2. Downtown Rising recommends establishing and nurturingdistricts with distinctive character and soul. These districtswill be defined by predominant users, architecture, scale ofbuildings and nature of the streets. There are no hard and fastrules about what uses are allowed in a district. What’s importantis that over time, each district will have a distinct sense of place.THE SOUL OF OUR CITY: CHARACTER DISTRICTSNorth TempleSouth TempleUniversity Boulevard (400 South)600West400WestMainSreet700 SouthGateway DistrictTemple Square DistrictSalt Palace DistrictBroadway DistrictGrand Boulevards DistrictSkyline DistrictSalt LakeCentralStationTRAX (existing) Commuter RailTRAX (proposed)A R I Z O N AI D A H ONEVADAW Y O M I N GCOLORADO157080ProvoOgdenAirportState CapitolUniversity of UtahSaltLakeCity158080Map Base Courtesy Commerce CRGG A T E W A Y D I S T R I C TAn entrepreneurial and inventive neighborhood with superbtransit connections, shopping, dining and urban living.G R A N D B O U L E VA R D S D I S T R I C TThe major entryway into Salt Lake City with statelylandscaping and monumental architecture.B R O A D W A Y D I S T R I C TA lively epicenter for the arts,culture and entertainment.S A L T P A L A C E D I S T R I C TA friendly and welcoming area for residents and visitorsattending conventions, trade shows, and events.S K Y L I N E D I S T R I C TA cosmopolitan neighborhood anchored by Salt Lake’straditional business center along Main Street.T E M P L E S Q U A R E D I S T R I C TA green, contemplative and calm getawayfrom the material world. DTR2.xp 5/29/07 11:20 AM Page 2