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As Utah's business leader,  we
stand as the voice of business, 

we support our members

success and we champion
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201" The Chamber presented the 2013 ATHENA Award to Dr.  Linda Leckman,  vice
7 president of lntermountain Healthcare and ...
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as ,  i. .—. v~7:§ _—— i . , « 4 i ...
In May 2013, Derek Miller replaced Lew Cramer as
the president and CEO ofWor| d Trade Center Utah.  To
build relationships...
Circle Level Members m


American Express Centurion Bank
City of Salt Lake

Deseret Management Corporation...

Lane Beattie,  President& Chief Executive Officer
Heidi Walker,  Chief Operating Officer

Dan Brimhall,  Ch...
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2014 Chamber Annual Report


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2014 Chamber Annual Report

Published in: Business
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2014 Chamber Annual Report

  1. 1. As Utah's business leader, we stand as the voice of business, we support our members success and we champion community prosperity. 2013-2014 ANNUAL REPORT
  2. 2. In an -u um um: . . . . . . . ;'. ' C ---, , Ill 1 III 9." nu -on - 4.: u - I J . J‘ - ‘ . . - '-af -r-. ',v, .1C. "(vi ‘ "I , , '1" 4 _u. ll‘. -'x§““3."? i’-. .L: :_‘: .« *. .‘; .~. ‘.. ‘*L: ’.'; * ~. .fi It's hard to believe it's been a year, but what a year it has "‘ , 7 ~ been—a year of collective energy and coming together to . , accomplish and start many great things in Utah and Utah's "" '7'‘ k‘ . 'l. “* l business community. Thanks to the great leadership of our / ‘:2 * ' It l Governor and Legislature as well as the support and advocacy 4, V _, m__, {“ ‘ from the Salt Lake Chamber, Utah continues to stand out, ’ = J M , I- ‘, _ I, k setting a precedent and example as a great place to live and ‘I ’-I ‘I I . ‘ - 1 S to do business. By working together, we compromise on ‘. . " l K -. I. » . important issues for the betterment of our state. The Salt Lake Chamber continues to champion business and economic development. It's important to us to offer leadership on issues facing Utah businesses, and we will continue acting as the"Voice of Business”on a statewide level. In the past year, the Chamber's focus has been on transportation and education funding as both are vital to ensuring economic prosperity. We also ventured into new important policy areas, including natural resources, water, outdoor recreation and tourism. Soon we will all see the benefit of a well- coordinated effort to secure a downtown convention center hotel. As we support our members’ success, we've continued to host some wonderful events from our hugely successful Giant In Our City gala to our ever—expanding training programs, providing recognition, valuable skills and a premier platform for connecting with Utah's great business community. The Salt Lake Chamber has a role and a special responsibility for business now and in the long term. We will always be working to strengthen our ability to work together and get things done. It's becoming increasingly more important for the business community to step up and have their voices heard. The Salt Lake Chamber partners with the Downtown Alliance and the World Trade Center, as well as other chambers of commerce around Utah, in efforts to help expand business both on a local and a national level. Only together can we make the biggest difference. We invite you to look at the Salt Lake Chamber 2013-14 Annual Report, which highlights our policy work, events, accomplishments, recognition and leadership. We hope this inspires you to become more involved in the coming year. We greatly appreciate your support as a member. However, if you are not a member yet, this is a great time for you tojoin us. 4% ' L e Beattie, President and CEO Sincerely,
  3. 3. 201" The Chamber presented the 2013 ATHENA Award to Dr. Linda Leckman, vice 7 president of lntermountain Healthcare and CEO of lntermountain Medical Group. Former Utah governor Michael O. Leavitt was honored as the 35th Giant In Our City. Recognized as Pathfinders at the Women & Business Conference: Jennifer Godfrey, Mary Kay Griffin, Jennifer Danielson and Susan Mayo. ‘V I I 1 - ‘; ~ 1 , . F‘ 4 ' 3 '-f T The Chamber, alon side the Women's Business Center, launched a new 9 I. ‘ . ,l I ‘-7‘ *3 ‘‘ professional development training program called Business Essentials. This ’ 2 program is designed to help business operate smarter and more efficiently. :10 ll {IF :2. CI? Pll El , II1.* . I . . l. pi MAI‘. y_. <‘g. lLr*. _ _. . . r . . . I I II ( -‘I I I I I I -1,un1m-mfllyxiilfialiitilexaliloiillaais l . -ffllliiilifiél l -1% - ‘ ‘ v‘ Iitainlixasimgr I , .1I‘. ‘I_l:1IIl: l I you ' €Tr, I:ll1l(-nlinrdix . -in.1r; m/ I ‘Pm _-‘IV Elli: .llllIllI. IlIfJ. t’a‘»' ""‘"' ' ””'*"* ‘ ‘I’ (-1Ininnaxiltmngmntauat-in«amnihill-mitt-Imill! Inth: -1atimaiIInrtlaxilluiniasmainlululmurilltarill I I _J IL, I'll‘slI'| l.‘-X= l'L‘I'I'lHiI 'IIIfll= lI’I]', Ill0)'1‘eI= ,l»‘I0)r‘ fciwar VII! -,1fo1»<I1tu-vmlia W T‘ . ).1.i. i.).1.). ii. ’_’I‘. f’I ‘ / lvil llllllrllllllllllllllrllrllwlllmll .1ic: ‘n= _|n'nIfu= ,IL. cu'nr
  4. 4. -: J ( - ‘ f . g— 2 » . -_, V , ea? -l' , ~ _ fir ‘. _ Y . . ff " . -l. _ -_' « , ttja _ s: $"§»l It “"’'‘’i*/ gin AV (‘Ell l‘ I: l *7 1' ''T'l¢, ‘ 3’ ta‘; ‘ The l°”-Smess ' 3 . I‘ I ‘ I . , 9. tv ": _ ‘I ' I V, ‘ ' ‘ i '1 v , I communitys I . ‘ M . R. I, .7‘. .. I t I - '_ supportof . ( I I , _I; ;3f. i I | I ‘I I I Prosperity 2020 Natural (1 I I. I _ . _- 9 ‘T’ s‘ ‘ has motivated . I I >4‘ - I. - , _, —‘; § Resource I , :1 if. -_'_ o. , _ 2, ‘ lawmakers and 3;‘ . . : ‘ ’ rrr, » _ educators to ,1 Business 4 A5 I N F lix‘ In ‘rpm Workmgether I A II l _ COUHCII ( " to improve % . .Il *‘ _ t l I I education 5;’ ‘ I _ _, I “V . -V ‘_. _. ' I I I outcomes. "‘~. . e . . ‘ - -. ' i I The Governor 4.‘. ,_ *-‘ - ‘ ’r, __ - I I , _ 9 J . . Jqterzltttxt ‘ - { ’ , I , . I and legislative . ) ‘ ,4 _2 / 1‘ I r . , . q 7 . I I ‘ll K r I J - ‘l . leadershipare - I ' ‘~ t “- — I c I ‘ ‘ focused on The Natural Resources Business Council ‘ "1 “ ‘ ' —. ' ‘ “ -‘ , ’ _ was launched to deal with crosscutting "_ '7 _ V-. ‘. ,d‘ . I _ _ I I , I "l, "‘ ' developmga issuesimpacting air, energy, water, , " I‘ r I , i 2‘ ‘ I 1 longiermgplan outdoor recreation and tourism in Utah to 3 ‘ 7 _ 5 ‘ ’ _ I" ’ ', _ . ‘. ' / ll’ 2 . ' for educatlon’ bring greater fidelity to Chamber policy. I ’ . _ ‘ ‘ , _. Z ‘ , I ‘ . ' ‘ I . I -7 ' I’ l by ‘ ‘ ' I r _; A . “ "$5.3. Q ' ‘ v_-jun. -.i'g I *2-“V-. . <' 3 - l A S ' _ El E I r / l T‘ J _' I, I it V I ‘v ‘ / it . I — I , ~; . tc. .~ _ ' _. >»*‘ I t . « 72.. . . .'II ll“ I : My 9 :5 il r I , I ’ ' ’ _t ’ 1’ K. ' ,9 / . ~ .1 The Chamber led two The 2014 Economic Outlook marked the launch of the / ’ successful energy trips Economic Club of Utah, a formal association of economists, to the Uinta Basin and business professionals and public policy analysts who share central Utah. research, data and analysis crucial to Utah's success. , _ _ _ , , T AI_l_"'l" A‘ilCiEl I")? PIIBIDEF“ l'lL‘s]I'II_l| X=, li-‘fill << I I I TIQI tuittigxaiimit-iii I . -SIJEILIEI I :7_11'r}‘»—l I 4 . (!1|. lIfiTt+* iiiaillug‘ . ,rat. un, ::t, ra. rx-as I aiimzui I I'nII(= r.L1=I1iIil= l‘I: b1=ii I tkimyizei I l'll’v. |il(°m| l.! I-ilIl= I=lll'Il9h‘uillialllilllllllilili I amaze» I oiintaarrratrre I §lI[I), ‘.‘I_la I ma. trait-. ir I 39); -nu. I II I J ‘ / I I Tr- If 2 WI ' _ T A . , T‘ T : vxar. u<L-a 4 I J V / , I/ / V _ , _ ) V > _ (= lf= ma1L-i ' . ' ioinardii 'AIf; ]_bL11K; I’h[: [§FVfl; |V; VL1 IVlI; l|‘| lloI:4'r‘l; i?; lIi= _llel manibxs-ir
  5. 5. _ . :¥t%}_“‘«-: —*»# ‘- ‘. ‘_: 2 * , > V ) e) i ' I: ]’iA: ii’4TV i i —‘ :14‘ as , i. .—. v~7:§ _—— i . , « 4 i 4;, I , . - _ fig j _ ‘remit Elli , 'lAI: TE’. liiE cii mr"; —‘. :uii Eli . _.; ,:, ' i mciilrrci. 1, r': iici: iIi"i :1Ii. iI i": llClllI"’ 3lII. If . ‘* L _J . -. .--< ‘ x E" I I LI / TI 314; ’ ‘/7 ‘xx E: llllA| I_. ' FRCIIVAI Alltt '»‘F: ‘ VIC! it’ Clli ‘ r’ ‘ ’ 'iI, .CIlllmllliillllclli. JICIIVII i"lllClllI"' : lII. I.‘ I __ V . > i Through the Chamber Vote platform, the Chamber monitored nearly ‘. ,___. _ 300 bills and exchanged 9,871 emails to legislators from the business CLEARTMEAIR A ' community. Eleven out of 13 priority bills were passed. CNIILEIGI‘ , r mr--nir» Challenge in 2013, which engaged 8,643 Utahns to save 1.9 million driven miles and prevent 1.6 million pounds of harmful emissions—the best year of the challenge to date. Hi; __ —»— I ~ - '. :— — Ti. ~—- —— I jog i H’ : - i— 1 A ' . l‘ ‘ I fir; I -3* s _ ‘V ‘-: >"~": i'¢A — V- . _. / I’ ‘ _ tlr. -:7". -1/,1’ =51? ‘val * X l - ] 11:‘ V‘, II? ‘ I »: ‘ The Chambertookover management ofthe Clearthe Air "T ‘V . i "I ) ii I Following a The Utah Transportation Coalition successful significantly moved the discussion launch’ the Salt forward around funding Utah's Unified Lake City bike Transportation Plan, which should see snare program, noteworthy action in the 2015 session. GREENbike, Additionally, the Utah Transportation surpassed Coalition held a major mountain expectations, transportation retreat at Snowbird, expanding from received a sneak peek at the plans to 10 stations to 20 rebuild Salt Lake International Airport, with 150 bikes hosted a roundtable on the Uinta Basin in one year. energy transportation challenges and built new partnerships around the Grand Boulevards in downtown Salt Lake City. . _ _ - . V — V — i V — . ‘I mr. R£n' < : iI: nr.1iI-Jur-. _l| ( ) fish. ’m“'r’“‘‘ . 1 A1511 um-min V) 7 ‘ “:5 I P‘lll; ; C. =.I'nr. xcr, i : mcI Fnlixca ~— ~ ~ fl ~ ~ I ~ .3nip)lauaxasuxagrastaultaxii
  6. 6. In May 2013, Derek Miller replaced Lew Cramer as the president and CEO ofWor| d Trade Center Utah. To build relationships and business opportunities outside of our national borders, WTC Utah led three successful ~ trade missions to Colombia and Panama, Romania and It ' : __. - 1 _ _ . - Cote D’Azur (France). They also led a World Bank PSLO “’___ : __‘_‘' _> s. 2. --- - Energy Mission to World Bank HQ in Washington, D. C. _ ': :: :z: . ‘Qt- This past year, the Chamber's Women's Business Center trained more than 3,300 attendees and provided 116 trainings, 547 hours of one-on-one consultations, resulting in the start-up of 33 new businesses. The Downtown Alliance has continued to make Salt Lake City a dynamic regional center for art, culture and entertainment through their programs and partnerships, such as EVE, Downtown Farmers Market, GREENbike, Dine O’Round and more. A focus on business and residential development, as well as solutions for service providers in the Rio Grande District, has renewed investment in this great downtown neighborhood. Working with public and private partners, the Downtown Alliance was instrumental in convening the process for building a convention hotel in Utah's capital city. Events and seminars Downtown SLC became home to businesses Event attendance in the last 8,092+
  7. 7. Circle Level Members m C H A I R M A N American Express Centurion Bank City of Salt Lake Deseret Management Corporation lntermountain Healthcare Leavitt Group Merit Medical Systems, Inc. Questar Corporation Rocky Mountain Power Salt Lake County Utah State Office of Education Utah System of Higher Education WCF Wells Fargo Zions Bank PRESIDENTIAL America First Credit Union The Boyer Company CenturyLink Chase EnergySo| utions Fidelity Investments Ivory Homes Regence B| ueCross Blue Shield of Utah Rio Tinto Kennecott SinclairCompanies UBS Bank USA Utah Jazz Utah Transit Authority Vivint G O L D 1-800-Contacts 3M Health Information Systems ABC 4 Utah Accretive Health After Hours Medical Company Airport Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites Alaska Airlines AmericanWest Bank Ames Construction ARUP Laboratories ATK Aerospace Structures Bailac Bear River Mutual Insurance Company Blulng (B| u.) Brahma Group Cache Valley Electric Company CBRE CHG Healthcare Services Clyde Companies Coldwell Banker Commercial Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Comcast Business Cowboy Partners CR England — Global Transportation Cuisine Unlimited Catering & Special Events Dale Barton Agency Dave Strong / Porsche David Eccles School of Business, U ofU Delta Air Lines Dental Select Deseret News eBay Eccles Foundation Eide Bailly LLP Enterprise Holdings, Inc. Envision Utah Fuel Freedom Foundation Gardner Company GENCOMM Goldman, Sachs & Co. GPS Capital Markets, Inc. The Grand America Hotel Granite Construction Company Grant Thornton LLP Harmons Headwaters Holland & Hart lnterform Jones Lang LaSalle Ken Garff Automotive Group Kern River GasTransmission Company KeyBank of Utah Keystone Aviation Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. Kilgore Companies KPMG Layton Construction Company Leavitt Partners Little America Hotel and Towers Marlin Business Bank Marriott Hotels Media0ne of Utah Modern Display/ Modern Expo Mountain America Credit Union Corporate Mountain Medical Mountainstar — HCA Mountain Division Nicholas and Company, Inc. 0.C. TannerCompany Okland Construction Company Orbit Irrigation Products 0verstock. com Parr Brown Gee & Loveless Parsons Behle & Latimer Parsons Brinckerhoff Pepsi Beverages Company PricewaterhouseCoopers Proctor Ki Gamble PSAV R&0 Construction Company RC Willey Home Furnishings Reagan Outdoor Advertising REAL Salt Lake / Rio Tinto Stadium Redmond Minerals Residence Inn by Marriott—Airport Richter7 Robert W. Baird & Co. Salt Lake City Marriott — Downtown Salt Lake City Marriott — University Park Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek The Salt Lake Tribune Sam’s Club Se| ectHealth Staker Parson Companies Stoel Rives Strong & Hanni Sysco lntermountain The Buckner Company ThomasArts Union Pacific Railroad University of Utah University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics Utah College of Applied Technology Utah State University Utah Valley University Valley Behavioral Health Verisk Health Wadman Corporation Wadsworth Brothers Construction Wadsworth Development Group Wal—Mart Stores Wasatch Electric Wasatch Group (Commercial Management) Washakie Watson Laboratories Weber Basin Water Conservancy District Westminster College Wheeler Machinery Co. 8 I L V E R Big—D Construction Corp. Chevron Cicero Group Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Company Humana lnstructure LDS Hospital Les Olson Company Lifetime Products Nordstrom, Inc. Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Safety—Kleen Smith's Food 8: Drug Stores South Jordan City Redevelopment Agency Stacy and Witbeck, Inc. Sun Products Corporation Teva Pharmaceuticals (Cephalon) US Bank B R O N Z E Addictive Behavior Motorworks Adobe Systems Inc. Alexander's Print Advantage Altius Health Plans Apt Marketing Solutions (ThornHi| | Holdings) Bank of the West BD Medical Surgical Boeing Company Broadview University Callister, Nebeker& McCullough CAP Logistics Chase Marketing City Creek Center Clearlink Technologies LLC Competitive Edge Office Systems Inc. Cornerstone CR5 Engineers CSS Corp Cumulus Media Deseret Book Company Evault FCS Community Management Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. Gastronomy Gold Cross Services Granite School District Health Equity Herzog Contracting Corp Hilton Salt Lake City Center Hughes General Contractors, Inc. Hunt Electric, Inc. IM Flash Technologies, LLC Jacobsen Construction Company Jones Waldo Holbrook & McDonough Jorgenson Companies Komatsu Equipment Co. KSL Newsradio 1160 AM/ KSFI FM 100 KUTV / CBS Lagoon Corporation LANDesk Software Inc. Lewis Stages Marsala & Co Metro Ready Mix Molina Healthcare of Utah, Inc. Montage Deervalley Novell, Inc. Olive Garden 0nSite Care Oracle PARSONS Peppermill Resorts At Wendover (Rainbow Hotel Casino) Pfizer Inc. PhRMA Potash Ridge Precision Time, Inc. Prescott Muir Architects Progrexion Radisson Hotel Salt Lake City Downtown Ray Quinney & Nebeker RBM Building Services Inc. Red Leaf Resources Republic Services Salt Lake Regional Medical Center SDW Consultants Security Service Federal Credit Union Sheraton Salt Lake City Hotel Sky Properties SME Steel Industries Snell &Wilmer LLP Southwest Airlines Spillman Technologies, Inc. Stampin’ Up! Swire Coca—Co| a, USA Thanksgiving Point Trolley Square Ventures LLC/ SK Hart Management United Way of Salt Lake Utah Business Insurance Company Varian Medical Systems Inc. — X—Ray Products Weber State University West Valley City Western Governors University YP Zermatt Resort
  8. 8. EXECUTIVE STAFF Lane Beattie, President& Chief Executive Officer Heidi Walker, Chief Operating Officer Dan Brimhall, Chief Financial Officer Natalie Gochnou r, Chief Economist B SeniorAdvisor Jason Mathis, Executive Director, Downtown Alliance Audrey Toller, Executive Assistant CHAMBER STAFF Allyson Bell, Prosperity 2020 Business Director Angela Johnson, Accounting Clerk Becky Richards, FrontDesk Services Brian Lem ke, Vice President of Business Development Carole MacLeod, Business Development Julie Johnsson, Prosperity 2020 Business Promise Coordinator/ Data Analyst Justin Jones, Vice President of Public Policy B Communications Lori Bodily, Accounting Clerk Maria Loftis, Operations Manager Michael Merrill, Director of Public Policy Mikael Short, Communications Coordinator Ryan Evans, Vice President of Business & Community Relations Sally Jones, Human Resources Manager Sarah Welker, Member Relations Sheridan Gray, Business Development Wendy Cooley, Member Relations Jason Mathis, Executive Director Jesse Dean, Director of Urban Development Jon Willia ms, GREENbike Fleet Manager Kim Angeli, Senior Director of Programming & Events Kristi n Beck, Director of Urban Activation & Public Art Liz Jackson, Business Outreach Coordinator Nick Como, Senior Director of Communication and Marketing Tiia Libin, Grant Writer& Sponsorship Manager Will Becker, GREENbike Program Manager WOMEN'S BUSINESS CENTER STAFF Ann Marie Thompson, Program Director Mariam Paul, Assistant Program Director Chandra Walker, Event& Operations Coordinator Derrick Cox, Graphic Designer B Project Coordinator Elizabeth Goryu nova, Director of In ternational Relations Jackie Sexton, Vice President of Events B Programs Jana Scott, Prosperity 2020 Coordinator John Pitt, Business Development Josh Brown, Events & Programs Manager Deb Bilbao, Business Consultant DOWNTOWN ALLIANCE STAFF Alison Einerson, Winter Farmers Market Manager Ben Bolte, Greenbike SLC Bike Share Director Cameron Arellano, GREENbike Operations Coordinator Camille Winnie, Director of Clean B Safe Programs Carson Chambers, Farmers Market Assistant Manager SALT ‘CAKE CHAMBER 20‘T3~20'fAI BOARD OF GOVERNORS EXECUTIVE BOARD Lane Beattie, Salt Lake Chamber Ronald Jibson, Ouestor Corporation, chair Terry Buckner, The Buckner Company, vice chair Ray Pickup, WCE past chair Bruce Bingham, Hamilton Partners Jake Boyer, The Boyer Company Lori Chillingworth, Zions Bonk John Dahlstrom, Wasatch Group {Commercial Management) Chris Gamvroulas, Ivory Homes Natalie Gochnour, University of Utah David Golden, Wells Fargo Victor Ingalls, American Express Centurion Bank Fred Lampropoulos, Merit Medical Systems, lnc. Peggy Lander, Richter7 Brent Low, Mediaone of Utah Molly Mazzolini, Infinite Scale Keith McMullin, Deseret Management Corporation Derek Miller, World Trade Center Utah Scott Parson, Stoker Parson Companies Vasilios Priskos, InterNet Properties Stephen Sands, Rio Tinto Kennecott Gary Stevenson, Church oflesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Richard Walje, Rocky Mountain Power Bert Zimmerli, lntermountain Healthcare BOARD MEMBERS Don Adams, Bear River Mutual insurance Company John Adams, Ray Ouinney B Nebeker Kyle Adams, Delta Air Lines Abby Albrecht, Granite Construction Company Stan Albrecht, Utah State University Jeff Alexander, Alexanders PrintAdvantoge Michael Allegra, Utah TransitAuthority Christy Alter, Goldman, Sachs B Co. Larry Anderson, Redmond Minerals Lisa Arnett, PrescottMuirArchitects Jim Balderson, Jones Lang LaSolle Gene Barton, Hexcel Corporation D. J. Baxter, RedevelopmentAgency of Salt Lake City Scott Beck, I/ isit Salt Lake, The Convention and I/ isitors Bureau Ralph Becker, City ofSaltLake Brian Bethers, I-B00-Contacts Robert Brems, Utah College ofApplied Technology Mark Brennan, Ames Construction Barrie Brewer, Syloet Solutions international Todd Brightvvell, Economic Development Corporation of Utah Bryce Buchanan, PricewaterhouseCoopers ( A M B onnie Bullard, Jacobsen Construction Company Keith Buswell, Wadman Corporation Sheila Camarella, KeyBank of Utah ale Campbell, RBO Construction Company Andy Carroll, REAL Salt Lake/ Rio Tinto Stadium ee Carter, UBS Bank USA Samuel Clark, Dole Barton Agency on Clegg, Parsons Brinckerhoff Wilford Clyde, Clyde Companies erry Cook, lnterform ean Cottle, Robert W Baird B Co. ew Cramer, Coldwell Banker Commercial Michael Dale, New Media Strategists ob Dalley, Deseret Power ennifer Danielson, Regence BlueCross Blueshield of Utah aymond Dardano, Marlin Business Bank ngolf de Jong, GENCOMM im Divver, Zions Bank Alex Dunn, llivint onald Dunn, Fuel Freedom Foundation ebecca Dutson, United Way ofSolt Lake Spencer Eccles, Governors Office ofEconomic Development eff Edwards, Economic Development Corporation of Utah Gary England, Headwaters J England, CR England — Global Transportation Clint Ensign, Sinclair Companies avid Entwistle, University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics KC Ericksen, Orbit Irrigation Products {aymond Etcheverry, Parsons BehleB Latimer age Flint, Weber Basin Water Conservancy District Matthew Holland, Utah Valley University Tim Homer, Wasatch Electric Gary Hoogeveen, Kern River Gas Transmission Company Greg Hopkins, Bennett Consulting Group Tom Hori, REDCDN Mark Howell, American West Bank Kirk Huffa ker, Utah Heritage Foundation Deneece Huftalin, Salt Lake Community College Scott Hymas, RC Willey Home Furnishings Eric lsom, CenturyLink Graden Jackson, Strong B Hanni Jonathan Johnson, 0verstock. com Richard Johnson, Stoel Rives Patricia Jones, Don Jones B Associates Bob Lake, Eide Bailly LLP Charlie Lansche, Fidelity Investments Gary Larcenaire, I/ alley Behavioral Health Eric Leavitt, Leavitt Gmup Chris Lee, Deseret Management Corporation Brian Levin-Stankevich, Westminster College David Lockwood, Energysolutions Daniel Lofgren, Cowboy Partners Charlie Luke, Soltlake City Council Steve Lundgren, Marriott Hotels Al Manbeian, GPS Capital Markets, Inc. Bill Manning, REAL Salt Lake/ Rio Tinto Stadium Ben McAdams, Salt Lake County Rich McKeown, Leavitt Partners Kyle McSlarrow, Comcast Business Vincent Mikolay, Governors Office of Economic Development GDED Mike Moffitt, Gold Cross Services Robert Murdock, ATKAemspace Structures WORLD TRADE CENTER UTAH STAFF Derek Miller, President& CEO Elizabeth Goryunova, Executive Vice President & COO Ronald Ruff, Mountain Medical Melissa Schick, PSAV Don Schulthies, Wal-MartStores Michael Seare, Kiewit infrastructure West Co. Daniel Shapiro, eBay Eric Shaw, City ofSolt Lake Randy Shumway, Cicero Group John Spigiel, Watson Laboratories Steven Sta uffer, Grant Thornton LLP Kami Taylor, CBRE Kimball Thomson, BIOUTAH Joe Tomon, Proctor B Gamble Paul Torres, Manuel's Fine Foods Maxine Turner, Cuisine Unlimited Catering B Special Events Rachot Vacharothone, After Hours Medical Company Rcki Varela, Utah Office of Tourism, Film and Global Branding Jack Rnes, Verisk Health Kip Wadsworth, Wadsworth Development Group Jin Wang, WestminsterCollege John Wa rd, Harmons Mike Washburn, Thanksgiving Point Glen Watkins, Jones Waldo Holbrook& McDonough Michael Weinholtz, CHG Healthcare Services Angie Welling, Google Grant Whitaker, Utah Housing Corporation Nathan Wickizer, Cache Valley Electric Company Charles Wig ht, Weber State University Brent Williams, Dental Select JaeLynn Williams, 3M Health information Systems Jody Williams, Holland B Hart McKe| | Withers, Salt Lake City School District Andrea Wolcott, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco tick Folkerson, Ken GarffAutomotive Group Richard Nelson, Utah Technology Council / Salt Lake City Branch ob Fox, Brahma Group Sterling Nielsen, Mountain America Todd Wolfenbarger, Summit Group Christian Gardner, Gardner Company Credit Union Corporate Edgarwright, Pepsi Beverages Company uke Ga rrott, Salt Lake City Council Brett Okland, Okland Construction Company David Zimmerman, Brahma Group Kent Gibson, Capstone Property Management Jim Olson, Utah Jazz Craig Zollinger, Chase Marsha Gilford, Smiths Food B Drug Stores Kimberly Page, Keystone Aviation eo Gonzalez, Bailac Robert Patterson, ii A. Local #140 — Pipefitters - isa Gough, Sysco lntermountain Plumbers — H VAC B R Robert Grow, Envision Utah Candice Payne, Alaska Airlines onathan Hafen, Parr Brown Gee B Loveless David Pershing, University of Utah Neil Hafer, Enterprise Holdings, Inc. Gary Porter, Church oflesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ohn Hanshaw, MountoinStar- Greg Randall, KPMG HCA Mountain Division Taylor Randall, David Eccles School of Business, U of U )an Harbeke, Union Pacific Railroad Chris Redgrave, Zions Bank A Kelly Harris, Harris Financial Utah David Reid, ABC 4 Utah Brent Hatch, Prol-‘ire Energy Patricia Richards, SelectHealth Kurt Hawes, Washakie Robin Rockwood, Federal Reserve Bank of Stephen Hershey Kroes, Utah Foundation San Francisco / Salt Lake City Branch 5 A I-T L A K E C H A M B E R slchamber. com You slchamber. com/ 175 E. U niversity Blvd. (400 s. ) #600 "°““”‘b”"°“"b'°9 A” ’°“‘“b° salt Lake City’ Utah 841 -I -I ‘ : ; slchamber. com/ slchamber. com/ ,. , facebook twitter R 801.364.3631 1 1 _ slchamber. com/ slchamber. com/ slchambencom ' linkedin flickr