Salterbaxter Social Media Roundtable 28th June 2011


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Salterbaxter Social Media Roundtable 28th June 2011

  1. 1. Social Media Roundtable 28 June 2011 Ian Howlett – Head of Digital Anja Maerz – User Experience Consultant
  2. 2. Introduction•  Housekeeping•  Session structure•  Our approach to the topic today •  Presentations •  Discussion•  Timetable
  3. 3. Context•  What does it mean to be social?•  Or when did we become ‘anti-social’!•  Don’t be fearful - it’s hopefully already how you do business•  Now with connected tools/software to help us About communicating, listening and responding
  4. 4. Why might you use social media?•  Could be for many reasons: – Traffic – Exposure – Brand build – Listen – Share – Collaborate
  5. 5. Or put another way•  It depends on what you are trying to achieve
  6. 6. What are the issues you are facing? I don’t have the time or people to support social media. I don’t know where to start! Not the right channel for usWe can’t control it! Social media is only for B2C or my kids
  7. 7. I don’t even know where to start!
  8. 8. What do you need to do first?•  What is your ultimate objective?•  Culture?•  Is there a commitment at a senior level? From a legal perspective?•  Might views be different for internal and external comms?•  Technical restrictions?•  Test the water•  Pilot or internal test•  Monitor & make measurable
  9. 9. I don’t have thetime or people to support social media. •  Start small •  1-2 people can coordinate •  But advocates and champions are crucial •  Cross departmental involvement •  Certain competencies are necessary (content creation, monitoring and moderation, technical support)
  10. 10. Nothing’shappening•  Whatever you do will take time to grow, so you must persevere•  Develop your champions•  Remind people•  Work hard to make it a priority
  11. 11. Show your social media footprint•  Email footer•  Letter head•  Poster•  Business card•  Website
  12. 12. Some ideas take only hours
  13. 13. But we can’t control it! •  You decide what you say and where •  Don’t fake it •  Don’t smother negative content – respond to it •  You do need guidelines and policies for everyone
  14. 14. Make it clear
  15. 15. Otherwise you can lose control
  16. 16. Or make mistakes
  17. 17. Social media?Yes, but it’s just for fun and networking.
  18. 18. Excellent customer service •  Goal: Engage with customers and improve the customer experience. •  Success: At a point of crisis (Heathrow Airport closed due to weather) social media was successfully used to provide customers with information about travel options
  19. 19. Idea generation
  20. 20. CR Reporting
  21. 21. Single channel campaigns are effective•  Procter and Gamble CSR initiative ‘Future Friendly’ invites visitors to pledge participation by saving water, energy etc•  Share pledges with friends•  146k followers, active community•  Consumer brands secondary
  22. 22. Recruiting via social media
  23. 23. Not the rightchannels for us
  24. 24. Collaboration through social media •  Goal: Connect to your peers within the business to share their business experience and expertise •  Success: Creation of a social business network where all employees can collaborate; high employee satisfaction
  25. 25. Improving internal communications •  Goal: Faster collaboration and communication across company •  Success: More than 14,000 employees use Socialcast. The CEO, Stephen Elop lso uses it, and holds important dialogues with employees via socialcast.
  26. 26. Changing the recruitment process•  LinkedIn is fast becoming the only place to recruit•  Widely used by recruitment agencies, companies are now using it directly to advertise jobs•  Offers far more insight into candidates with recommendations, social integration etc.•  Shifts recruitment emphasis back to company
  27. 27. So much more than recruiting•  Show your expertise•  Encourage debates•  Promote your events•  Increase the company’s visibility•  Encourage connections
  28. 28. Involving customers in customer support •  Goal: Find a ways to scale up customer service and support •  Success: 75% reduction in support requests to the company, more than 90,000 registered users and over 15,00 topics created; vibrant
  29. 29. Share what matters to you
  30. 30. Be creative – channels can offer morethan you might think
  31. 31. In summary
  32. 32. I’d like a social media strategy please
  33. 33. One size does not fit all
  34. 34. It’s not for everyone or every situation
  35. 35. Who should I listen to?Whoever is asking you the right questions
  36. 36. Enough of us talking•  Firstly, did we answer the questions you have?•  Are there key questions we’ve missed?•  Have you faced similar issues in your own organisations?•  What other issues are you facing?•  Where are you on your social media ‘journey’?