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Salt Therapy Spa


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Salt Crystal salt rooms are specially made to create intense healing atmosphere to cure disease effectively. We have adult rooms, kids rooms, salt bed and more for you.

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Salt Therapy Spa

  1. 1. Salt Therapy Spa
  2. 2. Salt Treatment • Salt therapy is a DrugFree treatment. • Healing microclimate within a naturally occurring salt cave. • In Salt therapy patients sit in a comfortable chair inside the salt room.
  3. 3. Halo Therapy • Halo Therapy is use of salt mines ,cave etc. • Halo therapy is a form of exposure to salt air in the belief that this confers a health benefit. • During Salt Therapy patients sit in a chair in salt cave.
  4. 4. Speleo Therapy • Speleo therapy "speleo" means cave. treatment in natural salt mines called Speleo therapy. • Salt Therapy in caves is called Speleo Therapy • Patient relax in natural salt caves for good health.
  5. 5. Contact us For more information visit our website: and for your any type of queries you can call us 403-474-9080 .