Salsa Case Study: Salsa Platform Helps AAM Keep Americans Informed and Employed


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Salsa's email marketing and outreach features enable AAM to send action alerts and monthly newsletters to more than 16,000 supporters each week, build targeted lists and track performance.

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Salsa Case Study: Salsa Platform Helps AAM Keep Americans Informed and Employed

  1. 1. The Power to Make a DifferenceCHALLENGEBUY AMERICAN,GIVE AMERICANThe Alliance for AmericanManufacturing (AAM) is anon-partisan, nonprofitpartnership forged tostrengthen manufacturing in theUnited States. AAM believesthat an innovative and growingmanufacturing base is vital toAmerica’s economic andnational security, as well as toproviding good jobs for futuregenerations. Their mission isachieved through research,public education, advocacy,strategic communications, andcoalition building around the issues that matter most to America’s manufacturing sector.As Congress and state legislatures struggle withtodays slow economy and high unemploymentrates, a real solution seems to be out of reach.However, everyday people are making adifference, by choosing to buy American. Whenconsumers choose American-manufacturedproducts, they support American jobs; and themore they purchase, the more jobs are created.According to Moodys, if everyAmerican spent an extra $3.33 on U.S.-madegoods every year, it would create nearly 10,000new jobs. Thanks in part to the Alliance forAmerican Manufacturing (AAM), the ‘BuyAmerican’ movement is growing and shows thereare opportunities to buy U.S.-made qualityproducts. The movement is gaining nationalattention and millions of people are refocusingtheir purchasing needs and taking a second lookat the skilled crafts and workers that are the heartof the American workforce.Strengthening American manufacturing andgrowing manufacturing jobs will lay a solidfoundation for a new middle class and economicsecurity for the next generation. At the end of theday, consumers have the power to control themarketplace and create change.Keeping AmericansInformed and Employed
  2. 2. Their latest challenge is to promote strong BuyAmerican provisions at the federal and statelevels, advocating for fair trade, and promotingrevitalization through a long-term nationalmanufacturing strategy.AAM is a major driver of information and theywere starting to formalize a new outreach strategythat would change things up enough to continueto engage their current advocates as well ascapture new support.“We needed to make sure we were using all thecommunications tools available to us to continueto reach and educate our supporters in the mosteffective way possible,” said Alison Burke,manager of services, AAM. “I was brought in toformalize a strategy around the use of our blogs,Facebook, Twitter, press releases and emails. Myfirst focus was to streamline our online presence.We needed to look at our tools and start usingthem together to create more effective campaignsand ultimately, more advocates.”THE RIGHT TECHNOLOGIES TOMAXIMIZE IMPACTThe State of the Union Address was a hot topic in2008, an election year. AAM took advantage ofthe media momentum and built their fan basethrough town hall meetings, crisscrossing the U.S.throughout the year. During that time, theyaccumulated more than 6,000 Facebook fans,2,000 Twitter followers and a substantial emailsupporter list.AAMs management team welcomedopportunities to try new technologies and waswilling to support the efforts of a new streamlinedcampaign. The nonprofit was a big proponent ofsocial media tools.Alison added, “It was an easy sell because AAMhas seen the successes of those tools. We havegrown our fan base and we have made a bigdifference already with the town hall meetings. Butwe can do more. To launch a successfulcampaign, you need to integrate your methods:twitter rally, streaming video, press releases, andof course, email campaigning.”The manufacturing industry is typically a higherage bracket and AAM continues to maintain alarge fan base from that group who prefer toreceive their information via email. AAM neededto make sure they continued to reach and buildthat audience and the Salsa email platform wasan effective tool to push its messages out andengage supporters.According to the 2012 Nonprofit CommunicationsTrends Report, nonprofits have morecommunications tools available to them than everbefore. Of the 14 different tools listed on thesurvey, participants identified websites (68%) andemail marketing (67%) as the top two mostimportant. When the ‘very important’ and‘somewhat important’ rankings were combined, itwas instantly clear how online marketing toolscontinue to dominate, with 93% of participantsidentifying their website as being a very orsomewhat important tool, and 89% identifyingemail marketing the same way.Salsas email marketing and outreach featuresenable AAM to send action alerts and monthlySOLUTION2 Keeping Americans Informed & Employed“Dont be afraid to try things. Thats the beautyof social media. If it doesnt work, change it up...usually what sticks is very successful.”– Alison BurkeManager of Services, AAM
  3. 3. newsletters, build targeted lists and track performance. The nonprofituses the Salsa platform to send an average of one email blast per week tomore than 16,000 supporters.AAM can create consistently branded emails with Salsas feature-richemail builder. In a few simple steps, users can incorporate content, link acall to action back to their website and add personal touches from keyexecutives."When using Salsas email platform, we try to tell a story that weve beentelling through the week," said Alison. "Its a great place to combine all thecontent that weve been pushing from all these other avenues into onesupporter email blast. The email goes out to a list that might not otherwisesee this content through social media."CHINAS CURRENCY MANIPULATIONThrough AAMs grass roots lobbying campaign, and its press and socialmedia campaigns, the nonprofit was able to get a bill passed through theHouse relating to Chinas currency manipulation.The House voted to ensure that the United Statescould impose duties on subsidized goods fromChina and Vietnam, overwhelmingly rejecting aconservative group’s attempt to portray it as a taxincrease. Supporters say current duties protect80,000 American jobs.“This was a major barrier to a successfulAmerican industrial base,” said Alison. “It was abig win for us. With the help of Salsa, we made ahuge push through multiple emails taking us fromthe initial building of the bills momentum all theway through to when the bill was in the House.”BLACK FRIDAYAAM launched another successful campaign after Black Friday in advanceof the holiday season. Buy American, Give American was a highly integratedcampaign. Throughout the month of December, AAM asked its supporterswhat their favorite American made gifts were and incorporated thosemessages into FB posts, Tweets, blogs, emails and press outreach trying todraw attention to the campaign.Much of AAMs traffic comes from their email initiatives. “We try all differentthings, splits, different content, etc.” said Alison. “Email is extremelyimportant to us.”Buy American works. According to AAM Executive Director Scott Paul, “BuyAmerican provisions enhance the job-creating effect of our limited taxpayerdollars. Studies show that 33 percent more manufacturing jobs are createdwhen domestic content is maximized.”RECENT SUCCESSES3 Keeping Americans Informed & Employed
  4. 4. Alison added, “There has been a hugeupswing in the popularity of American madegoods. Many journalists across the countrypicked up on the made in America themeincluding ABC news anchor, Diane Sawyer.Wed like to think we played a part in that.We are going to push Buy American, GiveAmerican every way we can.”When asked what advice Alison would giveother nonprofits looking to make an impactwith their communications efforts, she wasquick to add, “Dont be afraid to try things.Thats the beauty of social media. If it doesntwork, change it up. Weve tried all sorts of things. Different messages, different tweets, Facebook posts,we throw everything up against the wall and see what sticks. And usually what sticks is very successful.And we try to replicate it over and over again.“AAM had never tried Buy American, Give American before. Its kind of light and it doesnt get to ourdeeper issues, but it is a gateway to our broader message. They see our logo, click though our site andlearn more about our other issues. Be adventurous.”Salsa Labs (Salsa) is the creator of the online platform built specifically for nonprofits to organize and energize peopleeverywhere. In one easy-to-use, integrated, and flexible platform, groups of all sizes can manage their supporters,communicate, fundraise, advocate, and much more. Organizations can create their own unique recipe for organizing bychoosing from dozens of packages as well as by plugging in other applications produced by third parties in the Salsa Market.Salsa currently supports more than 2,000 nonprofit groups’ relationships with more than 75 million supporters, members,donors, activists, and fans all around the world.The Alliance for American Manufacturing is a unique nonprofit forged to strengthen U.S. Manufacturing.MissionAAM brings together a select group of America’s leading manufacturers and the United Steelworkers. Ourmission is to promote creative policy solutions on priorities such as international trade, energy security, healthcare, retirement security, currency manipulation, and other issues of mutual concern.“Be adventurous.”– Alison BurkeManager of Services, | p 866-796-8345 | |