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From building targeted lists to creating the customized email with your own branded look and feel, to publishing in social networks, you get a true best practices approach with Salsa. Our communications and deliverability specialists not only monitor behind the scenes to ensure the highest email deliverability standards; you have access to proven, real world tips and expertise from Salsa and its larger community of partners and users.

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Communicate with Salsa

  1. 1. Communicateusing organizing bestpractices to delivertargeted messages
towell-segmentedaudiences. When youCommunicate withSalsa, we provide theversatility to get themost return from your efforts and the ability tocontinually tune and refine your campaigns.Whether
a weekly email ‘blast’, monthlynewsletter, donation appeal, thank you, or actionalert, timely, effective email that’s well integratedacross your fundraising and advocacy activitiesis fundamental to engaging and growingsupporters. Salsa goes above and beyond,helping you ensure the highest level ofdeliverability, plus social sharing options andtracking and report features. And we don’t stopthere. Salsa offers tons of strategic education onbest practices and more through our experts andthe larger community of Salsa users.EmailTake your supporter data to the next level byusing it to target your communication outreach.Salsa’s email features allow you to create andsend engaging and effective emails to yoursupporters all in one place:• Easily brand your emails with our feature-rich email builder. Create or import your own design, addimages, hyperlinks and more, or simply choose from a library of ready-made templates. Add andedit content, personalize your message, target your audience, validate your email and preview. Sendimmediately, or schedule the email for a specific date and time.• Maximize your delivery rates with formatting, scheduling, a/b testing and validation tools. Salsa’shigh-performance Mail Transfer Agent efficiently sends an average of 1.5-2 million email messagesper day. Emails are automatically sent in both HTML and plain text, and the Salsa system integrateswith many mobile providers as well.FeaturesThe core of any successful outreach is awell-thought-out communications strategy,
  2. 2. Visit to view a full list of features and to request a demo. You may also call our salesteam at 866-796-8345.Communication Features Salsa Startup Salsa Enterprise Salsa FederationSalsa Web • • •Social Media Integration • • •Broadcast Email • • •A/B Testing • • •Standard Templates • • •Custom Templates • •Private IP Address •Social MediaSocial media is an essential to successful communication, helping you refine your visibility, engagewith your supporters and inspire action. Salsa’s tools for social media success let you easily addsocial sharing features to email and other content, make supporter and event sign-up a breeze, trackresults and more:• Drive Support via FacebookSupporters can get the word out about yourevents using Facebook Connect, and ourone-click registration feature links to your eventpage to make signing up simple.• Share Online ContentAdd social sharing features to Web pages, makingit easy for supporters to spread the word or showtheir interest via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.Ready to reach out and Communicate with Salsa?ignite action. fuel change.Search for Common Ground uses the Communicatewith Salsa tools to spread the word to supportersabout their many programs and resources aimed atchanging the way the world deals with 866-796-8345 @salsalabs