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It´ Story Time IV


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It´s Story Time IV

Published in: Education, Travel, Business
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It´ Story Time IV

  1. 1. Marcos and Sergio are good brothers they are thinking to open a new Accounting Consulting Company.
  2. 2. Both went to Mexico City. Marcos has to move to Mexico City and he is looking for a new house or an apartment for rent .
  3. 3. Sergio saw some newspaper ads about renting houses, but Marcos advised him that it is better to make a call to the through agency
  4. 4. But Sergio is a mess, so he did a call phone to the number that he saw in the newspaper ad.
  5. 5. In the other side of the phone answered the building manager Manager; Housing rent, may I help you? Sergio; Yes, I am calling about the newspaper ad.
  6. 6. The assistant, yes of course! We have a house on Hamburgo Avenue. Sergio, well I am looking for an apartment on George Washington Avenue. Do you have any able to rent on that place?
  7. 7. The assistant, sure! Sergio, Oh that’s fantastic, I would like more details about it.
  8. 8. Well, it has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, garage for a car and only one living room. It does not include any beds, stuff, refrigerator, etc.
  9. 9. It is located on the building Number 3, the most important skyscraper in Mexico City.
  10. 10. Sergio, I don´t like big buildings! What floor is it on?
  11. 11. Sergio; I see, I´m not interested. I´d prefer a house. Thank you for your time! The assistant; It is on the 52nd floor.
  12. 12. In the other side, Marcos is making a call to the through agency.
  13. 13. Hello, this is Marcos. I´m looking for housing. Do you have any to rent?
  14. 14. The agent: Yes sure! We have a house by Santa Fé. Would you like more details about it? Marcos; Yes please, it might interest me. How does it look ?
  15. 15. It is a big house ideal for living or for commercial offices uses, also the place is with good business fluency, there are corporative offices like Bimbo, Cocacola Company and Hewlett Packard for mention of the most important.
  16. 16. Marcos said. Can I visit it? Is today possible?
  17. 17. The agent, tomorrow would you or the next Wednesday? Marcos answered, tomorrow is good.
  18. 18. Ok we will see you tomorrow at five p.m. May I to do something more for you?
  19. 19. Marcos, I have a question! Do we have to pay to get some permission to the neighborhood associations for opening commercial offices?
  20. 20. The Agent, I don´t know exactly, but we do not have any inconvenient about the use that you are thinking on.
  21. 21. finally, Sergio told to Marcos, I think that you will take the better decisions about the company.