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Hair care Tips for girls


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Girls are always conscious about their look and hair is the most important part which makes their look to the next level. There are plenty of ways to keep your hair healthy and shiny without having to pay the high costs of salon products.

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Hair care Tips for girls

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  2. 2. HAIR CARE TIPS FOR GI RLS Did you know that most of the guys asked on the street think that hair makes a girl sexier? It’s a desire of every girl to have sexy hair! Of course, unless you try for it you do not achieve beautiful sexy hair. For this reason, but not the only one, taking care of your looks may seem the right way to go so why not take advantage of the many things available for hair care and do the logical choices to have a fabulous hair. It is not that hard to maintain the hair in good condition and make it healthier and sexier. There are some easy tips by which you can make your hair looks sexier. 1. Do not wash your hair every day. Many people wash their hair regularly but it is not good for hair’s health. By washing your hair every day can steal essential oils of your hair, resulting in dry scalp and dry hair. It is preferable to wash your hair every 2-3 days. Apply hair conditioner after washing your hair if your hair is already dry. 2. Do not make the buns tight while wearing it. After combing your hair properly tie it into a loose knot or bun. You can attach the bun with a rubber band and bobby pins. 3. Use your fingers to separate tangles while drying your hair. Do not use comb while drying the hair at starting cause it make your hair fall easily. 4. Give a stylish look to your hair by cutting it into long layers. You can add few attractive bangs to enhance your hairstyle. 5. Avoid thin, delicate bangs, as they are out dated and make you appear boxy. Thick heavy bangs, side-swept bangs are comfortable and very attractive for any hair type. Swept bangs with long layers and thick bangs with long layers are most popular now. 6. Get your hair color touched up for every 25-30 days to keep your hair look healthy and damage free. Make sure there is not much gap in hair touch ups. 7. You can have a hair color kit at your place to cover the roots with dye but the professional hair color treatment will surely preferable than to do it by yourself. 8. Drink plenty of water and maintain healthy diet by avoiding junk foods. More information - http://www.salonstpetersburg.comMission Aveda Salon & Spa , 1506 66th St N , Saint Petersburg , Florida 33710-5506 , Phone : (727) 369-8166