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Mobile Marketing for Salons Spas and Stylists


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Mobile Marketing for Salons Spas and Stylists relies more on search, social media and email marketing. Your customer is looking for you online, and with certain keywords.
Your customer expects to finds reviews about you Yelp and Google Reviews. This slide help you to plan an effective 5 point Mobile Marketing Strategy to get more traffic to your website and customers on your Salon or Spa.

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Mobile Marketing for Salons Spas and Stylists

  1. 1. 5 step strategyBy Gerard Fairley
  2. 2.  Mobile Optimized Website Social Media Marketing Email-Text List Building and Marketing Review Websites Paid Ads, Live Events
  3. 3. 60% of your customers will access your site from a cellphone or mobile device Your website must be viewable on desk top computers and cellphones/mobile devices A customer should be able to easily call and/or email you right from their mobile device. A customer should be able to book an appointment online from their mobile device.
  4. 4. Properly optimized profiles will generate tons oftraffic to your website.  You have to have your keywords in your “bio” and “about me” sections on all of your social profiles  Use Twitter, Google+ then Facebook in terms of value for your time and money invested.  All of your posts, and status updates must contain your keywords to get picked up in a search.  You have to understand the differences/similarities of each social profile and know how to use them.
  5. 5. The key to developing a List, is to have the right “compelling offer” Creating a database of your customers email and/or cellphone info, will allow you to build and maintain a loyal customer community. A list of customers allow you to send out immediate “calls to action” with coupons and Email/Text blasts.
  6. 6.  Review Sites are where people leave online testimonials and reviews of your service. The main ones to be on are, Yelp, Google Reviews, Foursquare, City Search. Reviews help to spread “word of mouth” buzz online about you and your Brand. Encourage your customers to leave a review by incentivizing them, and rewarding them after.
  7. 7. This should be done only after steps 1-4 are completely installed Google Ad Words and Facebook Ads Foursquare and CitySearch Banner Ads Live Expos and Events
  8. 8.  For Google Plus+ just do a search of my name
  9. 9.  I will look at your online activity (websites and social media properties) and give you an objective Salon Internet Marketing business clinic (diagnosis) Email to you a personal white paper with new proposed strategy and how to implement them + Skype/phone explanation I will go into your accounts and set up all of your social properties (keywords bio/about me descriptions) Help you set up your Email/Text list “opt ins” and landing pages. I will be available for email support and 3hrs/week scheduled Skype/talk (for a 3 week consultant/monitoring period)
  10. 10.  You can get my 40page ebook and video now only $9.99. This is a 5 Step Mobile Marketing Strategy for Salons, Spas, Stylists and MUA. Text  salonmarketing 72727 and the link to purchase this ebook will come to your cellphone.