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3 collaboration


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Published in: Education, Technology
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3 collaboration

  1. 1. Simple guide for Blackboard Learn Here are some features you can use for collaboration Created by Sally Loan National Institute of Education Centre for e-Learning Senior Educational Technologist
  2. 2. Add Interactive Tool Set up discussion board / blog / wikiBlackboard NG9
  3. 3. Create blog entryA Blog is a collaborative tool that allows Students topost their personal reflection about the Course ordiscuss and analyze Course-related materials
  4. 4. Create blog entryCreate blog entry
  5. 5. Create blog entrycreate new entry
  6. 6. Create blog entryName the blog
  7. 7. Create blog entryMake changes to the blog participation section forindividual or group blog
  8. 8. Create blog entryModify changes if any
  9. 9. Create blog entry
  10. 10. Create blog entry
  11. 11. Create blog entryA blog entry is added
  12. 12. Create blog entryCreate entry within each blog
  13. 13. Create journal entryJournals are a self-reflective tool that allows Studentsto post their personal reflections about the Course ordiscuss and analyze Course-related materials
  14. 14. Create journal entryCreate journal entry
  15. 15. Create journal entryOption to link to specific journal or create new journal
  16. 16. Create journal entryLink to Course Reflections
  17. 17. Create journal entry
  18. 18. Create journal entryA journal entry is created
  19. 19. Create journal entryA journal entry is created
  20. 20. Create wiki entryAdd a Link to the Wiki listing page or a specific Wiki ina Content Area. This creates a streamlined experiencewhere users interact with each other in the same areawhere they discover content. A link can connect to anexisting Wiki or a new Wiki can be created and linked.
  21. 21. Create wiki entryCreate wiki entry
  22. 22. Create wiki entryLink to specific wiki or create new wiki
  23. 23. Create wiki entry
  24. 24. Create wiki entryName the wiki
  25. 25. Create wiki entryModify wikiparticipation forstudent access
  26. 26. Create wiki entry
  27. 27. Create wiki entry
  28. 28. Create wiki entryModify options is necessary
  29. 29. Create wiki entryWiki entry is created
  30. 30. Create a link to a Group placesAdding a link to a Group places in the Content Area.This creates a streamlined experience where usersinteract with each other through the Group tools inthe same area where they discover content. A link canconnect to the Groups listing page where all theGroups are listed, or to an existing Group or GroupSet. A new Group or Group Set can be created andlinked. Individual Groups should be used cautiouslysince not all users may be assigned to the Group
  31. 31. Create a link to a Group places
  32. 32. Create a link to a Group placesOption to create group
  33. 33. Create a link to a Group placesA group places is created