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Teenage Pregnancy

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  1. 1. TEENAGE PREGNANCY<br />By: Salma Ayazo O<br />
  2. 2. Teenage pregnancy is formally defined as a pregnancy in a young woman who will not reach her 20th birthday before the expected birth, regardless of whether the woman is married or is legally an adult (age 14 to 21, depending on the country). In everyday speech, the speaker is usually referring to unmarried minors who become pregnant unintentionally.<br />
  3. 3. CAUSES OF TEENAGE PREGNANCY<br />In some societies, early marriage and traditional gender roles are important factors in the rate of teenage pregnancy. For example, in some sub-Saharan African countries, early pregnancy is often seen as a blessing because it is proof of the young woman's fertility. In the Indian subcontinent, early marriage and pregnancy is more common in traditional rural communities compared to the rate in cities.<br />
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  5. 5. In societies where teenagers rarely marry, young age at first intercourse and lack of contraceptive use may be factors in teen pregnancy.<br />
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  7. 7. Ignorance about methods of pregnancy prevention increases the rate of teenage pregnancy. Teenagers may not be taught about methods of birth control and how to resist pressure from peers and partners for having sex. Many pregnant teenagers do not understand the central facts of sexuality <br />and do not know how to say "no"<br />
  8. 8. Most teenage pregnancies in the developed world appear to be unplanned. Other teens deliberately choose to become pregnant.<br />
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  12. 12. What are we going to do to stop tennage pregnancy?<br />A very good idea to try to stop this phenomenon is to run a publicity campaing where we do not ask teenager to abstain from sex but where we show them all the implications and all the responsabilities that a pregnancy can carry out, and that make them to ask themselves if that is what they want for their future.<br />
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  15. 15. Those images are going to beaccompanied with a slogan<br />WE THINK, WE PLAN, WHAT WE REALLY WANT<br />