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COMMON COMPETENCY REQUIREMENT IN EVERY TESDA COURSE TO SHARE TAG ADD LINK AND LIKE - Will make hundreds of thousands TESDA feeds streaming the social network daily, a massive activity that practically shoots cumulative viral reach over the internet generating unlimited time-stamped data and information. Behind the Facebook walls this dynamic profile connection is building a gigantic database in a virtual network of Tesda Fans Club at

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  1. 1. STALL Competency Program Creating the TFC Social Networking Site to Establish a Functional Resource Base for the TESDA Tracer A Proposal by Salman D. Aguilar Tactical Foundation, 143 Gomisa Ave., Marawi City October 25, 2012 Assessing Impact of TESDA and the particular key result area of job absorption is a gigantic task and costly. Traditional methods in survey and research can only provide general statistics and superficial assumptions. Accuracy and reliability of findings can only be expected upon infusion of massive resources by a much wider scope of gathering baseline data. As such, a social media application by a Facebook Fan Page is being endorsed for CBC Integration. We call this as “STALL Competency Program” – a routine operation of 5 commonly-used Applications, namely: Share, Tag, Add, Link and Like. Its mission is to create a social networking site for the TESDA Fans Club (TFC) and thus establish a functional resource base for the TESDA Tracer or Impact Study. In a Facebook platform, a monthly quota of 25 itemized “shares, tags, adds, links and likes” done by each TESDA Trainee nationwide will make thousand upon thousands TESDA feeds streaming the social network daily. This massive activity is practically shooting cumulative viral reach over the internet by the speed of light generating access and resources to unlimited time-stamped data and information. Behind the Facebook walls a dynamic profile connection is building the gigantic database in a virtual network of TFC composed of TESDA stakeholders, Alumni and friends. In making STALL, a trainee will highlight the conduct from Course Orientation where the presence of a TESDA Provincial Director is recognized; the workshop sessions and group dynamics; and, the Culmination event where a trainee shall complete the course requirements in a graduation rite. STALL input will bombard the internet with pictures, video and all sorts of newsfeeds sharing classroom stories and highlights from the local and national TESDA scenes. The whole system is systematically structured as: Application x Operation x Content = Sustainable Site over a social network used by almost everyone on the net will make TESDA a household talk. STALL is a simple functional activity to be added to the Common Competency requirements of a TESDA training course. All that a trainee needs is to follow a 1-2-3 procedure and accomplish the itemized quota in a self-pacing convenience within the duration of a training course. The STALL competency is basically rated by the posts being done followed by the proper skills validation upon taking the NC Assessment.
  2. 2. Its competency program is a practical mechanism to institute site “homing” and network presence of a member from the period of training and towards post-training. A TESDA Trainee shall registering the STALL competency program acquires the Membership status in the TFC as TESDA Trainee. At the end of a training course, a member shall become TESDA Alumnus. At this stage, a member is expected to continue doing the STALL not as a competency requirement but as a voluntary advocacy, a tradition that has become instituted in the heart and mind of a TFC member. Founded by the STALL Competency Program, the TFC social networking site can also serve compliance for the MONET. In a participatory manner, reporting by a TVI can use data entry from the trainees or their workshop leaders. A real-time audit of Scholarship delivery can also be performed out of the STALL reports accessible from the TFC site or its online archives. TFC site can be the most accurate and reliable information resource for TVET. It is publicly accessible and published both for accountability and convenience of parties concerned. TFC is a self-sustaining site owned and operated voluntarily by TESDA stakeholders, alumni and friends. The site will be administered by qualified members of the TFC Editorial Board which shall subscribe to online publishing standard. TFC leadership shall be installed in a democratic process like any other organization. Its mandate is to promote and advance the democratic rights and welfare of its members. TFC is a private organization cognizant to the goals of TESDA Tracer and the purpose of Impact studies. It exists for the interest of TVET stakeholders in the country. STALL PROCEDURE A. PRE-STALLing 1. Open TFC Folder and double-click "Step 1. READ ME" 2. Prepare Session Report and gather items subject for STALLing into a dated "UPLOAD" Folder, ex: "UPLOAD 102512" 3. Go online and upload the entire folder into your facebook account with cc: B. ACTUAL TAG 1 Banner Photo to the Three Report Sites bearing 5-W’s data caption as shown in the sample picture, below: 2. ADD 7 TFC Subscribers from among your FB Friends to the group site at 3. LIKE 15 News Feeds of your choice from the walls of TRS (5 newsfeed-likes per Site.) 1.
  3. 3. What A TFC member operating data-capture machine of the COMELEC during ARMM Registration When August 15, 2012 Where Amai Pakpak Central Elem Sch., Marawi City Who Salman Aguilar II, TFC Batch 12-614 Why To provide COMELEC with certified computer operators in the 2012- Voters Registration. NOTES: TRS = Three Report Sites are as follows, (; (; ( MSP = Main Story Picture 5- W’s = What-When-Where-Who-Why/How, the basic information data stamp used in TFC reports. (C. Post-STALLing procedure to follow) C. POST-STALLing (to follow)