Microsoft and The Social Enterprise


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  • Bookmarks - In SharePoint 2007 a user could create a link from any page within SharePoint and store it from within their SharePoint My Site. In 2010 this has been extended so that any site whether it is external to SharePoint or internal can be captured and stored within the My Site as well as appearing in Activity Feeds and tags. Note Board - The note board feature allows user to comment on other tags and content submitted by users within a SharePoint site. The note also is captured as part of the activity feed and can be tracked by users. Rate Content - In SharePoint 2010 users can also rate content, making easier for others to see what the community’s opinion of the content is. In short, this should lead to users opening content that others rate high, rather than low.
  • The Ask Me About area highlights the user's areas of expertise.The Recent Activities area displays the user's recent activities, such as colleagues they have added, new memberships, and so on.The Note Board area contains a text box to post notes for the user and view notes that are left for the user. The My Organization Chart displays the user's location in the organization. The In Common with You area displays pertinent information that you have in common with the user's whose profile you are viewing, such as shared managers or memberships.Privacy options - Only Me, My Manager, My Team, My Colleagues, Everyone.
  • Communities - Establish and cultivate a collaborative setting for internal and external stakeholders. Turn SharePoint groups into Social Sites communities of practice and interest for projects, initiatives, and common interests. Use pre-defined templates to kick-start your community planning.Microblogging - Allow for spontaneous knowledge sharing. Avoid the costs and overhead of another 3rd-party solution while also providing peace of mind. Ensure organizational conversations are secure and housed in your SharePoint environment.Activity Streams - Collect an aggregated flow of events, content, and activities to provide users with relevant and timely information. Filter these events including those from SharePoint, external social media streams (e.g., Twitter), and other internal and 3rd-party applications.Spheres - When a SharePoint Team Site or a Social Sites Community is too in-depth, but email is too limiting, Social Sites 2010 lets you create a user-generated, light-weight public or private group called a Sphere.Social Profiles - Eliminate the friction and fear of social networking by jump-starting adoption, participation, and collaboration with a simple profile-building coach to help your workforce create and maintain their face to the organization.Questions and Answers - Getting an answer is a just-in-time solution. Allowing people to ask and answer questions within a community is one of the quickest ways to drive the value of cross-enterprise collaboration.Lync Integration - Conduct fluid real-time and asynchronous conversations through the Microsoft Lync integration for Social Sites 2010. View user presence and initiate on-the-fly IM, audio, and video conversations.Desktop & Email Clients - Participate in Social Sites without being inside the platform. Filter activity stream by top news, questions, ideas, topics, communities, or colleagues to quickly find information. Ask and answer questions, submit ideas, and post, comment, flag for follow-up, and like events and activities.
  • SpigitEngage for Microsoft SharePoint is the leading social innovation platform that elevates SharePoint capabilities beyond simple data and document sharing by creating a comprehensive collaboration and idea management solution. Innovate where you work without ever leaving the familiarity of the SharePoint platform.Create a System of Record for Innovation Intellectual Property stored in SharePoint that is seamlessly integrated with your Knowledge Management Repository to maximize previous IP investments and reduce duplication.Experience the traceability from the Original Idea Promise to the Business Case Justification through to the Execution Phase.EASILY IDENTIFY GREAT IDEAS -- SpigitEngage for SharePoint provides a crowd-sourced mechanism for selecting and filtering far more ideas than a committee can consider. EFFECTIVELY ENGAGE GREAT INNOVATORS -- Who are the superstars—the top performers? Not just the employees who talk the most, but the ones who provide the greatest value to the organization? SpigitEngage for SharePoint provides a mechanism for identifying and rewarding people who have a significant impact on corporate innovation. OBJECTIVELY SELECT WHICH IDEAS TO PURSUE -- Once the range of ideas has been reduced to a manageable number, Spigit’s fully integrated solution takes advantage of Microsoft Project Server 2010 for prioritization and selection. STRATEGICALLY MONITOR PROGRESS AND MAKE ADJUSTMENTS -- Traditionally, no single solution supported executing ideas within the same framework used for creating and evaluating them. With SpigitEngage for SharePoint, selected ideas can move into the execution phase more seamlessly for tracking and management.
  • BET / WIN (NEW GAME) – Keep your innovators innovating. Our new Bet/Win game lets your innovators bet on when ideas will mature within the Innovation Life Cycle. By investing their own net worth they are more motivated to mature the idea and get it implemented. SPIGIT STORE – Users can spend the virtual currency they have earned in the Spigit Store. EXPERT PARTICIPATION – Identify Experts by category within each community/challenge to perform deeper idea assessments and reviews. MODERATOR OVERSIGHT – Moderators provide oversight to the innovation process, they can be alerted to bad behavior on ideas and comments which they can remove from the system, additionally the moderator can merge ideas. INTEGRATED SEARCH – Using SharePoint Search for Idea Matching MY SITE INTEGRATION – Spigit Web Parts within your MySiteSMART WEB PARTS – Let users innovate where they work. Use Spigit Web Parts anywhere in your SharePoint environment. INTEGRATED DISCUSSION THREADS – Integrated discussion threads with Moderator controls within Communities, Challenges & Ideas. AUDITING – Track actions within the Innovation Environment.
  • The Outlook Social Connector is a set of new features to help keep track of your friends and colleagues while enabling you to grow your professional network.The Outlook Social Connector (OSC) brings social views of your colleagues and friends right to your Inbox. As you read your e-mail messages, glance down at the new People Pane to see the picture, name, and title of the sender. A rich, aggregated collection of information about the sender is included. Communication history Your mailbox is searched and the recent messages you’ve exchanged with that person appear. Can’t remember the last time you e-mailed this person? A quick look at the OSC reveals the last time you received an email from them, and one click opens up the message. Meetings When is the next scheduled meeting with this person? The OSC shows upcoming appointments that include you and the message sender. Attachments Can’t find the attachment that the person is referring to in a message? With the OSC you can quickly review attachments that you and the sender have exchanged. One-click access quickly opens the attachment or you can see the message that it is attached to.
  • Activity feeds Stay on top of activities involving your colleagues and friends in real time. The OSC makes Outlook 2010 a social networking tool by connecting to the new social experiences in SharePoint 2010. That connection allows the OSC to download activity feeds for colleagues and display them inside the new People Pane.You’ll see rich information about your colleagues’ activity such as profile updates to their MySite, documents and websites they tag, and changes to their personal status message.
  • Open Connectivity. The OSC in Outlook 2010 will connect by default to the new social networking experiences in SharePoint 2010. We are happy to announce that connectivity to any network, including SharePoint, is built using our public ‘provider’ extensibility platform.
  • Outlook has partnered with LinkedIn, the online professional networking site, to provide an amazing connected experience for our shared customers. The LinkedIn team has built a provider for the OSC using our public SDK, providing you with pictures and activity information for your colleagues directly from their network. Simply click on a message from a co-worker to discover what new connections they’ve made on LinkedIn, or click the LinkedIn badge underneath a photo to jump right to a person’s profile page on the Web.
  • Outlook has partnered with LinkedIn, the online professional networking site, to provide an amazing connected experience for our shared customers. The LinkedIn team has built a provider for the OSC using our public SDK, providing you with pictures and activity information for your colleagues directly from their network. Simply click on a message from a co-worker to discover what new connections they’ve made on LinkedIn, or click the LinkedIn badge underneath a photo to jump right to a person’s profile page on the Web.
  • Microsoft and The Social Enterprise

    1. 1. Salman Ghani (MCPD SharePoint 2010, MCTS MOSS)16th July 2012MICROSOFT AND THE SOCIALENTERPRISE
    2. 2. Agenda Today - Social Features on the Microsoft platform  SharePoint Out of the box  My Sites  Tagging Content  People / Skills  SharePoint Add-ons  Newsgator  Spigit  Outlook Future - Microsoft as a platform for the social enterprise  Yammer  SharePoint 15  Feeds integration with Windows 8 © 2012 All rights reserved. 2
    4. 4. SharePoint Out of the boxSharePoint 2010 provides a number of social features: My sites Tagging of Content Bookmarks Rate Content Note Board Activity Feed © 2012 All rights reserved. 4
    5. 5. My Sites (SharePoint 2010) Central point for a user to store and access to information. Status, Feeds, Colleagues Organisation Browser – a Silverlight based control for showing a users position within an organisation Share interests, projects, business relationships, and content Overview displays Ask Me About , Recent Activities, Note Board, In Common with You Privacy options for personal information Memberships  Displays the user’s memberships in distribution lists (DLs) and SharePoint sites. © 2012 All rights reserved. 5
    6. 6. My Sites © 2012 All rights reserved. 6
    7. 7. Social TaggingSharePoint Server 2010 contains the following social tagging features. Social tags  Enable users to save items of interest, organize all information for a project, and connect to others who share their interests The Note Board  Enables users to add comments about Web pages, documents, and library items to be tracked in a central location. Ratings  Assess the value of content against a scale, for example, one through five stars. Bookmarklets  Enable users to add tags and notes to pages that are outside a SharePoint environment. © 2012 All rights reserved. 7
    8. 8. Social Tagging © 2012 All rights reserved. 8
    9. 9. People Search New user interface for search results Results include including photo, brief contact information, and areas of expertise RSS feeds and alerts for search results Customisable using XSLT Browse in organisation chart See documents and articles by user using By User option © 2012 All rights reserved. 9
    10. 10. People Search © 2012 All rights reserved. 10
    12. 12. Newsgator Communities Microblogging Activity Streams Spheres Social Profiles Questions and Answers Lync Integration Desktop & Email Clients © 2012 All rights reserved. 12
    13. 13. Newsgator © 2012 All rights reserved. 13
    14. 14. Spigit Social Innovation Platform Based on already adopted SharePoint platform. System of Record for Innovation Intellectual Property Experience the traceability Benefits of SpigitEngage  EASILY IDENTIFY GREAT IDEAS  EFFECTIVELY ENGAGE GREAT INNOVATORS  OBJECTIVELY SELECT WHICH IDEAS TO PURSUE  STRATEGICALLY MONITOR PROGRESS AND MAKE ADJUSTMENTS © 2012 All rights reserved. 14
    16. 16. Spigit for SharePoint © 2012 All rights reserved. 16
    17. 17. OUTLOOK
    18. 18. Outlook (Social Features Outlook Social Connector  Brings social views of your colleagues and friends right into the inbox  Includes Communication history, Meetings , Attachments Activities  Download and see real-time activity for your colleagues from business and social networks. Get friendly  Request someone as a colleague or friend with one click. SharePoint 2010  Connect to the new MySite social networking experience Extensible  A public SDK allows anyone to build a connection to business or consumer social networks. © 2012 All rights reserved. 18
    19. 19. Outlook © 2012 All rights reserved. 19
    20. 20. Outlook (Social Features) Activity feeds  The OSC makes Outlook 2010 a social networking tool by connecting to the new social experiences in SharePoint 2010. Know who you’re meeting with.  Use the OSC’s Gallery View to see all of the people you’ll be interacting with in an upcoming meeting: © 2012 All rights reserved. 20
    21. 21. Outlook (Social Features) Open Connectivity © 2012 All rights reserved. 21
    22. 22. OSC for LinkedIn Outlook has partnered with LinkedIn © 2012 All rights reserved. 22
    23. 23. OSC for Other Social Networks Current available providers include Facebook, LinkedIn, Windows Live Messenger, Viadeo, XING See profiles and updates and add new connections without leaving your Inbox. social-connector-partner-listing-FX102317540.aspx © 2012 All rights reserved. 23
    25. 25. What to expect in future... Major redesign around My Sites / My Profiles Better suited for cloud environments New SharePoint app marketplace Interfaces suited for social networking Improved mobile support Improvements on Wikis and Blogs © 2012 All rights reserved. 25
    26. 26. Microsoft purchase of Yammer Microsoft’s social product for enterprise  a social product for the enterprise that has already been validated by the marketplace. More than 200,000+ companies worldwide are already using Yammer, proof that it solves a real need. Natural product to integrate  Yammer complements the Office suite of products. By adding a social element to Outlook and SharePoint (and maybe even SkyDrive), Microsoft will make its already ubiquitous corporate products much more powerful and collaborative. Simple features as compare to SharePoint Alternative to SharePoint social capabilities  There are rumours that social capabilities of SharePoint 15 are not very great. Now the purchase of Yammer is suggesting the same point. © 2012 All rights reserved. 26
    27. 27. Yammer © 2012 All rights reserved. 27
    28. 28. Windows 8 (Feed Integration) Feeds from Bing search engine Over 100 feeds in various categories Display any individual source to desktop New apps for Sports, News, and Travel Deep Integration With Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google © 2012 All rights reserved. 28
    29. 29. Windows 8 © 2012 All rights reserved. 29
    30. 30. References SharePoint Social Computing  new-social-computing-features.aspx Newsgator for SharePoint  Spigit for SharePoint  Outlook Social Connectors  benefits-HA101810016.aspx  the-outlook-social-connector.aspx © 2012 All rights reserved. 30
    31. 31. THANK YOU