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Online Marketing


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Online Marketing

  1. 1. Marketing and Advertising Using Google and Facebook Targeting Your Advertising to the Right Audience Syed Salman Abbas – 1139132
  2. 2. • History and Current state of online Marketing and Advertising• Compare online advertising and traditional approaches• Some Examples of Online Marketing• Explain how Search Marketing works• Contrast Organic and Sponsored search result on Google• We will learn about Google AdWords and AdSense• Indentify Google Content Network sites and Partner Network Sites• Advertising on Facebook• Google Real-Time Insight Finder (Video)
  3. 3. It’s safe to say that the Internet has changed the world. It‘s changed The way we learn (Virtual University, YouTube Educational Videos) Find information (Search Engine – Google, Yahoo and Bing) Shop (eBay, Amazon,,, B2B, BE2, and C2C) Communicate (email anyone worldwide instantly, twitter and Facebook)In advertising, the internet has created a revolution. Online advertisingmade its entrance in October 1994, when began banner ads atthe top of web page.
  4. 4. After that many online advertising agencies began experimenting withdifferent online advertising models like Google AdWords and AdSense.
  5. 5. YouTube at a glanceAs of May 2011, YouTube has800 million monthly uniqueusers worldwide who uploadmore than 48 hours of videoto the site every minute.People are watching morethan 3 billion videos daily theequivalent of nearly half theworld’s population watching aYouTube video every day.
  6. 6. In-Games Advertising In-game advertising (IGA) refers to advertising in computer and video games. Advergaming: Which refers to a game specifically made to advertise a product.
  7. 7. In-Games Advertising
  8. 8. In-Games Advertising The website of Alex Tew, a 21-year- old entrepreneur, who hopes to pay his way through university by selling 1 million pixels of internet ad space for $1 each.
  9. 9. adCenter is Microsoft’s online advertising platform which enables advertisers toconnect with target consumers across multiple digital touch points, through bothbrand and direct marketing messages.
  10. 10. In 2000, Google launched a keyword-targeted advertising program calledAdWords, revolutionizing the online advertising industry.AdWords made Search Engine Marketing (SEM) effective. AdWordsshowed ads on that were related to a person’s specific search.
  11. 11. Successful online marketing campaigns require the application of the threeR’s of advertising: reach, relevance, and return on investment (ROI). Reach: More than 170 million people use the Internet in the United States. Google’s network reaches 80% of these potential customers. Relevance: AdWords shows ads to potential customers who are actively searching for what businesses have to offer. Return on investment (ROI): Using analytical tools, advertisers can understand more about the effectiveness of their ads (such as who clicks on them).
  12. 12. When a user visits, he enters akeyword and presses the Google Searchbutton (this is called a search query). Inresponse, Google displays a search resultspage, which lists web pages relating to thesearch query.
  13. 13. Google distributes its search results and ads to a network of partnersmaking up Google’s search and content network. This means thatadvertisers can choose to display their ads across these partner sites inaddition to having them displayed on
  14. 14.  Google’s content network includes news pages, special-interest websites, and blogs. It includes large media sites like The NewYork Times. These sites partner with Google as part of the AdSense program. AdSense runs through contextual placement
  15. 15. Account Page
  16. 16. Campaign Management ofan AdWords account
  17. 17. Local business ads are AdWords ads associated with a specificgeographical location.
  18. 18. Google Analytics is a tool that advertisers use for gathering all kinds of dataabout their website and their ads.Google Analytics provides reports on:• How many new and returning visitors come to a website• Where visitors live in the world• How users find a website (called referring sources)• How visitors navigate and use a website• Sales trends• How sales relate to ads• E-commerce metrics such as revenue and conversion rates
  19. 19. Publishers are paid when interested users click the ad. They have toplace a Google search box on their site.
  20. 20. Because People are Teaching Others to Illegally Earn through AdSense – Click fraud
  21. 21. Social Ads - Social Ads are very similar to Google AdWords except that ratherthan identifying and bidding on keywords, you chose the demographics and areasof interest to target for your ad
  22. 22. Career as Search Engine Marketers (SEMs)Google Advertising Professional (GAP)
  23. 23. Google Real-Time Marketing Tool (Video) Twitter @ ENIAC002 Blog: Email: