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Social Media: Maximizing Time and Effectiveness


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This presentation was given at the Virginia Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) September 2010 Conference for Marketing Planning.

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Social Media: Maximizing Time and Effectiveness

  1. 1. Marketing Professional Services with Social Media: Sally Witzky All slides © 2010 Traction Group LLC - portions owned by the respective research and content providers. Either way - all rights reserved. Slides dated September 30, 2010. Presented at Society for Marketing Professional Services.
  2. 2. R e l e va n c y B u i l d s R e l at i o n s h i p s
  3. 3. Where does Social Media fit within your strategic marketing plan? What are your business goals? Who is your target audience? Where do they invest their time?
  4. 4. Social Media Plan Online Marketing Plan Marketing Plan LinkedIn Website Brand Development Twitter Blog Advertising Facebook Page On-Page SEO (i.e. keywords) Public Relations YouTube Off-Page SEO (i.e. linkbuilding) Direct Marketing Effectiveness Tools Content Development Events / Promotions Social News Releases Article Marketing Sales Support Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Online Marketing Ancillary Tools Email Marketing Mobile Marketing Key Metrics Analytics Measurement
  5. 5.  How can I avoid spending too much time on social media?  How can I find ways to simplify rather than complicate?  How do I know my efforts are working?
  6. 6.  PRODUCTIVITY Last time I checked, social media was not your full-time job (or is it?)
  7. 7.  Don’t keep checking social networking sites  Integrate social data into your regular work style and routine  Don’t let it consume you – the data is either useful or it isn’t  Always use time-saving tools
  8. 8.  Social media dashboards like Hootsuite  Schedule updates in advance  Add Facebook, Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wordpress,, Foursquare  Post once, update several  Includes CT reporting  Mobile application  Assign users  Web-based
  9. 9.  Social profile tools like Gist and Xobni  Works with your email and contacts  Not only saves time but helps build relationships
  10. 10.  Services like Nutshell Mail from Constant Contact  Summarizes social network updates  Customized delivery  Respond through their email
  11. 11.  Automation tools:  Wordpress plug-ins  NetworkedBlogs  RSS Feeds  SocialOomph  Many more…
  12. 12.  MEASUREMENT How do I make sense of it all?
  13. 13.  Chances are, you won’t know exactly what effort is working from a lead generation standpoint  Feedback is that integrated or combined efforts are working  Work toward getting your efforts working on all cylinders
  14. 14.  LinkedIn  Views of your profile; company “follows”  Quality of contacts  # of contacts  Twitter  Quality of followers  # of followers  Retweets and @replies  Clicks to your links (Hootsuite)
  15. 15.  Facebook Page  # of Likes  Engagement – is your content good enough for people to connect?  Full analytics with Insights and Email  Key metrics for YouTube, SlideShare, Wibiya, others
  16. 16.  Website and Blog (if separate)  Google Analytics at minimum  View results monthly: use to change content strategy  Trend data + comparison data  Keyword testing with Google PPC  T e a c h with webinars
  17. 17. ASK
  18. 18. 1. Be relevant to build relationships 2. Plan:  Strategy  Content  Tactics  Measurement 3. Be smart about the technology
  19. 19.     