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A2 portfolio checklist


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A2 portfolio checklist

  1. 1. A2 G324 Portfolio Checklist 2011-12 Level 4 16–20 marks1. Planning and research evidence will be complete and detailed.2. There is excellent research into similar products and a potential target audience.3. There is excellent work on shotlists, layouts, drafting, scripting or storyboarding.4. There is excellent organisation of actors, locations, costumes or props.5. Time management is excellent.6. There is excellent skill in the use of digital technology or ICT in the presentation.7. There are excellent communication skills.8. There is an excellent level of care in the presentation of the research and planning.
  2. 2. W/B Tasks to be Completed Mark Scheme Ref5th September Analysis of music videos of similar genre (3-4) Analysis of digipaks of similar genre (3-4) Analysis of advertisements of similar genre (3-4) 1 9 Frame analysis of music videos of a similar genre (2-3) 2 Shot count task 8 The majority of these tasks should have been completed over the summer break and are detailed on the A2 Get Ahead blog. Each post should be clearly labelled.12th September Evidence of permission letter 1 Breakdown of lyrics (with timings and perhaps initial ideas) 2 Initial ideas (mind map of all the ideas which you have had for your music promo package) 3 Treatment sheet (see exemplar) 4 Audience research (make it meaningful and ensure it is presented in an innovative way using 8 audio/video/images – avoid lengthy questionnaires!)19th September Animatic/storyboard 1 Call sheet (see examplar) 3 4 826th September Finish animatic/storyboard 1 Risk assessment 3 Recce shots (could include images of potential actors/locations/costumes/make up etc) 4 Test footage (Take some sample footage to help develop your ideas) 8 Research and Planning Submission 30th September
  3. 3. Your blog should include embedded video, such as work that you have analysed or of audience interviews, experimental footage, perhapswith an audio track explaining the process or animatics.The best blogs will use podcasts, commentaries and audience interviews and were thoroughly hyperlinked to the range of sites visited andreferred to.Most effective blogs have a wide range of things including drafts of print materials, storyboards, mind maps, recce shots, make up tests,permission request letter for music video brief, risk assessment forms. Don’t forget to tag who has contributed to each task on your blog – remember it is an individual grade!! Soundcloud, You Tube, Slide Share, Weebly, Wordle, Wix, Prezi, Xanga , Media Fire