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5 Simple Rules of Engagement - Sally ZC O'Connor


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Unlock the 5 Simple Rules of Engagement to Influence Greater, Sell More and Build Stronger Relationships Personal & Business

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5 Simple Rules of Engagement - Sally ZC O'Connor

  1. 1. 5 RULES OF ENGAGEMENT To Greatly Improve Your Business and Personal Relationships ©2013
  2. 2. Who Am I? Technical Writer & Communications ConsultantCommunications, Ryerson University, TorontoNLP, Sales, Marketing, Law, Psychology Certified PI Behavioural Analyst eMarketing Certified with the CMA 20 year Success history Specializes in Engagement Strategies Published Author of the “SIMPLE” Series Engagement Trainer & Coach © 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  3. 3. Why Engagement? Employees + Engagement = Happier, More Productive Teams © 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  4. 4. Why Engagement? Prospects + Engagement = Higher Customer Conversions © 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  5. 5. Why Engagement? Customers + Engagement = More Referrals, Increased Loyalty & Higher Repeat Buying © 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  6. 6. Why Engagement? Family + Engagement = More Harmonious Relationships © 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  7. 7. Times Change People Don’tWhile Modern Technologies have changedthe way we network, communicate andassociate with others, ie:• Social Media & The Internet• Computers, Cell Phones and gadgets © 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  8. 8. RULE # 1© 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  9. 9. Rule # 1 HonouringWHAT IS HONOURING?Making someone believe theyhave value Their contributions matter Their input makes a differenceHOW TO HONOUR? Be attentive Appreciate the skills they bringto the table Verbally acknowledge theircontributions Show Recognition © 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  10. 10. RULE # 2© 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  11. 11. Rule # 2 Active ListeningWHAT IS ACTIVE LISTENING? Understanding what they said ANDcomprehending what they mean Engaging in & relating to their storyUsing the 2:1 ratio (2 ears – 1 mouth)HOW TO ACTIVELY LISTEN? Do not interruptNod & smile to acknowledge Allow them to fully communicatetheir thoughts before moving on Ask questions to show interest Paraphrase what was said to insureyou heard correctlyIf they expressing a concern, askhow you can help © 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  12. 12. RULE # 3© 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  13. 13. Rule # 3 Be HonestNobody likes a LIARHonesty: Builds trustShows your integrity Strengthens relationshipsHOW TO BE HONEST? Tell the truthUse tact & diplomacy Be empathetic (when needed) Stay calm & use a friendly tone © 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  14. 14. RULE # 4© 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  15. 15. Rule # 4 Be TransparentTransparency: Builds trust Demonstrates integrity Strengthens personal characterHOW TO BE TRANSPARENT? Do not gossip or tell secrets Use discretion when asked to do something ‘off the books’ Keep words/actions above board Practice “fly on the wall” thinking © 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  16. 16. RULE # 5© 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  17. 17. Rule # 5 LoveWhether personal or business,Love is about: Respect It’s all about you (not me) Genuine Care & concern Responding with empathy Going above the call Understanding another’s needs,wants, hopes, fears, dreams, anddesires The “Good Doctor” mentality © 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  18. 18. 5 Simple Rules of Engagement Using these 5 Simple Rules of Engagement will improve ANY RelationshipPersonal: - Spouse / Partner Love- Children-The “dreaded” teenagers- Friends Transparency HonourBusiness: FULLY- Colleagues ENGAGED- Bosses- Staff- Prospects Honesty Listen- Customers- Associates- Vendors © 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  19. 19. Examples Honouring “How may I help you?” Your wants and needs matter and are more important than my own Active “I have children too, so I understand why you Listening need something durable and built to last.” “I’m sorry but you are not permitted in Honesty there. Are you looking for something specific that I can help you find?” “I prefer to keep things above board, I would Transparency not want anything negative to come of this for you.” “I see you have your hands full. Allow me to Love assist.” ENGAGEMENT © 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  20. 20. You will accomplish greater things, faster – better – stronger when everyone is truly engaged © 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  21. 21. More Products for you…Download your complimentary copies at: and receive SIMPLE tips & strategies to help you succeed! © 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  22. 22. Training & WorkshopsPersonal Communications: Discover how behavioural personality profiling can help youmanage, inspire and develop happier, more productive teamsEngaging your Prospects: Learn to take control of incoming calls and be the HERO that leadsthem into the sales funnel; it’s the only sales engagement training specifically developed for non-salesadmin staffDiscover Your Sweet Spots: Uncover your natural-born gifts and talents and discover how touse them for a more fulfilling business and personal lifeBody Talk Exposed: Unlock hidden communication techniques to persuade and influence others(without saying a word!)5 Simple Rules of Engagement: Influence Greater, Sell More and Build Stronger Relationships Find out more at: © 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,
  23. 23. Questions? More Information? Val Caron (Greater Sudbury) Ontario, Canada Toll-free: 1-855-838-2337 © 2013 Sally Z.C. O’Connor,