Wish you well by david baldacci must read


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Wish you well by david baldacci must read

  1. 1. Wish You Well by David Baldacci Wish You WellDavid Baldacci has made a name for himself crafting big, burly leg althrillers with larger-than-life plots. However, Wish You Well, set in hisnative Virginia, is a tale of hope and wonder and something of a miraclejust itching to happen. This shift from contentious urbanites to homespunhill families may come as a surprise to some of Baldaccis fans--but theycan rest assured: the authors sense of pacing and exuberant prose havemade the leap as well. The year is 1940. After a car accident kills 12-year-old Lous and 7-year-old Ozs father and leaves their mother Amandain a catatonic trance, the children find themselves sent from New York Cityto their great-grandmother Louisas farm in Virginia. Louisas hardscrabbleexistence comes as a profound shock to precocious Lou and her shybrother. Still struggling to absorb their abandonment, they enter gamelyinto a life that tests them at every turn--and offers unimaginable rewards.For Lou, who dreams of following in her fathers literary footsteps, themisty, craggy Appalachians and the equally rugged indi viduals who makethe mountains their home quickly become invested with an almost mythicsignificance: They took metal cups from nails on the wall and dippedthem in the water, and then sat outside and drank. Louisa picked up thegreen leaves of a mountain spurge growing next to the springhouse,which revealed beautiful purple blossoms completely hidden underneath.One of Gods little secrets, she explained. Lou sat there, cup cradledbetween her dimpled knees, watching and listening to her great-grandmother in the pleasant shade... Baldacci switches deftly betweenlovingly detailed character description (an area in which his debt to LauraIngalls Wilder and Harper Lee seems evident) and patient development ofthe novels central plot. If that plot is a trifle transparent--no one will besurprised by Amandas miraculous recovery or by the childrens eventualbattle with the nefarious forces of industry in an attempt to save theirgreat-grandmothers farm--neither reader nor character is the worse for it.After all, nostalgia is about remembering things one already knows. --Kelly FlynnFeatures:
  2. 2. * Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping PricesMy wife and I had read every action/mystery book Baldacci wrote. Thecompelling plots kept our noses buried in his books in airports and in latenight bedtime reading. Curiosity led me to Wish You Well. Could such adomestic story of personal recollection rivet our attention in the same waythe life-and-death adventures of the Camel Club had? Remarkably, byhappenstance I carried this book along to read during our trip to theSmokey Mountain National Park, including the Cades Cove community.The historic log homes, schools and churches we saw were straight out ofBaldaccis vision of the Southern Appalachian mountains. The authenticityof this story is spot-on. But is it vintage Baldacci? I couldnt put it down! For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price: Wish You Well by David Baldacci - 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!