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Ten Educational Apps


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Ten apps for use in the middle school classroom.

Published in: Education
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Ten Educational Apps

  2. 2. Alternative Geography Advantage  Games for elementary, middle, high  May focus on specific region or global Disadvantage  Limited elementary games Classroom Use  Warm-Up exercise  Review for summative assessment  Formative assessment Cost = Free Geography games and quizzes.
  3. 3. Heyday Advantage  Can choose significant dates  Easy to share Disadvantage  Only used with Apple products Classroom Use  Create a visual journal of a field trip  Language development • English learners • Special Needs Cost = Free Use phone pics to create visual journals.
  4. 4. Running Record Calculator Cost = $3.99 Record & play back students’ reading. Calculate fluency using timer/stopwatch. Advantage  May flag back to audio  Records voice  Measures reading rate & accuracy  Measures self-correction ratio Disadvantage  Only compatible with Apple products Classroom Use  Measure fluency  Collect data & progress monitor
  5. 5. Corkulous Pro Cost = $4.99 An electronic bulletin board similar to Pinterest Advantage  Store pictures and ideas in one place  Not web-based Disadvantage:  Can’t move images between boards Classroom Use:  Planning phase of projects  General organization
  6. 6. Tag Cloud Advantage  May save to iCloud  Share using iPhone or iPad  Has clouds of famous speeches Disadvantage  Limited to 25 styles Classroom Use  Visual display of texts/passages read Cost = Free Creates word clouds.
  7. 7. iMovie Cost = $4.99 Photos and videos are used to create a movie. Advantage  Use personal photos & videos Disadvantage  Sometimes files are too large Classroom Use  Project highlighting child labor  School elective commercial
  8. 8. iDiary for Kids Cost $1.99 Electronic journal that allows students to add photos, draw, and write. Advantage  Develops story-telling skills  Designed for ages 5-13 Disadvantage  Limited personal security guidance Classroom Use  Journaling  Creative Writing
  9. 9. PicCollage Cost = Free Create digital posters using photos, images, & stickers. Export to social media. Advantage  Use to make cards  Easily import photos & videos  Easily crop photos with finger outline  School settings Disadvantage  School filters may hinder access to pics Classroom Use  Create collage to show mastery of math concepts . . . area, perimeter, or volume.
  10. 10. ArtStudio Cost = $5.79 Create beautiful works of art using sketching, painting and editing skills. Advantage  Different art skills may be practiced  May use a Bluetooth stylus  Beginner to advanced skills Disadvantage  Images do not save to iCloud  Limited tutorials on how to use tools Classroom Use  Develop graphic design skills for special needs transition plans
  11. 11. Comic Book Cost $3.49 Create authentic looking comic strips using personal photos stored on phone or iPad. Advantage  Transforms personal photos  Looks like authentic comic strip Disadvantage  Limited text flexiblity Classroom Use  Creative writing projects that target reluctant writers
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