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market research and audience theory


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market research and audience theory

  1. 1. Sally McManusPrimary research resultsThe purpose for my primary research surveys is to find my target audience for my musicvideo. By handing out questionnaires I will find out what genre of music most people wereinto and what age group my target audience will be. I will find out what their favourite type ofmusic video is (e.g. narrative, performance or abstract) is and how often they are likely towatch my music video by asking them how often they usually watch them. Age 15-25 25-35 35-45 45+From the results of this question I found out the age of my target audience will be 15-25. Idecided this as most people from this age group are likely to watch my music video. Sex Male FemaleI decided that my music video will be targeted mainly at females due to the results of thisquestion. I came to this decision as most females have said that they take time out of theirday to watch music videos whereas most men don’t so therefore my video will be targeted atfemales.
  2. 2. Sally McManus Occupation Student Teacher OtherAfter gathering together the results from this question I came to the decision that theoccupation of my target audience is going to be a student as these are more likely to taketime out to actually watch my music video. Favourite genre Pop Mixed Rock RnBThe results of this question made it clear to me that most of my target audience have a widetaste in music and don’t all solely focus on one genre of music. I decided by looking at theseresults that my music video will be for a song from the pop genre as this was the mostpopular one.
  3. 3. Sally McManus Where do you watch music videos usually? Television YouTube FacebookI found from these results that my target audience usually watch music videos on televisionrather than online on sites such as YouTube or on social networking sites such asFacebook. This made me decide that my music video would have to be friendly for all agesas I’d aim for it to be shown on the television. What type of music video do you like to watch the best? Narrative Performance AbstractAfter gathering this questions result’s I have decided that my music video will have anarrative structure as this is what my target audience seem to enjoy the most. Due to havinga narrative structure my video will be shot in a way that it tells a story.
  4. 4. Sally McManus How many days out of the week do you watch at least one music video? None I dont watch them One day Two days Three + daysI found from the results from asking the question “How many days out of the week do youwatch at least one music video?” that my target audience tend to watch them one day aweek. This gave me the idea that I would try to make my pop video stand out and breaktypical pop conventions therefore it would make them want to watch it. How often do you search for new music? Daily Weekly Monthly OtherAfter gathering together the results from this question I found that my target audience tend tosearch for new music weekly. This made me decide I would chose a song with meaningfullyrics which would make the audience relate to it and therefore hopefully want to listen to itand watch the music video for more than a week.
  5. 5. Sally McManusOverall I used the primary research technique of questionnaires to help me decide who thetarget audience will be for my music video, the genre of music the video will be, also the ageof my target audience and many different things. I found from the results that my targetaudience will be aged 15-25 and will be aimed at both sexes however it will be more towardsfemales. The main genre I will use a track of to make my music video too will be pop musichowever due to the second favourite genre of my target audience’s being mixed I decided Iwouldn’t use a typical pop track. The main occupation of my target audience will be studentswho tend to watch music videos on the television and like narrative structures to the musicvideos they watch and therefore I will try to make my video tell a story rather than it justshow an artist performing etc. I noticed that my target audience tend to watch music videosone day a week and seek new music weekly so therefore I realised that I would have tomake my music video stand out from typical pop music videos and would have to make itinteresting so that they don’t forget about it and begin searching for new music. My target audience will use my text for many different reasons however one of themmay be shown through Blumler and Katz theory of uses and gratifications by using it fordiversion. They could use my music video to escape from everyday problems and routinesby imaging themselves in the place of the artist in my video. They could also use it forpersonal relationship reasons for example, listening to a break up song if they have recentlysplit with a partner as it helps them to feel as though they are not alone. Lastly, they couldalso use Blumler and Katz’s theory of uses and gratification if they use my music video forpersonal identity by trying to find themselves reflected in the video or for example if they seethe artist doing a certain thing in the music video then them doing it themselves. In applyingStuart Hall’s theory of encoding and decoding within my music video I would encodeaconventional narrative with conventions of a simple love story therefore my audience wouldgain a preferred reading when decoding such messages e.g. conventional linear narrativeand conventional features of a love story/pop genre music video (e.g. love hearts, slowpaced editing, dissolves). For example if I was to make a music video to a break up songand at the end of the video it shows the main character happy it could make the audiencebelieve if they have recently broke up with someone that in the end they are going to behappy too.