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3 similar products

  1. 1. Genre elements Conventions presented in ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’Performers/Characters – The main pop star within the music video is Taylor Swift as she’s therepresentations, singer, other characters are her band who seem to follow her aroundstereotypes, behaviour, throughout the video, also her ‘friends’ and a man who plays the role ofbody language, specific her ‘on and off’ boyfriend. The video is in somewhat stereotypical as duepop stars to Taylor singing about breaking up with someone you would expect to see her in her bedroom as shown in the below print screen or with her friends. The behaviour and body language shown within this video is also very typical of a ‘teenage girl’ who’s just broken up with her boyfriend as it shows her upset lay on her bed and out with her friends.Genre type – The genre of this video is a narrative genre as it’s telling the story ofPerformance, Narrative Taylor and her boyfriend splitting up and getting back together multipleor Conceptual? Are there times before she decides that they are ‘never ever’ getting backelements of each? together. The video is a very linear narrative as due to the song telling aDescribe them. story it shows the break ups happening and them getting back togetherIf there is a narrative in order etc. An example where they are shown arguing and breaking upwhat type of narrative is is within the print screen below –it? (Linear/Non linear)Iconography – Props, Many props are used throughout the video for example the car they aresymbolic codes shown arguing in (print screen shown below) as well as instruments her band are shown playing (also shown below).
  2. 2. There are also many symbolic codes throughout the video, for example when Taylor is lay on her bed on the phone she has a stuffed animal next to her which could have connotations of her still being young and immature (print screen shown below) and by her wearing patterned pyjamas and big glasses (as shown in the first printscreen).Setting – mise en scene The mise en scene of the music video is a very stereotypical setting for a pop music video by having places such as parties, the girl in her house and being out with a boy. By the video being set in these places it would help to reinforce the audience’s beliefs that it’s a pop music video.Technical and audio The use of lightening also is typical of a pop ‘break up song’ as high keycodes – camera use, lightening is used on Taylor where as her ‘ex boyfriend’ is usually shownediting, lighting, in low-key lighting. The use of camera helps to show how things changeddiegetic/non diegetic in the relationship for example there is a tracking shot where it issound, sfx following the couple and they are all surrounded by healthy plants however when they get to the end of the path it is shown as winter and all the plants have died symbolising the end of their relationship.Neale’s ‘Metal The video meets audience expectations exceptionally well as whenMachinery’ – how does hearing the song they would expect to see Taylor arguing with a boy andthe text meet the splitting up. They would also like to see her doing the ‘usual’ stuff anaudience expectations? everyday girl would do after splitting up with a boy e.g. hanging out withHow does it conform to friends, laying in bed on the phone to friends etc. The video conforms toconvention and/or many typical ‘pop’ conventions due to it having bright colours etcdeviate from convention? however by having her band dressed in animal onesies it makes the video slightly different and unique as everyone would be wondering why they were wearing them (Taylor and her band print screened below).
  3. 3. Genre elements Conventions presented in Cheers (drink to that)Performers/Characters – The specific pop star within the video is Rihanna, the song/videorepresentations, represents her life as a pop star and what she does between shows. Thestereotypes, behaviour, video isn’t typically stereotypical of the pop genre however by Rihannabody language, specific wearing bright coloured clothing and shots of all her young female fanspop stars in the crowd (print screened below)Genre type – The genre of this music video is mainly performance as many of the clipsPerformance, Narrative are of Rihanna on stage/backstage getting dressed (print screenedor Conceptual? Are there below).elements of each?Describe them.If there is a narrativewhat type of narrative isit? (Linear/Non linear) Although the video is mainly performance it also has a slight narrative too it as it shows what Rihanna does inbetween concerts (example printscreened below)Iconography – Props, Within this music video the main prop is Rihanna’s microphone howeversymbolic codes other than that there aren’t really many. Symbolic codes however are seen throughout the video for example, Rihanna’s hair is red in some parts of the video which has connotations of danger and harm on the other hand it also has connotations of love (example print screened below).
  4. 4. Setting – mise en scene The mise en scene of this video is all around the world as it is showing everywhere the singer goes (print screened below) and everything she does. This breaks stereotypes of a pop music video as the audience would expect to see the video set in one certain place.Technical and audio There are many fast cuts within this music video which helps to illustratecodes – camera use, the fast paced life style of a singer. There is also some hand held cameraediting, lighting, use when Rihanna films herself in the pool, this could be done to showdiegetic/non diegetic the viewers how Rihanna see’s life for herself (print screened below)sound, sfxNeale’s ‘Metal Although the video is so different to others from the same genre it doesMachinery’ – how does meet audience expectations as Rihanna fans would expect to see her dothe text meet the something a bit different and not bring out a stereotypical music video.audience expectations? However the video deviates from convention as there aren’t others likeHow does it conform to it for the genre of music that’s it’s for.convention and/ordeviate fromconvention?
  5. 5. Genre elements Conventions presented in ‘Wide Awake’Performers/Characters – The specific pop star within the music video is Katy Perry. Anotherrepresentations, character within the video is a little girl who plays the role of Katy’sstereotypes, behaviour, younger self. ‘Prince Charming’ is also in the video sat waiting for Katybody language, specific on his white horse. These characters are typical of a love/break up poppop stars song. The video is also somewhat stereotypical as in a break up song you expect to see a boy and girl arguing (in this case fighting, print screened below) and the one of them (in this case the female) being fine in the end which is represented by Katy being able to get back out on stage and perform (also print screened below).Genre type – The music video for Wide Awake has a very linear narrative structure asPerformance, Narrative it shows Katy being a very dark depressed person at the beginning of theor Conceptual? Are there video who feels trapped (shown by the walls closing in on her and theelements of each? paparazzi on the other side of the mirror, print screened below).Describe them.If there is a narrativewhat type of narrative isit? (Linear/Non linear) The video tells a story of how only you have the power within yourself (represented by the younger version of Katy) to save yourself this is shown by the young girl wheeling Katy into some form of hospital and stomping her foot which seems to bring Katy back to life. The video then goes on to show them emerging from a dark maze into a place covered in colourful flowers where Katy meets prince charming only to realise he has his fingers crossed so doesn’t believe him (print screened below)
  6. 6. Once she has punched him out of her way the hole in the bushes he makes then reveals the real exit from the mazeIconography – Props, Although many props aren’t used within the video there is a large mazesymbolic codes the girls are running through, this could have many symbolic codes such as it could symbolise how hard it is to get over a broken heart as it’s like running through a maze whilst your lost.Setting – mise en scene The video all seems to be set within a maze. One scene in the video however is set in what seems to be a hospital/ psychiatric unit which is where Katy begins to become herself again after the younger her seems to free her from some form of darkness that had took over her.Technical and audio Lighting is used lots within this video. For example at the start Katy is setcodes – camera use, in very low key lighting(print screened below) however at the end of theediting, lighting, video when Katy seems to have gotten over her broken heart she is setdiegetic/non diegetic in a very colourful place with lots of high key lighting (print screenedsound, sfx below)Neale’s ‘Metal The video meets audience expectations as for this song they wouldMachinery’ – how does expect to see a narrative video to go with it to help tell the story of thethe text meet the song. I believe it conforms to typical conventions of a pop music video asaudience expectations? although at the start it is all quite dark by the end of it the mainHow does it conform to character (the singer Katy Perry) is happy and her world is colourful andconvention and/or happy again and she is able to go back to her usual life and perform ondeviate from her tour.convention?