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Urban rebranding case studies:Nottingham’s image Nottingham’s                     Nottingham’s Hub              Castle Wha...
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Urban revision case studies


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Urban revision case studies

  1. 1. Urban rebranding case studies:Nottingham’s image Nottingham’s Nottingham’s Hub Castle Wharf, Lace Market Scarborough Sport Manchester/ Squares, Old Market and surroundings Nottingham Cape Town /Trinity/Lace MarketHow places re- Success of Why rebranding is Role of players, Role of players, How places reinvent Success of sport andinvent rebranding in urban needed, profile of changing built Changing built themselves/re- leisurethemselves/re- areas. Role of players places in need of, environment environment imaging. Role ofimaging. Why Flagship in city Role of players. (commercial/ (commercial), Using players. Rebranding sport as a catalyst,rebranding is centre Change in built residential). Success towns for tourism, Success of flagship,needed. Role of environment of flagship/ Rebranding declining Tourism in historyplayers. Promoting (commercial, waterfront centres, Sport & coastal resortcity identity residential) LeisureHistory of bad OMS – Needed ASB, poor Need for – Station run Old canal area was Nottingham Yorkshire Forward, In the back of urbanimage:- binge access (steps), no large down, not good gateway derelict. City Council Contemporary Art Regional Development rebranding booklet space for events. to city. Meadows high did environmental Gallery (good for and Scarboroughdrinking, Stags and City Council did levels of deprivation Borough Council had do the activities willhens, “shottingham” improvements Arts/Tourism), opened not do any harm! international design (profiling), cheap vacant planning weekend. After (landscaping, paving, 2009, cost £20m, ArtsAttempts to give competition. Gustafson offices to let, low order published “Urban Porter won with English business. Good planting) Council & Nottingham Renaissancepositive image: Heritage agreement. Cost pedestrian count on In 1990s Magistrates City Council, very good Programme” aims:Science City (given Court, County Archives attendance (100,000 £8m (EU and City) main roads and tram Invest in infra-structure,status by Gov’t) Success – events, more stop but elsewhere low. and Inland Revenue visitors in first few Reverse decline in builtbased on Biocity, people, less ASB, good Bi- Lots of derelict run down (flagship) moved months). Boosted local environment, AttractUniversity Research, polars, landuse, etc. property (land use there. business – Jamies people with real moneyScience Park, etc Trinity – replaced ugly survey, streetview) After Capital 1 (US (Oliver) Restaurant to spend.(good but not well multi storey and Strategy – “the hub”, bank), bars, offices opened down the road Harbour (2004) £2.8 buildings. Not success, integrate transport, (BT, Evening Post). National Ice Centre/ million in harbourknown) people don’t stay, refurbish station and (seating, larger boats,Big/Slanty N, Won award from Arena (Sport and buildings vacant, lacks extend, new car park, tourist info).introduced 2005 greenery, design better retail. £60 million, Department for Leisure) opened 2000, Not very successful criticised, redesign paid for by workplace Environment. £43m Lottery, City environment not bad butcost £125000. Now pending parking levy plus others Quiet, calm, sitting Council (used for cheap shops/cafes/people (Council, Lace Market – behind (Network rail, East area, accessible (rail, events, concerts, ice amusements dominateNottingham Post, new buildings near tram Midlands Trains, tram, bus, motorway), hockey finals, (not going to attract richMPs, people) think stop, next to college. Not Nottingham Express good environment. conference facilities, tourists)not successful well used. Buildings Transit) Later apartment and Bolero Square), new Clean beach (not blue(except Experience vacant, restaurant has Aim to improve gateway, office developments apartments around flag – top award) QualityNottm) closed and re-opened regenerate surrounding (some not finished) but regeneration very Coast Award several times. area, attract investment, (restrictions on waterWant to return to local (not spread create jobs (knock on quality, dogs, parking,Robin Hood! effect in Meadows) around) facilities and safety)