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Rural rebranding case studies revision


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Rural rebranding case studies revision

  1. 1. Rural rebranding case studies:Great Plains, Buffalo National Forest Newstead Village and Wirksworth Book festivals/Flicks Foodie tourismCommons Cast in the sticksWhy rebranding is Ideas for rebranding the Ideas for rebranding to Ideas for rebranding Ideas for rebranding Integrated projects inneeded, how places re- countryside focusing on create a sense of identity towns focusing on culture, towns focusing on the post-productioninvent and market leisure and tourism. and community, why festivals. Rural tourism culture. Rural countryside, addingthemselves by re- Why rebranding is rebranding is needed, Rebranding players. diversification in post- value locally, ruralimaging to attract work, needed. Role of players. profile of place in need of Integrated projects in post productive countryside. tourism promoted viaresidents and visitors Success of rebranding production countryside, Using innovative arts the media implementing rural using innovative arts. projects rebranding (adding value, diversification, environmental improvements)Problems: out Countryside commission Deprived community since Old lead mining town, lead All designed to attract Should have donemigration, poor farming, idea 1991, National Forest coal mine closed: closed. Limestone quarrying visitors, provide activities your own researchremoteness, ageing Company set up 1995 to Unemployment, out still going but much reduced. /work/business for Food trails are wherepopulation, harsh run it. Funding from migration, dereliction, low Caused unemployment, out locals. Good for people go around DEFRA, EU and EMDA migration plus physicalclimate (extremes and education attainment, community. various food Former coal mining area, damage (dust, noise,hazardous), “ghost 200 square miles, now 8 probs with young people. vibration, dereliction) left Should have done your producers/shops/towns” million trees planted Won competition for Big behind. own research restaurants tryingStrategy: Buffalo (18.4% cover, three times Lottery funding £400,000 1970s Conservation order. Hay on Wye and food/drink (cider inCommons, would allow before) to do: new visitor centre 1980s refurbishment of town Lowdham, Notts book Somerset, whisky inthem to roam free, can Farmers and other (self build sustainable), (Market Towns Initiative, festivals (Hay is biggest Scotland, cheese inbe used for meat and landowners got money to turn old pit spoil heap site Derbyshire County Council, national event, Lancashire, etc)hide, can attract tourists plant (farmers were happy into park, create fishing EMDA) Lowdham small local) Increases sales of(eg dude ranching, to get income in hard lakes (where people can Arts Festival September 2 Selling books, authors local produce, createswhere you play at times, Blackbrook) pay to fish for a day) weeks, gets national read from books/are tourism (which might Good for sustainability coverage, attracts artisticcowboys) develop Headstocks interviewed about not be seasonal like (new species, green-house community to live, andBuffalos are perfectly gas sink, access for festival. others (young professional books, sign books. most UK tourism)adapted to the plains people, reduced derelict Cast fishing project is part commuters). Festival funded Flicks in sticks is about Food festivals – againthey can cope with land). People in Ashby of it. Using fishing as a by Arts Council, NOW (new people who would food is sold usuallywinters and poor grass don’t see jobs but happy way of giving young people opportunities for Wirksworth) normally have to go to lots of local food(unlike cattle!) with environmental employability skills runs it. Lots of activities (arts town/city for film have it stalls, plus eventsSustainable Conkers (former Rawdon (research, leadership, and architecture trail, events, brought to them (in (celebrity chefs come Colliery site) 200,000 communication etc), street theatre, gigs, concerts, adapted bus or in church and do visitors in 2010, Sponsored hopefully will reduce crime some free) hall), it’s about making demonstrations are by Next, Eon, Toyota, lots and antisocial behaviour people feel better! interviewed, sign of activities, sustainable, and give hope! books, etc) but less funding now, more volunteers.