Progress test 4 weeks in feedback


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Progress test 4 weeks in feedback

  1. 1. Progress test 4 weeks in
  2. 2. Grade boundaries • A – 29 • B – 25 • C – 22 • D – 18 • E – 14 I expected most people to get A-C, if you got less than that, suggests you need to up your game
  3. 3. Average income and income variations a) Ethiopia is an LDC b) Would accept Singapore (although technically it is now an MEDC) or Philippines. Had to be one in the table (“from the list” Read the question!) c) Various things could get a mark: i. ii. iii. iv. Developing through manufacturing/recently Getting richer through trade People’s quality of life improving Examples other than the ones in the table (China, India, Thailand, etc)
  4. 4. Average income and income variations d) Had to use “evidence”, something about differences in average income or, more difficultly using division of wealth within a country (using figures preferably) e) Various things could get a mark: i. ii. iii. iv. v. Oil! Hard to get decent marks if you didn’t mention it! Wealth because oil costs a lot of money (wealth) Demand/running out so cost is high (wealth) Can decide who to sell it to (power) Examples of member countries (always throw in an example if you’re running out of ideas, they can’t take marks away if you’re wrong!)
  5. 5. Facebook connectivity a) Hard to get three marks by just saying “Europe’s well connected, Africa isn’t”. Other things you could say: • Europe very well connected in particular places (Italy, France, England), less well in Spain and Norway • Middle of Africa very poorly connected (mention places, Sahara, landlocked countries, etc) • Coastal areas of Africa have better (examples South Africa, Nigeria, North Africa, Kenya) • Link to what you know about places, South Africa is relatively well off, Kenya got a new broadband connection through fibre optics recently, North Africa close to Europe, Nigeria member of OPEC b) Physical! If you launched into poverty, population and stuff no marks! • Mountains, deserts, landlocked, islands, etc were what was needed plus a reason why they made it harder to connect • Important to read the question. They throw in questions like this to check you do! There’s another one later
  6. 6. European countries graph a) UK, Germany, France b) 28 c) Free trade/no taxes/tariffs on exports/imports (that’s the vital bit) Additional marks for i. Examples of other trade blocs and members (it mentions the EU so you couldn’t get marks for mentioning that again) ii. Peace, countries that trade together/work together don’t fight iii. Improve prosperity (better profits on trade and countries help each other) iv. People can get jobs in other countries in the bloc (BUT REMEMBER THE ONLY TRADE BLOC WITH FREE MOVEMENT OF PEOPLE IS THE EU)
  7. 7. Components of risk a) I think everyone got this right! b) Lots of possibles, most people came up with two decent ones, eg • Poor infrastructure/housing quality/densely populated cities • Lack of emergency services • Poor prediction and lack of evacuation • Poverty stops people recovering quickly • Lack of insurance • Health services can’t cope c) Flood, cyclone, storm, drought, bush fire, NOT TSUNAMI d) Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami
  8. 8. Magnitude of recent disasters a) Almost everyone got this right The next two bits were designed to test your reading of the question! b) Burma/cyclone (there was only one!) c) Sichuan earthquake (quite a few people didn’t read “least”) d) 2 or more (so if you said many different hazards, or lots of different hazards you got away with it) + vulnerable population e) Philippines generally very well done. Needed to mention the different types of hazard, with a hydro-met and geo-phys + why people are vulnerable. Quite a lot of people mentioned plate boundaries and explosive volcanoes, warm ocean (cause of cyclones), El Nino, which was all good People vulnerable because of poverty, poor quality housing, often on the low lying coast, densely populated cities on coast, all good. No mention of people - not full marks!