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The rebranding question from the mock Unit 2 exam

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Mock feedback

  1. 1. Mock feedbackRebranding questionKim will do the Coasts next lesson sobring your papers back for that!
  2. 2. Grade boundaries• A = 50• B = 46• C = 43• D = 40• E = 37
  3. 3. 4a) Suggest how the photos provide evidencethat this former industrial area has beenrebranded• Good that everyone referred to the photos• Put in a definition of rebranding! Easy marks!“rebranding is…”• Photo a) - some misunderstanding of the image– This might be “dirty” or “ugly” and “not attractvisitors” but the industrial landscape provided jobs(often well paid) for all those men in the photo!– Trams are an efficient way of transport (think ofNottingham), much better than the open top bus fortransporting lots of people to work!– It’s called a “Shipyard, including Titanic in thebackground”, it’s being built, that’s what thescaffolding is there for!
  4. 4. • Photo b) signs of rebranding – yes it’s all newexcept for the bits of shipyard memorabilia.– People did refer to the office space, switch to theservice sector, etc– Some said the Titanic link – to the famous ship,would bring in tourists and picked off some of theother attractions on the side of the bus. No-onementioned the film!– Allens tours, does indicate a switch to touristindustry, looks like there’s a few waiting to go onthe tour, simple to count the people (no-one did!)
  5. 5. b) With reference to examples, discuss therole of players involved in rebranding• There were some good attempts at this mainlyusing either the Creative Quarter or NationalForest• Other people seemed completely clueless!• Try to be precise – don’t say “Government”say “Department for Communities and LocalGovernment” or “DEFRA”. Don’t say “theCouncil”, say “Nottingham City Council”
  6. 6. c) For either urban or rural areas, describe the resultsand conclusions of your fieldwork and research into thesuccess of rebranding schemes• Most people had some ideas– Fieldwork done better than research– Key to decent marks was mentioning results (could includereference to flow map, isoline map, etc)– When talking about fieldwork mention the names of thetechniques rather than “we went to have a look”, so“graffiti assessment”, “traffic counts” not “we had a lookat”– Research needs to be precise include the sources you used• The Nottingham Post/• Nottingham City Council/•, national statistics• National Forest website• Etc.
  7. 7. Revise!• You need to learn facts and figures to get goodmarks• You cannot leave blank questions• Some of you need to be careful with time.