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Frakking effective planning (not just for Cylons)


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Effective planning and requirements gathering is key to providing effective solutions. In this session we'll discuss a solid approach for planning the technical strategy for web and mobile projects, including some of the primary areas you should consider when tackling a new project, and how to respond to client demands. We'll also cover the impact your choices may have on the delivery method or selection of tools and technology.

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Frakking effective planning (not just for Cylons)

  1. 1. Frakking effectiveplanning:(not just for cylons)Scotch on the Rocks, Edinburgh | June 2013Sally Jenkinson@sjenkinson
  2. 2. Hi!
  3. 3. Sally
  5. 5. Cylons? WTF?
  6. 6. ?Technical planning?Again… WTF?  Research  Gathering documents  Interviews  Requirements gathering  Infrastructure setup  Solutions architecture
  7. 7. Why do we plan?Examples of how youmay want to plan.Explore what the impact ofyour findings may be.
  8. 8. …and what we’re notcovering…
  9. 9. WHY DO WE PLAN?
  10. 10. we asked“howdo we build?”weasked“what is theright thing to build?”“”
  11. 11. h"p://  x
  12. 12. Battlestar Galactica: The PlanI’ve figured out whatwent wrong.“”Well  that’s  a  very  useful  revelaBon  to  have  when  you’re  standing  in  front  of  an  airlock.“”
  13. 13.   Better understanding of needs  Complexities, limitations  Possibilities previously unknown  More accurate estimates  Avoid roadblocks mid-project= More effectiveprojects
  14. 14. “So here’s the signed off plan for the app functionality!”“Oh… yeah… so I looked at the API docsand we can’t get that data after all. Sorry.”
  15. 15. “Have you got any ideas for the new app?”“Yeah, did you know that the API exposes the location ofnearby Cylon sleeper agents? We can totally use that.”
  16. 16. ?
  17. 17. WHAT NOT TO DO
  18. 18. A new project opportunity…
  19. 19. The result=
  20. 20. INSTEAD…
  21. 21. EXPLOREWhat do they really need?
  22. 22. The usual questions1
  23. 23. “We have no budget.”“We need it delivered intwo weeks.”
  24. 24. We just assumed twoweeks would be enough.How much time do yourecommend?“”
  25. 25. Project starting points2
  26. 26. “We would like to releasean app to the public.”“We have developed a system…we don’t know anything about it.”“Open Source Web 3.0… free”“HTML5… we hear that helps SEO”
  27. 27. Standard process3
  28. 28. Technicalplanning forwebsites andappsStarting pointsContentmanagementDatamigrationAnalyticsFormsManagementprocessesResourceEstimatesDeploymentProfiling/personalisationTestingSocialPerformanceCRMAdvertisingPaymentprocessingLanguagesEcommerceSearchVideoThird partyintegrationAdminprocessesHostingCDNDevicesFunctionalityManaged?Existing ornew?Specification/requirementsBandwidthexpectationsPersonasTrafficsourcesGoalsMobile/apptrackingReviewcurrentdataIdentifyexistingissuesTrackingimplementationplanFeed into testplan/marketing/featuresWhichlanguages?Layoutimplications(Arabic,Japanese etc)Languagesrequired foradmin area?ContenttranslationprocessGeolocationTLD/URLplanningSame contenttranslated acrossall, or tailoredcontent and IA?RiskmanagementSkill sets AvailabilityTimetrackingSign offprocessBugtrackingFeature/improvementbacklogChangemanagementVersioncontrolAutomationProcess?Multipleenvironments?Third partyinvolvement/clientrequirements?AccessibilityrequirementsBrowsersToolsActualQA processBenchmarksPerformance/load/stressSecurityAuditsSSLDataprotectionBackupsDisasterrecovery/failoverObjectivesBestpractice/competitorsOptimisationLicensingWhat problemsare there at themoment?Areas usedfrequentlyCan we tie togethermultiple systems tostreamline admintasks?Editors usingdevices toadmin?Online/offlineconsiderationsOpen sourcepolicyWhat areasneed to bemanaged?TechnologydependenciesSkill setsavailableExistinginfrastructure/componentsContentplanningExistingsystemsIs this currentlyused to managedata elsewhere?How isdatastored?AssetsWebcontentAccounts/passwordsSecureinfoWhat can bemanaged atthe moment?No. ofconcurrentadmin usersNumber/types ofservers/environmentconfigCreation ofAPIsAPI specs -inputs, outputs,methods,formatsIs what is beingused/recommendedthe best match?Whatalternatives areavailable?AppsMobile webDRMDistributionchannelsHardwareaccessrequirementsDiscovery/marketingstrategyExisting non-mobile friendlycontentSSOCRMNewsletterE-commerceEventmanagement/bookingReal-timedataCaching/redundancyplanningThird partylink outexperienceWidgetsTechnology/standardsalignment?301redirectsAutomated/manualFunctionalUser accountmigrationWho is doingthis?ResponsibilitiesAmount ofdynamiccontentStreamingSecurityofferingsPolicies andcomplianceLoadbalancingRegions toserveExpectedtraffic spikesForm actions -where is thedata going andwhy?ValidationWhat dataneeds to becollected?ConsumeExportUGCModerationPrePostCustomobjectmappingMarketing strategy- what could beuseful that isntthere?Directintegration orcheckingprocess?EncodinginputformatsEncodingoutputformatsPre-roll/post-roll/in-videocontextualadvertisingCustomdesignedplayerIs playercompatiblewith devices?Subtitles/transcriptsWireframereviewMonitizationTargetingspecificdevices?Existing app/mobile site?EnhancementspossibleRetinaimagesCurrenciesCard typesInternationallypopular socialnetworksSubscriptionProcessingcostsOn-site/off-siteprocessingVisualcustomisabilityof third partyinterfaceFormat oftransactions -micro, batchetcRefundprocessTaking, ormakingpayments?Integration withpublishingprocess/cachingPage/contentelementbasedResultsrelevanceFacetedsearchfiltersPredictivesearchCodingstandardsAny librariesin use atpresentLogging anderror handlingExistingInternetMerchant BankAccountNumber ofSKUsCurrenciesLoyaltyschemesPromos/discounttypesSameproducts in allterritories?TaxVisualcustomisation ofresults - e.g. buynow links forproductsShipping andfulfilmentProducttypesProductmeta dataStockmanagementIn-app e-commercerestrictionsUnit testsCachingstrategyResultssortingCustomsearch landingpagesMarketingintelligenceContentsyncVisualcustomisationpossibilitiesContentmodelSocialinteractiontrackingEmailcampaigntrackingGoals/filtersetupCross-site/subdomaintrackingDiagram by Sally Jenkinson - - @sjenkinsonManual adselection /dynamicThird party  
  29. 29. h"p://  
  30. 30. AN EXAMPLE
  33. 33.   Redevelopment –have an existing site  CMS  Contact us form  Adverts  Search  Client to hostSimple brochure site1PROJECT STARTINGPOINTS2STANDARD PROCESS3THE USUALQUESTIONS
  34. 34.   Building a dataanalysis tool  Sit within anexisting site  Data comes from athird party source  Must beauthenticated touse it  Want users to beable to save/shareresultsIntegrated component1PROJECT STARTINGPOINTS2STANDARD PROCESS3THE USUALQUESTIONS
  35. 35. ?The right people
  36. 36. ! Respect thedevelopers!
  37. 37. MATCH SOLUTIONSWhat is the best way to build this?
  38. 38. With permission from Kropserkel - http://kropserkel.comAre you using technologyappropriately?
  39. 39. GET FEEDBACKHow do others feel about this?
  40. 40. ! Tailor yourcommunicationappropriately
  41. 41. “We want to sell things!Can we have a shop in our app?”WAIT!
  42. 42. As with any grandplan, some thingsjust don’t work,and otherschange.
  43. 43. ROADMAPTechnical planning is for life, notjust for Christmas.
  44. 44. THE PLAN
  45. 45. THANK