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Choosing the "right" CMS


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Choosing a content management system (CMS) is often an integral part of many digital projects. In this talk I explore some of the pitfalls of selection, then go on to discuss some important areas that should be considered before a choice is made.

Published in: Marketing, Internet
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Choosing the "right" CMS

  1. SALLY JENKINSON · @sjenkinson · East Digital · 9th April 2015 “right” cms Choosing the
  2. Hello! SALLY JENKINSON Freelance technical consultant & solutions architect ! @sjenkinson
  3. Choosing a Content management system
  5. As a new developer, I am easily swayed by the opinions of people I respect, or at least view as more experienced. This post was kicked off by a few back and forth tweets on open source contributions. One person stated that I don’t need to worry about making open source contributions and I went “Yay, cool, less pressure”, another seemed to state that I am of little worth if I don’t contribute “Fuck, okay, I guess I better get on that then”. I wish programmers were more aware of the things they are saying and the attitudes they express, and how that might effect a young padawan like me. Charlotte Spencer
  6. THE agency should always decide
  7. Back in 2008 (when we started Bearded), one of our differentiators was that we built every site on a CMS. At the time, many agencies had not- insignificant revenue streams derived from updating their clients’ site content on their behalf. ! But we didn’t want to do that work, and our clients didn’t want to pay for it. Building their site on a CMS and training them to use it was a natural solution. It solved both of our problems, recurring revenue be damned! It gave our clients power that they wanted and needed. Matt GRiffin
  8. When you don’t understand your CMS… ! @hugorifkind
  9. THE product can do everything
  10. everyone else is using it
  11. Is bespoke best?
  12. Not just for developers
  13. No CMS?
  14. How do I choose the right cms?
  15. Features 1. Costs Open source vs proprietary Development impact
  16. Impact on other technical elements 2. Experience of users Level of complexity Integration considerations
  17. Introducing constraints 3. Multilingual needs Product confidence & vision Editor usage scenarios
  18. Migration and data assessment 4. Vendor support Concurrent admin users
  19. “It depends” - Every web professional, ever
  20. Thank you Sally Jenkinson · @sjenkinson