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Google new trends

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  • KG :semantic network contained over 570 million objects and more than 18 billion facts about and relationships between different objects that are used to understand the meaning of the keywords entered for the search
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  • Google new trends

    1. 1. GOOGLE IN DEPTH Sally M. Jarkas
    2. 2. AGENDA • About Google • How Google works • Google Timeline • Google great improvements • caffeine • panda • penguin • hummingbird • Hummingbird algorithm • Google new trends after hummingbird
    3. 3. ABOUT GOOGLE Google Google is an American multinational corporation specializing in Internet- related services and products. These include search, cloud computing, software, and online advertising technologies
    4. 4. HOW GOOGLE WORKS 1- Google sends out web crawlers(spiders - Googlebots), that go through all the web pages on the WWW. 2- these bots are made up of millions of computers that surf the Web like human , but all the time Googlebots are working on crawling and re- crawling websites . how often a site is crawled depends on how quickly content changes (newspaper site different from static one) Crawlin g
    5. 5. 3- the bots also detects all links on the site , which are then put into a queue system for crawling later on. so finally we get this 4- Then taking the data on them back to Google’s servers. The web is like a book with millions of pages , and Google’s job is to index that book HOW GOOGLE WORKS Crawlin g
    6. 6. - Copies of all crawling pages are stored in Google’s index database. - Google index is well over 100,000,000 gigabyte - Google has spent 1 million computing hours building the index Indexin g HOW GOOGLE WORKS
    7. 7. When user types in a query in the search engine , the index will match the query with all the webpages in which the query terms appear and then return the pages for the search results . Web pages are ranked on terms of relevance before they are displayed on the result page . Ranking HOW GOOGLE WORKS
    8. 8. HOW GOOGLE WORKS Google Big picture
    10. 10. • Content on the web is blossoming. So we need more fresh and fast data.  Old index had several layers , updated every couple of weeks. To refresh we would analyze the entire web, which meant there was a significant delay between found a page and made it available.  With Caffeine, Google analyze the web in small portions and update our search GOOGLE GREAT IMPROVEMENTS Google Caffeine
    11. 11. It was designed to punish pages that have been spamming Google. spam, it’s when people do things like “keyword stuffing” or “cloaking” that violate Google’s guidelines. Google Penguin GOOGLE GREAT IMPROVEMENTS
    12. 12. • Panda is designed to target pages that aren’t spam but aren’t great quality. • Quality over quantity is also quickly becoming a new industry standard. Google Panda GOOGLE GREAT IMPROVEMENTS
    13. 13.  rolled out September 2013 it ‘s affect 90% of searches worldwide  its name comes from being Precise and fast It’s the biggest change to search algorithms since Caffeine in 2010 “Hummingbird is primarily aimed at giving Google’s search engine a better grasp at understanding concepts instead of mere words “ Amit Singhal Google hummingbird algorithm GOOGLE GREAT IMPROVEMENTS
    14. 14. features of hummingbird • It’s about meaning(things), not just(strings) keywords (the mind reading algorithm) • The Knowledge Graph • It’s a natural evolution in search “real” speech patterns(NLP) • It’s all about mobile (short query – conversation) Google hummingbird algorithm GOOGLE GREAT IMPROVEMENTS
    15. 15. contextual meaning && user intent Hummingbird works best with voice search (conversational) used in Chrome Google hummingbird algorithm GOOGLE GREAT IMPROVEMENTS
    16. 16. Hummingbird in practice Conversation (part 1) Google hummingbird algorithm GOOGLE GREAT IMPROVEMENTS
    17. 17. Conversation (part 2) Google hummingbird algorithm GOOGLE GREAT IMPROVEMENTS
    18. 18. Conversation (part 3) GOOGLE GREAT IMPROVEMENTS Google hummingbird algorithm
    19. 19. Hummingbird Give users the ability of comparison GOOGLE GREAT IMPROVEMENTS Google hummingbird algorithm
    20. 20. Comparison between old and new algorithm Before GOOGLE GREAT IMPROVEMENTS Google hummingbird algorithm After
    21. 21. GOOGLE GREAT IMPROVEMENTS Google hummingbird algorithmGoogle new trends after hummingbird
    22. 22. BEST PRACTICES FOR MAKING YOUR WEBAPP SEO-FRIENDLY  Website Title  Mach title with content  Create unique , accurate , brief but descriptive page title  Website Content  Make sure you have the right content  Carefully Consider the Language Used In Web Content  Focus more on conversational phrases and synonyms  Focus on Consumer Needs and Intents(Use structured data ) Google new trends after hummingbird
    23. 23. BEST PRACTICES FOR MAKING YOUR WEBAPP SEO-FRIENDLY Website URL  Use words that are relevant to your site’s content and structure are friendlier for visitors navigating the site  Clean up spammy directories, even old ones  Avoid exact match anchor links  avoid unnatural links
    24. 24. BEST PRACTICES FOR MAKING YOUR WEBAPP SEO-FRIENDLY  Images –related information : <img alt attribute>  Use robot.txt file which tells search engines weather they can access and crawl parts of site  Google advise to tap into Google webmaster tools  Freshness of the site.  Mobile-First Focus Create mobile sitemap and submit it using google webmaster tools  Better Active Participation on Google+
    25. 25. <title>Michael Jordan Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story - </title> <li><a href=“people/michael- jordan-9358066?page=1#early- life">Early Life</a>
    26. 26. <li> <a href="/ mobile ">Mob ile</a> </li> <img src="/imported /images/Biography/Images/Profil es/J/Michael-Jordan-9358066-1- 402.jpg" alt="Michael-Jordan">
    27. 27. There are billions of searches each day on Google The instant previews load in 1/10th of a second on average Since 2003 google has answered 450 billions new queries 16% of searches google sees everyday are new Statistic s HOW GOOGLE WORKS
    28. 28. REFERENCES