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Head Lice


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Head Lice discussion for lower primary

Published in: Education
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Head Lice

  1. 1. What is head lice? • Insect that lives on human hair • Feed on small amounts of human blood • Very common amongst school aged children Web site source:
  2. 2. What do they look like? Here are 2 magnified photos. Photo courtsey of Photo courtsey of
  3. 3. Photo courtsey of
  4. 4. What is a nit? • The nit is the egg of the head lice. • The egg attaches itself to the hair strand with a special glue • They hatch after 7 days. Photo courtsey of
  5. 5. Fact or Fiction? Can head lice jump, hop, swim or fly? They crawl very fast
  6. 6. Fact or Fiction? Can head lice live on your pet? They only live on human hair
  7. 7. Fact or Fiction? Will having head lice make my head itchy? Less than ½ the people with lead lice will have itchy heads. WOW!
  8. 8. How will I know if I have them? Great question – especially as we just learnt that we may not get an itchy head! An adult needs to check your hair regularly for any signs of head lice or nits. About once a week Photo courtsey of
  9. 9. What should I do if they find any? DO NOT PANIC Photo courtesy of clipart
  10. 10. Treatment should be started immediately. * Traditional chemical treatments from the chemist * Conditioner and comb treatment Once treatment has started you may return to school Courtesy of clip art Photos courtesy of: http://www.myheadlicetre ad-lice-picture-gallery/
  11. 11. Head Lice are strong Head lice cling on to your hair with their strong claws A special comb is needed to help get rid of them Photo courtesy of: Photo courtesy of: adLice_FAQs.html nomorebugs/3/
  12. 12. How do I avoid getting head lice? Don’t share hats, brushes or hair clips with your friends or family Get an adult to check your hair regularly
  13. 13. If you have long hair tie it up during the day Don’t get so close to people that your head touches theirs. Photo courtesy of: Photo courtesy of: perfect-pon...
  14. 14. Scratch as you may. This does not mean you have head lice! But remember to check your head regularly Lets stamp out the creepy crawlies Photo courtesy of: