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Superfuture Case Study

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Superfuture Case Study

  2. 2. Superfuture Background Superfuture launched in 1999 and was meant to be a basic navigation tool to inform people where Tokyo‟s local shopping zones were located. Since Tokyo has become a constantly changing city, due to cutting edge fashion and design, emerging trends and shifting retail businesses, the need has increased to gather accurate information. Superfuture Superfuture has now exploded into a fully serviced business through the interactive website, serving numerous purposes with forums, city guides, reviews and a range of concierge services. It produces highly detailed city maps in 20 global cities, throughout China, Japan, Europe and USA. 2
  3. 3. Informative and interactive website The website has become the hub of the business, informing a global audience of the services on offer, while maximising engagement through the 5 distinct sections (Supertravel, Supernews, Supershop, Supertalk and Supercontrol). Travel planning Shopping News Travel guide Forum Members only and reserach 3
  4. 4. Supertravel Provides Concierge Services Superfuture concierge is a tour service for professionals coming to cities on business for a few days. It is tailored to their exact needs and budget requirements, with customized packages designed to maximize time and minimize confusion. Travelers can have their very own “footsoldier” for a cost of $600 -$1200 (dependent on length of travel and personal needs). Services include: • navigation assistance • travel pick up • tour guide • travel outside of cities • hotel booking • restaurant booking • limousine service • mobile phone hire • fully planned itinerates 4
  5. 5. Supertravel cont’d Provides Easy Planning Tools and Information Travelers can plan shopping adventures from their computer by navigating through the urban cartography and browsing over 5,500 reviews, in over 150 cities. For example users can view the Tokyo map, then select the specific travel city (Harajuku), then follow through to reviews about things of interest. Tokyo Map Harajuku Map Review 5
  6. 6. Supershop Provides Reliable Shopping Information Superfuture has selected travel editors and teams of shopping correspondents from major cities around the world to collate a blog on shopping movements and news. This has become a live stream into contrasting shopping cultures, arousing interest and proves the reliability of Superfuture travel advice. 6
  7. 7. Supershop Provides Travel Guides Travellers can purchase city Superguides (PDF download) for each major city for the cost of US$20. They include detailed maps, suggestions on places to go and things to do (food, bars, clubs, tourist designations), accommodation and shopping destinations. Superguides are popular amongst travelling urban retail junkies, being „famous‟ for diving deep into the shopping spectrum, providing detailed maps and unique essential tips. 7
  8. 8. Supertalk Provides a Community Forum Supertalk is a community forum that is a way for everyone around the world to communicate on what is already being discussed by the Superfuture professional journalists. It allows expert shoppers to connect with early brand adopters, who look to Superfuture for information on anything that‟s occurring in culture, from what‟s new in fashion, design, art or film. •There have been over 47, 000 members and currently are 7, 838 active members. •Over 1 million people have viewed the top threads. •There are large conversations generated within the Superfuture community, with a high volume of replies and views. 5, 214 4 million 1 post replies views 8