Red Bull Radio Rooftops Party Case Study


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Red Bull Radio Rooftops Party Case Study

  1. 1. Tell the Promoter in fifty (50) words or less why Upload a photo of their Fill out online application you should have a Red rooftop form Bull Radio Rooftop party on your rooftopFashion & Famous pub at Bondi Pop Cult website that houses Photo gallery that displays the coolestyouth Beach hosting latest music, fashion, art and festivals, gigs, events and parties andoriented Red Bull rooftop celebrity news through stories, allows photos to post to Facebook after party blogs, videos and galleries profiles
  2. 2. LEARNING 1: Make it Easy for Your Message To Be SharedGive the audience tools to share an exact message via relevant social media platforms. The message is more inclined to reach large volumes organically, building brand credibility. Click on the Facebook or twitter tab and an automatic message appears in the copy box, ready to be posted online.
  3. 3. LEARNING 2: Make Everyone A WinnerA competition should create an opportunity for everyone interested to participate and engage with the brand. Inclusivity is vital, ensuring long lasting brand relationships. 1st Prize (4 Rooftop Parties) • VIP-exclusivity is alluring • Ease and Simplicity-writing one paragraph on why owner of house should win house party • Quality of Prize- celebrity and famous quality • Sharable- allows friends to participate 2nd Prize (Open After Party) • Includes and rewards everyone.
  4. 4. RedBull Advertisement LEARNING 3: The Power of The Brand Leverage the power of an established and trusted brand to instantly build hype and provide credibility around co-branding e.g. Red Bull = Red Bull Radio Rooftops
  5. 5. LEARNING 4: Share Content Fast Youth want their online profile to mirror their real lives. Therefore, content needs to be accessible and shared instantaneously. SMSPhotographerflashes at event Within 12 hrs photos are uploaded online Phone calls Person in photo clicks on photo/logins to Facebook Private messages and photo is shared on Facebook profile and Word of mouth is thread for friends to see, generated amongst leaving multiple friends from content impressions
  6. 6. LEARNING 5: Be Where They AreBe in environments that are particularly relevant to the intended audience. Weave into their environment and co-create content. “Yo... My name is Shane, 23. I spend 3 hrs a day surfin the web, hanging on my fav online sites (Pedestrian, Life Without Andy, The Daily Telegraph). I update my Facebook status 3 times a day and twitter every so often, because I am kind of addicted, everyone is doin it. Secretly I want ppl to see how cool I am. When I am not downloading new music, I listen to FBi Radio. On my down time, I hang at Bondi beach. Yewwwww…..”
  7. 7. LEARNING 6: Create Content That is Worth AmplifyingMake your target audience apart of the campaign story to ensure content is worthy of being shared on Facebook (updating statuses, posting photos or tagging photos). Status post Life Without Andy photo Photo uploaded Tagged in friends album Friends comments 3 photos uploaded