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Every space says something, but creative spaces have the capability to transform the outcome, the way we move, think or act… This is some research I did that identifies the major themes that are predominantly in world leading advertising agencies. The spaces not only affect the person trapped in the space (nearly 24hrs a day), but become a larger than life advertisement, that mirror the values and ideologies embeded within the company to lure the intended audience in.

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Creative Spaces

  1. 1. Creative Spaces Thursday 8 October 2009
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1) Themes: pages 4-9 2) Creative Offices From Around The World: pages 11-22
  3. 3. 6 Themes
  4. 4. 1. Varied Spaces for Specific Purposes Different sized and styled meeting rooms serve varied purposes, enhancing the intended experience. Through the chosen space a clear objective is identified and mood set, which assists the development of a problem/project. Google Zurich Igloo Cabins: teams can close themselves off and take part in videoconferences. Aquarium water lounge: chill out in foam brick- filled bathtubs Facebook Office Large space for casual catch ups Naked Tool Room: challenges one to use different tools and way of thinking.
  5. 5. 2. Spaces Evolve from Employees Working in Collaboration Employees are encouraged to express their creativity and themselves, growing a space organically together. This results in a dynamic flow of ideas and communication. Employees feel a sense of belonging, feel valued and take pride in their company. Erika Mann Elementary Kids worked to designed school Google Zurich Google interviewed 350 employees to gain an understanding of their needs. Google Mountain View 10 m long whiteboard that grows organically as staff ad anything(filled with doodles, lines, arrows ,random bits of text) to it.
  6. 6. 3. Openness and Growth Open spaces and the sense of being outside an office, where “the sky is the limit” allows the mind to grow into new mindsets to reach creative solutions. Facebook Office Google Mountain View Mass Studios ANZ Breakout & Learning Centre Selgas Cano Architecture Office
  7. 7. 4. Childlike Imagination and Fantastical Worlds Spaces that evoke adults to take themselves back to childlike mindsets, where they are free from pressures, able to let their imagination run wild and escape into fantasy worlds to lead to creative solutions. Ogily & Marther Guangzhou ANZ Breakout & Learning Centre The main theme is "Carnival of Ideas” . This is executed through Green Small Door- Inspired by “The Chocolate Factory” scene, going into “Playfulness” , providing an opportunity for employees to break many parallel worlds. free.
  8. 8. 5. Mirror of The Company Spaces that imbue the companies values, philosophies or ideologies through the visual appearance or atmosphere created. Google Mountain View Diane Von Furstenberg Studio The recycled materials and energy efficient lighting Glass sphere is like a gigantic diamond fallen from the sky, just shows Google’s respect for environment and view to improve world/make things better. like each carefully designed fashion piece. Naked Creative room reflect that they are one of the leading creative media agencies in Aus.
  9. 9. 6. Ownership of Space Private spaces are personalised, by being visually branded as a teams, or individuals, allowing those to take ownership and pride in the work they produce in that certain space. Pollotta TeamWork Headquarters Realmac Software Identify & mark employees names in a space. Individual shipping containers allow for own creative/thinking bubble.
  10. 10. Creative Offices From Around The World
  11. 11. Ogily & Marther, Guangzhou Theme -“Carnival of Ideas” The spaces are inspired by a carnival, a travelling amusement show that is ever changing, in aim of offering an environment that inspires creativity. Playfulness is embraced “Playfulness” is illustrated throughout, providing an opportunity for employees to break free from the things that weigh them down in everyday life. Open space reflects there are no creative barriers The height of the space between rooms, or mini theme park environments flow freely from one other, conveying that every room and person interconnects and that there are not barriers of creativity.
  12. 12. ANZ Breakout & Learning Centre, Melbourne Unexpected materials & contradictory colours Challenge ones opposite to lead to startling results. Range of meeting room sizes A room can be chosen accordingly to enhance the intended experience. The outcome, objectives and type of meeting are dependent upon the room. Therefore by moving through various rooms/spaces means progress and development. Subliminal theme - Fairytale Space tries to take staff back to their childlike imagination, where creativity is ripest. Green Small Door- Inspired by “The Chocolate Factory” scene, going into many parallel worlds. “Tree of Knowledge” & “Giant Foot” Feature: tree grows between floors in a natural raw shape. Beneath the tree, the Giant Foot reminds us about reality and perception.
  13. 13. Google- Anything But Neutral, Zurich Work in collaboration with employees Google interviewed 350 employees, as they believed staff knew what they wanted better than management. Through this process staff gained a sense of creation of their office, are able to take ownership and feel a sense of belonging. Distinction between meeting & private rooms From open-plan spaces (8-10 employees) to smaller sectioned off private spaces. Business/creative space vs. recreation space The importance of balancing work and recreation space enables staff to knuckle down when required and then to escape when necessary. Business/creative space •Cocoon rooms: spaces within spaces. •Switzerland floor: look like snow on floor and ski gondolas. •Igloo cabins: teams can close themselves off and take part in videoconferences. •Aquarium water lounge: chill out in foam brick-filled bathtubs. Recreation space •Slide: between floors and rooms. •Game rooms: foosball, video games. •Massage spa.
  14. 14. Diane Von Furstenberg Studio, NYC Fashion head quarters- 6 story building Theatrical features are a reflection of empire Glass sphere that is part of the penthouse suite is like a gigantic diamond fallen from the sky, just like each carefully designed fashion piece. Unique design Combination of old and new, light and dark, openness and enclosure, artistry and practicality.
  15. 15. Realmac Software Personalisation Through identify and marking employees names in the space they take ownership of their space and pride in the work they produce in that space.
  16. 16. Selgas Cano Architecture Office, Madrid Openness and Growth Being open to the world outside an office- “the sky is the limit”. It allows the mind to wonder and grow into any direction, which leads to unique creative solutions.
  17. 17. New Facebook Office Self-expression and creativity encouraged Employees are encouraged to write on walls, add artwork and move furniture. Blurred distinction between outside and inside environments There is a sense of the outside creeping in as the office edge extends over the green grass outside, the wooden patterned wall resembles a tree trunk and the pedestrian lines are painted on the floor.
  18. 18. Googlepex Mountain View, California Space reflects Google’s beliefs & values Google appreciation and respect for the environment is evident in the recycled materials and energy efficient lighting. Dynamic flow of ideas and communication 10m long whiteboard filled with doodles, lines, arrows and random bits of text are generated over months and grow organically, as staff embrace and contribute to it.
  19. 19. Pollotta TeamWork Headquarters, LA Own space allows for own creative bubble The individual offices are located inside shipping containers and stacked on top of one another. Unique spaces inspire Tents and overarching trees create spaces to escape from containers.
  20. 20. Mass Studios, Seoul Mass Studios in Seoul, Korea is one of the only buildings on earth that needs to be landscaped both outside and inside the space. Openness and Growth Integrating the outdoors with the inside of an office results in a calming effect. Also, once again in relation to the creative outcome the “sky is the limit”.
  21. 21. Naked, Sydney Journey of Creative Spaces The many crazy and random rooms (bath tub room, lava room, garden room, dining room) allow the employees to enter into new mindsets, challenge the environment they are in and the problem at hand. Each Room has a deep connotation. For Example the Tool Room challenges one to not address something with one method or way, but from different angles, using multiple tools to create one final masterpiece (ad, campaign, headline).
  22. 22. Erika Mann Elementary, Berlin Designed by Kids themselves . Worked in collaboration with 10 architects to design school that suits their needs. Open and changeable environment equals an open mind An open space and mind means a better way of learning. Depending upon the wishes of the children at the time the flexible furniture can lead to new spaces and new mindsets.