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FASCINATE: A sneak peek of the content


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A glimpse of what's inside the pages of FASCINATE, by Sally Hogshead. Intrigued for more? Your pre-order copy holds all the answers:

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FASCINATE: A sneak peek of the content

  1. 1. FASCINATE: Your 7 triggers to Persuasion and Captivation CONTENTS PREFACE: Witchcraft, Green Peas, and Sigmund Freud INTRODUCTION: What Is “Fascination,” Exactly? PART 1: Fascinate or Fail The Big O: Speaking of Fascination, Let’s Start With Sex, Shall We? Cocktail lounges and the canoodling tango • The mental disorder known as infatuation • Orgasm • When fascination turns into obsession • The scale of intensity • Fetishes • Measuring elbows in a singles bar • Your MHCs • Tipping the stripper Your Fascinating Face: Why We Were Born Knowing Exactly How to Persuade Amazon jungle to • A baby’s first party trick • The boy who couldn’t see his mother’s face • Mona Lisa is 83 percent happy • Why do humans smile? • Girls fall for the funny guy • The perfect comedic face Fascination and the Media: Trends Driving the Need For a New Form of Persuasion The amnesiac and the maze • Papyrus print ads • Trends driving distraction • Rise of the ADD world • Goldfish and nine seconds • Paying attention vs. earning attention • Shutting out messages • The Fascination Economy Gold Hallmarks of a Fascinating Message: How Do You Evaluate Whether Something Is Fascinating Some ideas take off, but most fizzle • Esperanto death sentence • Gold hallmarks of a fascinating message • Provoking reactions • Creating advocates • Cultural shorthand • Inciting conversation • Forcing competitors to realign • Social revolutions • Hype • Nam- ing your baby with Google • A man named David Scott How Fascinating are You? The “F Score” Personality Test The Most Fascinating Person in the Room • The F Score • High- Scoring Personalities • More Fascinating Isn’t Always Better • Fascination vs. Likability or Respect • Famous High-Scorers • Ultra-Scoring Personalities • Low-Scoring Personalities • Not Fascinating Yet? Don’t Panic
  2. 2. PART 2: The Seven Fascination Triggers LUST: Why We’re Seduced by the Anticipation of Pleasure Marilyn Monroe’s wet voice • Craving • “But I want it!” • In- creasing desire for boring brands • Stop thinking, start feeling • Testosterone-drenched saliva • Body odor and vomit • Make the ordinary more emotional • Use all five senses • Govida’s Cholixir • Tease and flirt • The Monkey and the Grape MYSTIQUE: Why We’re Intrigued by Unanswered Questions Jägermeister: the most popular drink nobody likes • Sparking curiosity • The lure of celebrity deaths • Withholding critical information • Championship poker, where a single glance can cost millions • Mythology • Pop Rocks, bull testicles, and the number 33 • Stories, not facts • Coca-Cola’s secret ingredient • What’s be- hind the velvet rope? • The kitchen inside the kitchen • Buzzkills ALARM: Why We Take Action at the Threat of Negative Consequences Luke Sullivan’s epiphany • Roller coasters, roulette wheels • Defining consequences • Creating deadlines • Ginzu Knives and exclamation points • Why we procrastinate • How to increase danger • The suicide that failed • Not the crisis most likely, but the one most feared • Blood on the shoes • Distress steers posi- tive action • Tap Project PRESTIGE: Why We Fixate on Symbols of Rank and Respect Tulip hysteria • Emblems • Blue bake-off ribbons and pink Mary Kay Cadillacs • Setting new standards • Throwing down the vodka gauntlet • Harry Winston and the cursed Hope Diamond • Limit- ing availability • Zip codes • Earning It • A prestigious black piece of cloth POWER: Why We Focus on the People and Things That Control Us The gold medal that cost too much • Spectrum of power • Domi- nation • Sushi dictators • Provoking inferiority complexes • The alpha stance • Celebrity monkey paparazzi • Controlling the environment • The most fascinating organization in the world? • Reward and punishment • Potent, or impotent VICE: Why We’re Tempted by “Forbidden Fruit” Prohibition, Rockefeller, and Al Capone • Everyday guilty plea- sures • Taboos • Bad girls • Controversy in Leaves of Grass and Where’s Waldo • Michael Phelps and the bong • When to lead others astray • Defined absolutes • The white box experiment • DARE and “Just Say Maybe” • How to overcome vice • Give a wink • How and why traditional companies should apply vice TRUST: Why We’re Loyal to Reliable Options It’s a Wonderful Life • Familiarity • The exposure effect • McNug- gets, milk, and golden arches • Repeating and retelling • Hitler and the “Big Lie” • Authenticity • Villains, heroes, and your per- sonal reputation • The Tiffany & Co. silver bracelet • Rebuilding or accelerating trust • How to “unfascinate” an unhealthy message • The Edible Schoolyard • Trust for beginners
  3. 3. PART 3: The Fascination Plan of Attack How to Make Your Own Messages More Fascinating Ideas kept under lock and key • Three stages • Workshop pro- gram overview Stage 1: Evaluation: How Fascinating Are Your Company and Message? Are you reaching the gold hallmarks of a fascinating message? • Identifying your primary trigger • Your brand’s chemistry set • Who’s getting it right (or not) • Spiderman and Superman Stage 2: Development: Create and Heighten Fascination Fascination badges • Bell curves • The fringe • Incorporating new triggers • What if? • Prestige and the t-shirt • Judging a book by its triggers Stage 3: Execution: Bringing Your Fascination to Life Building internal support for your plan • Measure, research, reevaluate • Tracking your progress • Removing barriers to fascination • Still fascination resistant? Read on. Appendix: The Kelton Fascination Study How much is fascination worth? • Help your audience feel fascinated, and fascinating • Fascination in the workplace • In decision making • In personal relationships • What we seek in life: relationships, trust, and fascination Author’s Note Fascination At-A-Glance Index