Prototype and test storyboard


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Prototype and test storyboard

  1. 1. Course: Design Thinking Action Lab! Assignment: Prototype & Test! Author: Sally Graham! Date: August 18, 2013! Skill Led Program!
  2. 2. PROBLEM STATEMENT! ! ! STAKEHOLDER: ! (Sophie, a confident young woman, easy to talk to, trustworthy, degree- holding communicator, who is keen to get a high demand job) ! need a way to ! NEED: (perform diverse challenging job-related tasks in a short time period) ! because ! INSIGHT: (understanding her strengths and discovering her passion earlier will help to define the best career path for her regardless her career choice .)  !
  3. 3. My 3 solutions to the problem: ! Team up with an experienced worker.​ - (The most practical idea) : Usually interns are involved in low-skilled or simple tasks, working with a experienced worker and be involve in a more challenging tasks will give him/her a estimulating start and confidence. The mentor should dedicate some time to guide the graduate toward learning the skills required for the job. ! Participate in a skill led program within a company. - (My favorite idea) Creating a skill-led training program within a company is a way to have a effective structure that could help graduates and currents employees to acquire the skills needed quickly in this fast changing world. ! Play a game to adquire job-related skills in a univesity lab - (the most disruptive idea) Create a game for graduates to test their ability to learn and improve their performance. They will receive a challenge that will help them to learn one or many skills while working in a Simulated Work Environment.
  4. 4. ! “I decided to explain what I prototyped and ! ! tested using a storyboard.”!
  5. 5. ¿Are  you  ready   for  university?   Yes.  Lectures,   books  and   par:es!   Students talking about university…!
  6. 6. Welcome  to   university.  You  will  be   star:ng  on  Monday   on  your  first  job.   Admission process at university!
  7. 7. …my  firs  job?  ...Can  I   work  without   finishing  my  studies?     Admission process at university!
  8. 8. Yes.  In  fact,  you  need   to  work  to  finish   university.   Admission process at university!
  9. 9. I  got  a  job  in  IT   company  and   some  lectures.   First day at university! I’m  working  on   Mondays  and   Tuesdays.  
  10. 10. Welcome  to  university.  I  will  be   your  Work  Experience  Designer   and  I  will  be  helping  you  to   acquire  hands  on  experience   while  you  are  working.  If  you   have  any  issues  at  work.  Please   let  me  know.   First day at university!
  11. 11. Student work experience program! As  your  Work  Experience   Designer  I  will  help  you  to  acquire   the  skills  you  need  according   what  you  would  love  to  do  for   living  or  while  you  discover  your   passion.  
  12. 12. You  will  be  asked  to  record  your   experience  at  work  and  write   some  advice  for  new  coworkers.       Student work experience program!
  13. 13. You  can  use  the  WED  (your  Work   Experience  Designer)  app  to  keep   track  of  your  skill  set.   You  start  sePng  your  goals  and   review  how  you  doing  in  order  to   learn  the  skills  you  need.   Student work experience program!
  14. 14. Student work experience program! This  game  is  great   to  find  the  job  role   that  I  would  love.    
  15. 15. Student work experience program! I’m  a  company  advisor  during  my   last  two  years  of  university.   Every:me  we  help  a  company  to   solve  a  problem  we  receive  beQer   grades.   Companies  keep  sending  us  their   problems/opportuni:es  for  some   feedback..  
  16. 16. Students exchange opinions of their new jobs…! I  was  expec:ng  more   lectures  and  I  don´t  like  my   new  job.    I’m  not  sure  if  is  worth  it  to   spend  some  months  there.  
  17. 17. Students talking their new jobs…! It  is  amazing  to  be   working  without   experience  and  have   less  lectures.   My  employer  is  used  to  hire   students  so  If  I  make  a   mistake  I  do  not  worry  to   much.  I  just  try  fix  it  and   learn.  
  18. 18. Students exchange opinions of their new jobs…! I  should  speak  to  my  WED   (Work  experience  designer),   maybe  I  just  need  another   job  role.  
  19. 19. Student Work Experience Program! Student   Companies  University   Work  Experience  Designer   Teachers  teach  and  work   Online  plaXorm   Experienced   Worker  
  20. 20. Professors teach at university and work at a company !
  21. 21. Large companies are happy to be part of the program! I  wasn’t  sure  about  hiring   students  without  experience  but  I   discover  that  is  a  great  way  to   evaluate  how  we  are  doing  and   how  to  improve  as  a  company.  
  22. 22. Small Business are happy to be part of the program! I  do  not  have  too  much  money  for   another  salary  but  I  have  :me  to   teach  them  some  skills.   Students  get  grades  for  skills   learned  at  work.    
  23. 23. Students at university and at work since they start.! ¿Can  you  apply   this  framework   at  work?  
  24. 24. Students are evaluated by professors, employers and peers to get grades for the work done. ! Valuable  skills  associated  with  Communica:ons  
  25. 25. Students become their own work experience designer.! Now I know how to learn what I need to do what I love.!
  26. 26. When they finish university…! BEFORE! I have no experience but I have good grades.! NOW! I have good grades and 5 years experience in the service and retail industry. I work better in a fast- pace enviroment, I speak spanish and I loved working as a coordinator.! !