INFOGRAPH: Facebook 2012 Stats
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INFOGRAPH: Facebook 2012 Stats


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How is Facebook Used for Business?

• 65% of companies use Facebook as part of their marketing strategy. [Source: Econsultancy / Guava UK Search Engine Marketing Benchmark Report, April 2009].

• More than 700,000 local businesses have active pages on Facebook. [Source: Facebook, January 2010].

• In the last year, Facebook has increased its downstream traffic to online retail sites by 12%. Companies are increasingly using Facebook as a means of advertising rather than a means for friends to talk to one another. [Source: Experian Hitwise, October 2010]

• Facebook was the fourth biggest source of visits to news and media sites towards the end of 2009, after Google, Yahoo! and msn. [Source: Experian Hitwise, February 2010].

• Facebook reaches 56% of the active U.S market ―with an average usage of 6 hours a month per user [Source: Nielsen, December 2009].

• Fans are identified as U.S. consumers with a Facebook account who have become a fan of (i.e. „liked‟) at least one company or brand on Facebook. 38% of online consumers are Fans. [Source: Exact Target, Subscribers, fans and followers, May 2010].

• A Facebook page gives you the chance to connect with some of the most highly engaged consumers on the web. Higher levels of engagement lead to an increase in customer satisfaction, and happier customer will buy from you again, will shop more often, and will refer your brand to their friends.

• It’s a window into mobile world. Mobile access has exploded. There are now more than 100 million active users currently accessing the site through mobile technology.

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