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Community Engagement


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Slides to accompany a talk given on Community Engagement for the BC Treaty Commision conference in October 2008

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Community Engagement

  1. 1. Consultation is dead It's time for engagement that brings community back to life
  2. 2. The way to heal a living system is to connect it to more of itself – Humberto Maturana
  3. 3. Shapes of old style consultation
  4. 10. Shapes of engaged community
  5. 15. What is your current challenge in designing and implementing community engagement that contributes to healing in your community?
  6. 16. Principles of community
  7. 17. Hospitality
  8. 18. Working from powerful places
  9. 19. Connection
  10. 20. Why is it even important to live in community? What do we get from it? What can we learn about engagement from the way we do it in daily life?
  11. 21. Practices for engaging community
  12. 22. Balance work, relationships and co-learning
  13. 23. Put something powerful at the centre of the work
  14. 24. Quinault Nation Community Planning Use stories of community to make sense of work
  15. 25. Make meaning together
  16. 26. Let people organize their own thinking
  17. 27. Be a powerful inviter and remember that invitation is a process
  18. 28. Have a powerful question to which you don't know the answer
  19. 29. Use participatory processes to engage many voices
  20. 30. Let people measure their own work
  21. 31. Think of your best stories of community engagement What other practices can we add to this list?