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SX Indeks profile and information, social media monitoring and conversations tracking for Indonesia market, a service from

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SX Indeks - Indonesia Social Media Tracking & Monitoring

  1. 1. A social media service from June 2012
  2. 2. What is SX Indeks• SX Indeks is a social media conversations tracking service that developed, created and designed with Indonesian market in mind• SX Indeks is a service from, a web startup that focus on getting more Indonesian from end users to government to businesses to use and understand social media
  3. 3. The thinking behind SX Indeks• Indonesian are a heavy user of social media mainly because of our culture• We are continuously at the top of list of country with the largest social media user• Social media gives us a platform to connect, share and express many personal and not so personal things• We, the users, institutions, governments business and corporations need understand more the dynamics of social media to get the most of it
  4. 4. Why do you need it• Monitoring and listening tools – Early Warning Crisis• Sentiment Checking• Digital campaign – Planning, Performance, Evaluation• Media social customer care• Mainstream media responds tracker – TVC’s, Billboard, Print Ads, Radio• Consumer insights for future campaign
  5. 5. Who can use SX Indeks B2B B2C Digital PR Firm Adv. Comm. Research Agency Agency Consultant AgencyMonitoring     Early Warning   CrisisSentiment    CheckCampaign    PerformanceCampaign    EvaluationCampaign    PlanningMainstream    MediaRespondsCustomer Care  Consumer      Insights
  6. 6. The Technology Under the HoodData mining We tracked and mines large data of conversations through multiple social network APIsData pattern recognition We filters, cleaned, separate and analyzed the “good data” from the “non valuable data”Algorithms We employed multiple conversation algorithms from statistical to pattern analysis to provide meaningful resultsArchiving We never throw out data, we archived and store Indonesian conversations dataVisualization We provides easy visualization so our user can understand what the conversations is all about in a glance
  7. 7. Why choose SX IndeksThere are a lot of social media monitoring tools out there, why I shouldchoose SX Indeks?• SX Indeks developed specifically with Indonesian market in mind• SX Indeks is not just a social media monitoring, we tracked conversations and sentiments, essentially SX Indeks captured the heart, mind and soul of Indonesian• We continuously developing and improving our technology and we are close! You can tell us what you need and we can implement it quickly• Our team live, breath and dreams of social media. Communities, movements and social media is our passion
  8. 8. Key Features• Social Media Dashboard – You can add your social media team to SX Indeks, organized, reply and retweet right directly from SX Indeks platform• Sentiment Analysis – You can filter out the negative and positive post so you can prioritized which post needs attention more – Over time you can check the performance of you efforts in term of increase or decrease negativity• Customer Behavior & Insights – Check for behaviour, look for insights – Where is you audience, what they like to chat about, what do they use, what topics is most popular• Report & Analytics – See the periodical report for easy evaluation
  9. 9. Social Mediacheck conversations in Dashboard a glance engage directly from inside SX Indeksfocus on conversationsthat matter, save timeSocial Media Dashboard
  10. 10. Social Media Dashboard filtered out by •Gives you a quick look on sentiment how your audience are feeling about your topic •Accuracy 70-80% •Negative or Positive marks indicate the sentiment that the user have when he post, not neccesarly toward your brand/topicsSentiment Analysis
  11. 11. Behavior, Insights, ReportChoose the data Check the most popular wordsSee the volume of daily and hourly conversations
  12. 12. Behavior, Insights, ReportWhere is your audience Who are they What are they sharing What they used
  13. 13. In the pipeline• Other data sources: Indonesian Blogs, Forums, Mailing Lists, Facebook, Online Media, Videos• Why Twitter first? – Biggest and fastest data generation today – Where the trends started
  14. 14. Behind SX IndeksShafiq Pontoh, Business Dev. SX Indeks• Former planner of Ogilvy & Mather Indonesia, well versed in communication campaigns, digital movements• Graduate from Physics Dept, ITBRoby Muhamad, Head Scientist SX Indeks• Physicist in former life, graduated from ITB• Ph.D from Columbia University in social networks• Faculty of Psychology Department, University of IndonesiaAlva Erwin, Head of Engineering• Ph. D candidate Dept. of Computing Curtin University Western Australia• MSc Degree in Communication & Media Engineering from University of Applied Sciences Offenburg and Magister of Technology Management from Universitas Pelita Harapan
  15. 15. Behind SX IndeksIwan Setyawan, Head of Market Research• Writer of bestselling book, his first, 9 Summers and 10 Autumns• Graduating class valedictorian of the Departement of Statistics IPB• 10 years experience as Director of Internal Client Management at Nielsen Consumer Research in NYCDidi Nugrahadi, CEO• One of the founder of• Serial digital entrepreneur• Mentor, Jakarta Founders InstituteEnda Nasution, MD• Blogging since 2001, was copywriter with Ogilvy & Mather Indonesia• Actively speaking on freedom of expression, social media and digital awareness• TED Fellow 2009, Graduated from Civil Engineering, ITB
  16. 16. Free Trial & ContactClick to the website to get free trial of theservice:• Inquiries to – Diah Kesuma, SX Indeks Manager • T: (021) 725 0616 • F: (021) 726 2154 • M: +62 818 0805 1190 • E: • T: @deeramli